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A suggest for the Seamstress & Tailor's Guild's web-page

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  • A suggest for the Seamstress & Tailor's Guild's web-page

    Hey. I love the web-site that the Seamstresses put up. It's really good. Got a minor suggestion, through.

    There are a lot of colors one can select, and some of the names I can't place a color to it. Maybe it's my lack of imagination. And besides, I don't have an idea what would go good with my character's complexions and such. I think it would very useful to have a visual list of colors (a splotch of colors, as it would be), so that I, and I'm sure many others, can figure out which colors mean what, and to what degree. And which colors look good together and that merely cause train wrecks.

    I think this would be good for those of us that are fashionally clueless.


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    I tried that. The result sucked. It was very ugly and more than half of the colors did not match the decription. I'm not sure who coded browser colors but they didn't do too good of a job in most of the colors.

    I could try again, later, when I have more time. Maybe scanning in the colors myself.

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      Browsers have VERY week color support. And its somewhat system specific as to what color depth you get. You really would need to go with a scanner and some ink samples to do most of them justice. That ... and a dictionary helps a lot.

      -=- Matt


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        It can't be said often enough. It's a search too that directly links to several online-dictionary and from there even on to a medical dictionary, thesaurus and acronym finder. It's where I look whenever I'm unsure about a colour.

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