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    Stop nitpicking and making this specific, Catharsis. I used Veline as an example because people wanted specific examples, so I provided one. I don't know the IC reasoning behind Veline's thread being specifically bumped. Maybe if she had posted 'This person has been marked,' your reply could be valid, and it would totally fit in with my 'ways to bump reasonably.'

    I never wanted this to be specific. I used Veline's post as an example because it was a recent without-additional-information bump. I could have easily used Heulyn's tea, or something else, but I chose that one because it was the most recent.

    Again, I'm not interested in specific instances, I'm interested in the overall bumping ethos.


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      Noone is being called out here. Don't defend any bumps, or lack thereof.

      My only question was 'why bump -this- thread'?

      Plenty of other threads deserve bumps, and plenty do not, but this thread in particular discusses thread bumps in a non-IC manner, so I ask, why 'bump' this thread? If you have something to say about an IC thread bump, then say it.

      HTF, I don't know who you are, and I don't care, because your posts are largely made with the attempt to improve the community and therefore I approve of them. I ask this because I want HTF to explain their stance to the community, rather than bump threads that contain argumentative stances for either side with vague statements.


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        I bumped this thread because it was long lost to the mists of time and contains an interesting discussion on the merits and methodology of bumping threads, to encourage people to consider if a no-content bump in an IC forum is the best way to accomplish things, and because no-content bumps of OOC forums is the typical way of gently reminding people to consider their RP without naming and shaming, because naming and shaming is (usually) bad, mmkay?


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          This seems such a non-issue to me, so I'm really sorry if players are annoyed by things that Brook re-posts. It honestly never occurred to me that it was a strange thing to be doing.

          Personally, it seems totally in character for Brook and Veline to be moving things about on the boards. They're Pages after all. But I'll put a rein on it in future if it really does bother people.


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            No. Don't rein in anything. Please describe why 'naming & shaming' is a bad practice before you use it as an excuse to conceal your identity while calling out a bad practice.


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              Originally posted by Carson View Post
              No. Don't rein in anything. Please describe why 'naming & shaming' is a bad practice before you use it as an excuse to conceal your identity while calling out a bad practice.
              Originally posted by Carson View Post
              an excuse to conceal your identity
              Originally posted by Carson View Post
              conceal your identity


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                All this tells me is that you have characters in a position of authority, and you fear OOC reprisal for your opinions.

                Allow me to draw the conclusion that you are one of those who can upset this balance, but yet are deciding to wait for someone else to take the initiative.

                I'd like to hear your stance on things, so I shall await a response privately, but by all means continue bumping posts with vague nothings.


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                  Uts not sane to worry about ooc reprisals. It happens. But I think his comments on irony more refer to the fact you post as Carson, but play a different-named character.


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                    When my character is relevant I post as my character. When it's not relevant, or a primarily OOC consideration, I post as HTF. I don't know why you're so butthurt about it.

                    But instead of digressing [EDITED by SG] why not stay on the topic of no-content bumps?

                    They are kind of irritating, especially if it's something already on the front page, especially in IC forums (especially since there's no reason why my character would complain about it, especially not in the threads in question, and I have no idea why you seem to think I should because that's kind of pants-on-head silly).

                    If there's a reason to bring something already on the front page of an IC forum, it's nice if a little content is added too. But I'm not staff, so, you know, do whatever.

                    I don't know why this is an argument it seems like a fairly straightforward position. This is very confusing to me.


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                      Also lol at Carson getting all butthurt about ~continue bumping posts with vague nothings~ when he keeps coming in this thread to shit on me for gently drawing attention to it, thereby doing literally that.

                      For Samael's convenience:


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                        I think this has far exceeded its productivity.

                        StoryGuide Samael


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                          Originally posted by Catharsis View Post
                          Or it could be that it's been bumped each time someone new has been marked, which is a rather IC justifiable reason?
                          Just for the record, this is why. First bump was because V was ICly asked to retack it. Second time was because of a new Marking. I didn't a message tacked on explaining WHY I re-bumped it because it's a Royal Decree. You don't scribble "Hey, this is still relevant" in the corner of what is literally The Word of the Regent.
                          Novitiate Veline Escamilla


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                            First off, I'd like to apologize for my tone, I think it came off as far more confrontational than it really was. I was taking some meds yesterday to fight off a bug (which is not an excuse, simply a reason). In the future I'll try to stay off the forums when my BAC goes up.

                            My ultimate goal, which was poorly handled, was to determine which side of the issue HTF was on, because posts in this thread tend to go back and forth on the topic, and I didn't want to assume. The second post after my previous one (before HTF started to wax poetic about my 'feelings') answered this clearly, and I never would have sought more content if that post was made instead. I can understand why IC bumps are made, but OOC bumps are a different matter, and I prefer solid opinions to 'vague nothings'.

                            With all that said, everyone might want to know that I am human and prone to mistakes, but I am still going to try and get more out of people that I -know- have more to say and can do so eloquently (even if I do so in a seemingly-butthurt manner). Conversations such as this one, dealing with a matter which can be annoying (if not downright frustrating) and having multiple stances, even more so.

                            And for this thread, in particular ... you can't deny the eyebrow-raising that a plain old *bump* would elicit. I'm glad we cleared the air though, and look forward to appearing butthurt in more conversations in the future.


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                              Originally posted by SP Aziel View Post
                              Please do not bump posts unless you have something new to add to them or there is a specific reason why they need to be brought to the top.

                              Also, please do not bump posts the day after you post them unless you have a good reason.

                              All this does is create more useless posts in the db which in turn creates more slowdown for those of us trying to read the legit posts. It also clogs up the top of the forum with posts that have no new information. And finally, it spams the 'New Post List' that many of us use.

                              So, if there is a reason then bump it but if its just because you want people to read your post on the spot please dont. If, in three or four days, no one has read your post and you want to bump it, then do it but only do it once, not repeatedly.

                              Most of us read the posts but do not respond to them and hate opening a post only to find that the one message is 'bump'.

                              Many thanks and happy gaming!
                              -- StoryCoder Aziel
                              A reminder. There is generally no reason to bump a post that is still on the front page of a particular forum without adding something new to the thread or without having an IC reason to do so. If you have an IC reason to be constantly "repinning/readjusting/straightening" a post, please make an effort to make it more interesting than simply adding descriptive verbiage of the bumping act. By that, I mean say something.

                              Bumping for the sole purpose of reminding readers about your original post does not constitute "adding something new".
                              Tyr Gunn
                              Lieutenant of the Queen's Regular Army


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                                Bumps with no new content
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