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The Skotos Forums are officially closing on September 30, 2020. They will go read-only on that date, and will be removed entirely sometime afterward.

We encourage the games that spun off of Skotos to create new discussion mediums of their own, and some have already done so. But the centralized discussions for Skotos will soon be a thing of the past (just as the centralized Skotos site is).

We've also posted a goodbye message to the community on our main page, which you can find here:
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    Please do not bump posts unless you have something new to add to them or there is a specific reason why they need to be brought to the top.

    Also, please do not bump posts the day after you post them unless you have a good reason.

    All this does is create more useless posts in the db which in turn creates more slowdown for those of us trying to read the legit posts. It also clogs up the top of the forum with posts that have no new information. And finally, it spams the 'New Post List' that many of us use.

    So, if there is a reason then bump it but if its just because you want people to read your post on the spot please dont. If, in three or four days, no one has read your post and you want to bump it, then do it but only do it once, not repeatedly.

    Most of us read the posts but do not respond to them and hate opening a post only to find that the one message is 'bump'.

    Many thanks and happy gaming!
    -- StoryCoder Aziel

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    for important posts that continue to have relavance (like the great chain of being) maybe there should be a location for these posts to be readily avalible to the whole of the universe...
    well... im babling.
    If I wana bump a post I make a disfigured drawing on it. that way anyone reading will at least get a chuckle.

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      I agree... Mabe Aziel can have a project to make the REALLY important IC posts, like the chain of being, a chronicler post (includes all chronicles by all chroniclers), and the big 'worries' of the castle at the time, actually have a paper hung onto the north wall of the lecture hall and actually read it ICly.

      I've got no suggestion for the OOC posts to not be bumped, though it aggrivates me as well, when I jump on before work to just read the posts, there 30 red folders, and over 20 of them are useless *bumps*, waste of time.
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        Sorry, couldn't resist.

        Seriously, there are things which are helpful to have access to. The great chain, Capitulary, Precepts of the Faith. Though what we need are more in game ways to access those. I know I was chatting with one of the SPs and they had a copy of the Chain written in a book so they could access it without printing up a copy (most obvious and one of the best ways), or searching the forums for the post.

        I would think things like the posts about events, meeting and such should at least be considered that they will be bumped the day of the meeting or event. Though I agree that it is best to add information, or a real post beyond the whole [bump] thingie.

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          Originally posted by Ra'Dorcha

          Seriously, there are things which are helpful to have access to. The great chain, Capitulary, Precepts of the Faith.

          Maybe if SP's/SC's or whoever, deem a post important enough they can make it a stiky post so that they are always there to be read, or maybe a single sticky post called something like "[B] Important information [\B]" can be made with links to said information within it thus cutting down on space used in forums (if it was done like the whispered rumors post, ie and OOC message saying do not respond and and address to post to if you want something added to the list, it would avoid it geting spamed)

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            I think this is a worthy post to bump seeing as there have been a good number of useless bumps lately
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              quite ironic that you should bump the post that says 'please dont bump'

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                -ironically bumps again-


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                  Ironic? Naah, I was looking for this post a few nights ago but could not find it. Thanks! I certainly think this has once again become handy.
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                    I suppose all this bumping reminds me of "The Boy who cried wolf" except in this case, it's 'The Poster who cried Bump."

                    I think this thread needs a kick up to the top so the bump-happy people on the IC forum can tone it down a bit. For example (And I am sorry to point fingers at people who happen to be my friends), the Carpentry threads make me want to claw you to death.

                    Maybe if they drop to the next page, you can move them up. But frankly, every time I read a carpentry thread, I just see bump, bump, tacked to the top, bump, bump.

                    I don't read them anymore. For all I know, there's something important in there regarding one of my characters, Sorcha's character, or Kumaro's character - two players who can rarely get IG right now that I've been taking care of.

                    I'm moving this up also because I think Aziel's original message needs to be seen again. The Carpenters aren't the only crazy-bumping-psychos out there.

                    My apologies to Eleren and Janwin's players, because you guys got targetted. However, you're a classic example of over-bump, IMO.



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                      dude, i quite agree..the recent fascination with the ic board and carpentry was a bit much. i personally think carpentry is about the most useless craft period in marrach, I think we existed fine without it in the past, and i think we would be just fine if it was wiped out of the game.


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                        Um, Brit? Your comment has almost nothing to do with mine.

                        I have no problem with Carpentry IC. I think it is a useful part of the Castle life we have going on here. My problem is with the bumping of posts. Recently, I'd feel safe proposing that 50% of the stuff on the IC forum consists of 'bump' or 'tacked to the front' or 'Moved to a prominent location'.

                        It's TOO much.

                        Go Carpentry. It's nice to see that it isn't wallowing any longer. Just less bumping=happy me.


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                          *pokes Briseis* Find me one example where I have 'bumped' the Carpentry threads. I added a post about new guidelines to come and then defended those guidelines from someone who seemed to have problems with them. *grin* I'm as annoyed as all of you when it comes to them getting bumped. I hate going through the list of red folders, opening some posts that might be important, and finding 'helpfully re-posted at the top'. Sometimes I want to put on 'torn down and is now laying on the floor'. ;0)



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                            Oh, look! I go to read a thread...and...


                            DIE. These threads have been bumped every day, second day, third day, OR more than once in one day. DIE, I say.

                   (This one was bumped twice in one day!)

                            I don't know about you, but bumpers should be slain. I HATE reading a post where there is one actual informative post...and 5+ bumps. What is the bloody use?


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                              If she's bumping posts to bury another, I thought this (even if in doing it I reveal my own contradiction) might be of some use!

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