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Character Goals

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  • Character Goals

    So in anouther thread I mention my disapointment about something but I also mention that Xewe's only realy got three goals in the castle and one of them she's already been told is going to happen next month.

    As for past goals that she's already done:

    Become a Teacher of the art of the sword (She did this and even became an Elder Teacher though Elder Teacher was never one of her goals before it happened)

    Secret goal #1 (I'll tell you guys what this goal is some other time, but she did this one. Though I'll be honest this one was suppost to be one of her last goals to be finished.)

    Become an Acolyte of the Faith
    (This just happened and the great chain doesn't even show it yet.)

    Earn respect for her work.
    (This is an on going goal, but one that she has managed to do a few times with different people)

    Start a secret group and be all sorts of sneaky (Did this. Remember the Blue Ravens?)

    Notice Honored Guest isn't even on this list... It just sort of happened. Also Xewe does have a few minor goals that she's working on but they mostly all falls under the Earn respect for her work (Such as her math work, or her desire to teach languages or what have you)

    So what kind of goals has your character set for his/her self that you have acomplished? What goals remain before you have to seriously consider your new goals?
    Xewe Golianor

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    Here is one of mine that I've cheekily tossed about:

    Form a ladies club in the Inner B, hand pick the young, the fresh and the willing maletypes and train them up in the ways of courtesy, the blade, languages. Hold social 'teas'. Deem it something innocuous and sacrosanct like 'Brothers of Vivenne' and get Viv to sanction it. Have them take vows of exclusivity, wear blue robes and snowflake sashes and spend their days devoted only to serving the Castle and perdorming sainty works for other fellow denizens. The nights are for entertaining, as it were.

    Think of it: All of those dissatisfied, lonely Ladies with jewels and silks and pheasantskin folders to spare /need/ an ear and a strong shoulder to weep upon. /Need/ good, capable men that are skilled in the art of dancing, conversation, et al to take them to the balls.

    After they have proved their worth, like any devoted and respectable Guildmember, the society in return favors the sers with recommendations to HG, which gives them further rank and favour. The better ones attain Courtier. Allegiances are formed. This creates even more highly ranked men to choose from and provides new male characters, an additional reason to maintain an interest in a consent-based environment with a slightly better allotment for success given the charity based nature of the group, and the instantly formed alliances with women of noble rank.

    There. You've got your conflict, your charity, your goal structure and your need. There aren't enough existing groups with a strong, collective influence IG. There also are not enough highly ranked men in the IB. And as anybody knows, in any non-monetary based currency, to find the worth of a thing?

    Simply direct yourself to the need.

    Supply and demand, people. Supply and demand.
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      Goals already achieved:
      • Becoming an Elder Teacher of the Battle Guild: This was one of Umi's goals way back when she was first made a teacher of the Battle Guild; to one day become an Elder Teacher. Not only did she achieve this with hard work, but she was voted as Preceptor too when Cody disappeared and she, Faith, Johnathan, and Scaramouche had to choose a new leader.
      • Becoming fluent in Northern: She set that as a goal the day she was made an Honoured Guest, because those pesky IB people all spoke Northern all the time.
      • Get a musical instrument and learn to play it: This one was almost a failure. She first got that really nasty lute from Master Ali. You know, the one that sounds like a cat being castrated with a spoon? I think Sham was the last person to actually own it after Umi traded it back to Ali for a lap harp, which she has learned to play.
      • Knighthood: This is the one goal she thought she'd never achieve, but actually did.
      • Cracking Alrik's shell: Alrik was so damn serious all the time when Umi joined the Royal Guard. I guess with time they grew on each other. I don't think they are actually close friends nowadays, because, well, Alrik's still a pretty reserved guy and rarely tells her how he feels. But at least Umi managed to worm her way on his good side. Or at least, I hope that is his good side... >_>
      • Not working under Darvius ever again: Gosh, Umi hated Darvius. She could stand him at first, even considered him a friend, but he quickly grew on her nerves with his womanizing ways and him constantly criticizing her choice in men. It was getting to a point she was strongly considering telling Alrik that he could take the Royal Guard and shove it where she thought because she got so sick of Darvius physically, mentally, and emotionally.

      Goals in Progress:
      • Learning to play the viol: Another musical instrument that she acquired through Master Ali. She is still learning to play it, though. Which might take time because she doesn't have as much free time as she did back when she got her harp.
      • Becoming fluent in Teanga, Eastern, and Western: Why, you ask? Because, as Umi says, "You never know when there will be yet another ambassador coming in Marrach, and knowing my luck, they'll need the help of the Royal Guard at some point and they'll be speaking in the only language that I am not fluent in." So there, she hopes to be fluent in Teanga, Eastern, and Western someday, as a probable necessity to do her job. She's almost there with Teanga, but I don't think she'll achieve fluency in Eastern and Western anytime soon.
      • Becoming a better Captain and/or leader: Something she will probably strive for until she permanently dies. Umi doesn't fit the mold, or so she thinks. She realises she's very flawed and is not always doing the best she could. She still screws up, a lot. But she still works very hard on it, hoping to become an examplary leader for the Guard, and a better person as a whole. Because she realises how important her duty is and that if she doesn't try to improve, something terrible might happen someday and it will be all her fault.
      • Becoming one of the best swordswomen in Marrach: Not the best, just one of the best. If only to prove the male chauvinists like Gracien that women can kick major butts.
      • Marrying Lobo: Amusingly enough, this is the one goal that Umi had that she was certain she would accomplish before Knighthood. In her head, she was going to wed Lobo, and in a few years, try to become a Knight. Turns out that the opposite occured; she became a Knight, and four years later, she and Lobo are still not married.

      The rest are some random goals that will probably never occur. Either because they might be too impossible to accomplish, or because they are things that I might want, but that Umi doesn't necessarily want to achieve. Or they were just sparked by OOC conversations.
      • Making pink an illegal colour to wear: Because she hates pink and all its variations soooooooooo much.
      • Becoming a Lady: This is one of those things that Umi doesn't necessarily needs. Sure, it would be nice if she was ever recognized for her loyal duties to Her Majesty and the court and be enobled, but she won't die if she never gets it. It's probably just my wish for her to become the first Lady in Marrachian history to also bear the title of Knight.
      • Becoming Lady Warden of the Coast: Umi jokingly suggested one night that if she ever retires from the Guard, she'd like to become that. Which lead to Howe arguing that he would be the Lord Warden of the Coast when he retires for the Guard, and to them agreeing to share the position and create the Office of the Littoral and the position of Royal Abettor of the Littoral. They even unofficially wrote the charter and stuff.
      • Getting a pet: A cute black kitten. She still loves cats. A lot. She wants one of her own to, strangely enough, give all that maternal love she's starting to get but will never give since all the guests in Marrach are sterile. And no, she won't just "adopt" some random newly awakened and call them her son or daughter. It doesn't work that way. Though, I guess it's a good thing we'll never know what the offsprings of Captain Grumpy and the manly Apprentice will look like.
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