Multiple Downtimes for All Games [Updated: Rest of Phase 1 Times]

Unfortunately, the whole computing world is facing a major crisis right now thanks to Intel and other major processors missing critical security flaws in their architecture. As a result, our ISP is doing a set of emergency updates to all of their hardware. We are getting about a day's notice on this, and we're told that they're going to need to patch each machine multiple times, which very inconveniently means multiple downtimes.

Our TEC and GR games have always been the most vulnerable to downtime, so I'm going to take the care to cleanly shutdown and restart those.

GR: Sunday, Midnight (all times are PT) DONE
TEC: Monday, 10PM

Expect the games to go down 10 minutes before the downtime, to be safe.

The other games tend to be cleaner, so I'm going to let them restart on their own:

Lovecraft: Monday, 9PM
Lazarus: Monday, 9PM
Web Site: Monday, 11PM [this will affect all logins & usage of the new TEC client]
TEC Client: Tuesday, 9PM
USERDB (site login): Tuesday night, midnight

The upgrade windows have all been less than 30 minutes to date, so you can expect games and/or services will be back up within 35-40 minutes of the hour.

I believe this is now a complete list of the first phase of updates, but there will be a second in the near future.

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  • Euphelia can now be addressed as Phee!

    Newly added names have been bolded:

    Adalyn - Ady
    Adriana -Adri
    Aleysia - Ally
    Aloria - Ria
    Ammanas - Amma
    Anita - Ani
    Aratan - Ara
    Armina - Mio
    Ayern - Airy
    Benoit - Ben
    Blaylock - Blay
    Brighde - Brig
    Briseis - Brisies
    Calisto - Calisto
    Canderous - Andy
    Carella - Cari
    Catharsis - Cath
    Cedrick - Ced
    Chastity - Chas
    Chrysoberyl - Chrys
    Colby - Cole
    Coralesce - Cora
    Cordelia - Cordie
    Corin - Bunny
    Diana - Di, snake
    Dragonne - Drag
    Dryden - Dry
    Edstave - Ed
    Ennah - En, corpse
    Epenyne - Ep, Epen
    Erindrin - Erin
    Euphelia - Euph, Phee
    Ezraella - Ez, Ezra, Ella
    Fatealaria - Fate
    Fezwen - Fez
    Gabriela - Gab
    Gunn - Tyr
    Gwenda - Gwen
    Halsten - Hal
    Harabec - Hara
    Hazelline - Hazel
    Heulyn - Heu, Lyn
    Howe - Howard
    Jeffery - Jeff
    Jerisa - Jeri
    Juliee - Jules
    Kamian - Kam
    Katherina - Kat
    Keiran - Kei
    Keyana - Ana
    Kvalhion - Kval
    Leiseach - Lei
    Lilly - Lillian, Lil, Grace
    Lorelei - Lore, Lori
    Lucus - Blue
    Malatrios - Mal
    Marcellius - Marc
    Mayakovsky - Maya
    Merrynn - Merry
    Mirella - Mir
    Mitsuko - Mits
    Myrddin - Myrrdin, Myrddin and Myr
    Namida - Nam
    Nexian - Nex
    Nickolius - Nick
    Ophidias - Ophi
    Peraine - Rain, Shrub
    Qdee - Kwee
    Radulescu - Rad
    Raharu - Rah, Motsu
    Ralynn - Ray
    Rosalind - Rosi
    Ruari - Rua
    Rynien - Ryn
    Sabrial - Sab
    Schmendrick - Rick
    Sinvy - Sin, Sinful
    Temor - Tem
    Theresa - T
    Tredias - Tre
    Tristana - Trist
    Umichan - Umi, Takara
    Valeska - Val
    Virendra - Vir
    Voltamir - Volt
    Westley - Wes
    Wilena - Wil
    Zerafang - Zera
    Zinan - Zin


    • Tamora now responds to Tam
      I know Bousquet has Bous now too


      • Originally posted by Tamora View Post
        I know Bousquet has Bous now too
        had a brain moment. apparently he has 'Bou'.

        I know there had to be more in this last batch of requests they did a week or so ago. Anyone else with a new nick?


        • Now targetable as 'Dane'


          • Diana's player has taken pity on you all:

            Ruari can now be targeted as Ru.

            And here I thought I spoilt you with Rua. That is still an option, by the way.

            Thanks Stace!
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            • Originally posted by Euphelia View Post
              Euphelia can now be addressed as Phee!

              Ennah - En, corpse

              ... But yes, accurate.


              • Ophidias is both Ophi and Ranowan.

                Thought I would bring this to the front for new players who do not know there are nicknames you can use instead of a full name.


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                • Yolanda remains targettable as Yo.
                  Yolanda Oloroso
                  ~ Oracular Spectacular
                  ~ Seer of the Snowpocalypse


                  • Ignoia remains targetable as Iggy.


                    • I have had a few, you know who you are... say that Chrestian's name is too hard. You may now target him as Chres.

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                      • Now targetable as Zylly!!

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                        Hate less, love more.
                        And all good things are yours.
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                        • LE BUMP

                          Someone mentioned what a tragedy it was that my character did not already have that nickname, so...

                          You can now properly target Umi as Flatty, on top of all her other nicknames.

                          You're welcome.
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                          • Thanks to a kind benefactor....people should no longer be meowing at Meoris, as he now should be targetable as Meo.
                            Meoris Rousseau

                            Bodyservant to His Excellency, Lord Boreas

                            Junior Steward of the Treasury