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  • Garden Ball

    I would like to thank Geist’s player, Finna’s player, Sirocco's player, Tamm's Player and Fezwin’s player for the Invitations, the flowers and the Patience. I would like to thank Mimi’s player and Geoffrey’s Player for the food. I would also like to thank absolutely everyone for this evenings Garden Society Ball.

    It was Lovely!

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    I wish to thank all that were involved in last nightís ball. I wish to give a HUGE HUGS to Storybuilder Larizza for all her hard work on doing up the corsages and boutonnieres and the lovely bouquet that seemed to become the musical bouquet at for awhile there with Diana and Finna and Boreas . Which I have to say was so hilarious. I also wish to give a great big HUGS to Head Storyhost Geist for all his help. Youíre the Best !!! I wish to extend a thank you to Mimi and Sirocco and Kitra and Lalaine, and all of the Garden Society for making this a fun event. I just think you all are the best and I just canít say it enough!!! I have to say I was a bit shocked that Lord Boreas showed up, but thank you especially to his player for taking the time to bring out the old man.
    Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court


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      *Big Hugs* to all who made this event happen!