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    I'll be retiring Anita to her room indefinitely. She's been around for over a year, and the longer she's around, the less I enjoy playing her. It's gotten to the point where I no longer have a desire to play CM and can agree with every other player that's left the game due to stress. As said many times before, "I don't pay skotos to be stressed out over a game." I have accumulated countless OOC issues with the game and if I don't step back now, I feel like I'll never come back. The game's changed and so have I.

    I was going to write more of an explanation, but I've changed my mind. I could sit here and point fingers, but I don't think I'll do that either. I'm sorry for just quitting and walking out, but it's a game and it's time I reminded myself of that. Things have gotten far worse both with IC drama and OOC stress than I ever imagined possible and that's pretty much the bottom line. IC drama normally = good RP, but for too long it's had the opposite effect for me.

    To the people I've spoken with regarding the most recent issues, I can't thank you enough for your support. There have been several suggestions made that if I had the desire to still play, I would fight for it. But they'd all take more time and stress, and I simply don't want to waste the energy fighting for something I don't even want anymore.

    I'm going to take care of a couple IC things before I go, so it's not an immediate thing, but just wanted to throw it out there. Thanks to all for the memorable year and shared emotions.

    How familiar all these words must be by now.

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    Though I respect your desire not to hash through it all in public, I would still appreciate an email letting me know what those reasons are. I agree 100% that the game should be for entertainment and not create unwarranted stress, and I want to fix it regardless of what it is.


    StoryPlotter Geist


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      Both Juliee and her player will miss you terribly! Hope that you do return one day, but I agree, the stress isn't worth it. It is only a game!

      Good luck and be safe and all my well wishes until I see you again!

      Flick, Juliee's player.


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        I have no idea what the issues are as Eloire has only recently met Anita but I liked what I saw, and had hopes to pursue a pleasant ingame friendship. I'm sorry my stress free roleplay isn't sufficient to combat the negativity but do please let Geist know so I won't run into it, whatever it is.

        I support your decision and hope that one day the unpleasantness fades and the good times outshine or dull them sufficiently for you to come back. Until then, enjoy what's left of your time.
        Eloire Kysarrian


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          Take care out there, yesh? I've always enjoyed RPing with you and am hoping I'll get to again.

          We all need a "long nap" occasionally, and as said above as well, I support your decision completely. Hoping you'll come back to us sometime, though.

          *hugs!* You'll be missed!
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            Aw. I understand the decision to leave, but you'll definately be missed. I know Corin and Anita didn't interact overly much, but it was always pleasant when they did, and he and I will both miss that. Hope rl treats you good and that you can come back (soonish?) and be able to enjoy the game.


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              *just cries*
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                I know I'll miss you. So will Tennant. I hope you the best, my friend.

                By the way, you were fantastic, Anita.
                Tennant Wer

                Originally posted by Academician Prokhor Zakharov
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                  *Cries and cries*

                  I am going to miss you my dear friend! And I hope you will try and return one day. You are a wonderful Person IC and OOC! I will miss you dearly, as I am sure we all will!

                  You are in my prayers! Email me so I know you are doing okay. (

                  *hugs you and refuses to let go*



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                    Yeah, I said it....

                    EDITED BY FORUM MODERATOR: I've removed this post because it was so specific in its criticism of a single player that the only possible responses to it would have been personal and not conducive to the game as a whole.

                    That said, I have copied the contents of this message and forwarded it on to the player in question.

                    Please keep public discussions to general topics and avoid targeting specific players. If you have issues with the behavior of specific players please file an Assist and get the StoryGuides involved.


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                        *seconds the applaud*


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                          I have to say I applaud Anita's player also.

                          EDITED BY FORUM MODERATOR: Discussions should be kept to general issues, and not to player-specific ones. If you have an issue with the behavior of a particular player, file an assist and let a StoryGuide help you.- SH Geist

                          We are loosing a asset to the game ...huggs you and Anita, you will be missed.


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                            Gosh, if this doesn't all sound eerily familiar... And very nearly mimics why I haven't been seen. I feel for you, Anita and, rest assured, there are plenty who know how you feel.

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                              *agrees with Helena* We are losing a HUGE asset to CM! Anita, you are going to be greatly missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!