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    It's been a fun few past years with Howe, but I finally feel his story has come to an end. The value and worth, entertainment of playing this character is outweighed finally by the tedium, and OOC strife that he causes me as a player.

    Maybe sometime in the distant future he'll pop back out again, but only time can tell.

    I have not deeply enjoyed playing Howe and kept chugging on hoping it would get better. Aside a few good scenes, in years, it really has come downright unenjoyable to play my main character anymore. Whither it's people complaining to me OOC how I play him or people accusing me of cross over, or people stating I 'favor' certain players / characters with this PC -- it has become downright tear-jerking for me to even log him in. I have never been able to truly unfurl my wings with him, and do what I envisioned him doing. But that's okay, maybe next time.

    I don't think I'm leaving anyone hanging, but PM me if you need something from him (that he might have on his person or a plot item or whatever). Thanks again for the fun memories.

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    This makes me very sad but I can say I am not surprised.
    I have loved RP with Howe and have had some very memorable scenes with him.
    He will be greatly missed. I hope that he shall return someday and that you can truly do what you envisioned for him. *hugs*



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      That's all kinds of suck, bud. Lucus and Howe joined the RG on the same day, were Knighted side by side, we definitely had some good scenes together. I'll look forward to Howe's return sometime in the future.

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        I have had some real run ins with Howe with Finna, but for the most part I have enjoyed Howe. I will lie and not say that sometimes I felt Finna getting beat up a lot by him but I have truely still enjoyed most of the time he has been on. I do hope maybe someday you can bring him out and accomplish those things you had dreamed of. I know it can be frustrating to set goals for your characters and then have them go just so wrong, but maybe after a bit of a rest from him, you might be able to tackle it again and actually accompish what you wanted. HUGS to you and Howe.
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          Bah. A mixture of Howe and Lucus shaped who Cordon is. Definately going to miss him around, definately had some good times. Hope he comes out again eventually.
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            This makes me sad. I was super excited today that Kadia and Howe had crossed paths again. Was really looking forward to how it would pan out this time. Good luck to you. Love you of course!!!!!
            Kadia Conaille
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              Howe was always wonderful to RP opposite, and some of the fondest memories I have of CM were scenes in which Howe figured prominently. Thought Alyse no longer enjoys Howe's favor (and indeed, is now an object of his scorn), it never ceased to be fun. I know how thoroughly disheartening all those still-born plans and unachieved goals can become: I find myself having to reinvent Alyse every four to six months as those things falls through, and that gets tiresome.


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                *sighs* Kitra will miss Howe, they have had some bad times and some good times also, and then you have those shocking moments too but all in good fun. Hopefully he will rest well and come back out and accomplish all those nice things you want for him. It was a joy to meet him and watch him develop into the person he is today. I wish him well for the future.


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                  I remember my first "run in" with Howe. No matter what the situation, every encounter with Howe was memorable in an impactful way, and that is saying something. I'll miss him and the mind behind him. I will never forget that first encounter that had my character bitter towards him for a very long time and the more recent few bells when I literally sat in front of my screen and screamed with laughter because I just couldn't believe how completely hilarious and fun a time I was having.

                  If the enjoyment of playing your character no longer exists, I am heartily sorry. If characters of this quality must make an exit from the Castle, then I suppose we should look for my exit next. Having a character of Howe's caliber was a goal of mine, but if this playerbase can't handle that, before things get to that point with me, I just might start looking for an exit line as well. I can't stress enough how much I will miss the feeling I'd get just seeing Howe enter a room. I'm very disappointed, for myself and you.

                  Be well.
                  Eloire Kysarrian


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                    Of all of Tre's teachers, Howe was the one who was present.

                    Seriously, I definitely enjoyed each time I got to RP with you. I'll miss him.
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                      I always loved me some Howe.

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                        Wow! I never knew what Howe was going to do..always unpredictable! I hope you drag Howe again soon!

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                          Aww, Howe was a good guy. I had fun with him.


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                            Dude, Howe was solid.

                            Also, scary, but in a good RP kind of way.

                            He is definitely one character I will sorely miss!


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                              Me likey Howe! ^-^

                              Well, at least you'll keep in contact.
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