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OOC workshop for Villians.

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  • OOC workshop for Villians.


    I would like to first introduce myself. I am Storyplotter Corvis, one of an elite cadre of Armour-Clad Troopers bent on world domin.... Oh, wait, I get ahead of myself.

    Seriously, however, I am going to be holding a workshop for Villains this comming saturday the 3rd of March, 2001, at 1pm PST.

    This Workshop is OOC, meaning, youre not attending as your character, but as your player. Let me now explain, what we will be talking about.


    You know those guys, who walk around, and generally make life hard for folks. People like Stark, Victor, Retribution, Morte, Twulf, and Aquila. They generate conflict, and conflict drives role-playing. As pointed out in a wonderfully written article some time back, No conflict makes for a lot of tea, and tea gets very boring.

    They are the focus of my first workshop, as it has come to me that there are a good amount of players who wish to play a "Evil" or "Bad" Character, but dont know where to start. Other Workshops, for "Heroes" and for General Characters, will follow, if there is demand.

    In this Workshop, we will discuss the following.

    1: ) "So you want to be Villain?"
    This is where we discuss why you want to be a villain.

    2: ) "So whats it to YOU?"
    This is where we discuss what we all think a villain IS. Perceptions differ, and we need to be on the same basic page, or at least the same book, before we go farther.

    3: ) "I'm not evil, No, really!"
    In this section, we will discuss motivations for your villain, as NO Villain is evil for evils sake. Well, no INTERESTING Villains, and thats what we are here to make.

    4: )"Normally, I just kill a woman like you... Subtitled: The Value of Weakness"
    In this section of the workshop, we will discuss weaknesses, and why you should have them. No-one is fun to play, who does not have a fatal flaw, a button the "Hero's" can push.

    5: ) "If you MUST know, I was struck by lightining... 17 times. Subtitled: Quirks, and how to bring them alive.
    Every memorable villain has a trademark. Quirks help bring a character to life on the monitor. Here, we will discuss quirks appropriate to the characters in mind.

    6: ) "Playing nice with others, Subtitled, How to win and loose gracefully"
    In this section, we discuss how to interact with the other denizens of the castle, start plots, get conflict brewing, and have some fun.

    If youre interested, and want to show up, Be in the Sunset room, at 1pm PST Saturday the 3rd of March. I will take you all to a private chamber. Alas, due to the nature of this chamber, NO LATECOMERS will be allowed.

    Best Wishes,
    StoryPlotter Corvis.

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    will this be repeted for those of us who for one reason or another cant be there? also will there be anything about the kinda villan...aka the person who helps people and such but is planning in the backround..or the person who isnt evil but...just out to get their way and damn the rest?


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      Thank you for your interest, Lynn!

      Yes, This class will be repeated as ofton as there is sufficent demand, if this goes well.

      Yes, there is room in this workshop for the "Subtle" Villain. Villain does also, not imply "Evil", mearly someone who runs counter to what society deems "Heroic".

      Hope this helps, and if it does not, post again!

      StoryPlotter Corvis.


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        Sounds interesting. I'll try to make it.
        Never was, and never shall be.


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          I think an edited log of this might be really interesting. Any chance of one of those appearing? I'd even offer to help edit it up.

          -=- Matt


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            How about those of us who are not playing villains, but would be interested in learning about it, so that we might possibly have villainous alts in the future? Are we welcome, too?

            I really really want to come ... but would having Punzel's body sitting in on the meeting make it just too weird?



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              Kimberly/Punzel, just make a new char to use, that way no one will know who you are

              That's what I'm gonna do


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                Alright guys. Let me give you a little bit of a heads up. These seminars are -strictly- OOC. It doesn't matter which body you are in or if you are playing a good guy or a bad guy right now.

                I will be helping StoryPlotter Corvis with the seminar as a moderator because I've been teaching a class weekly in the game for months and I pretty much have it down pat. Also, I will be hosting the logs of all the OOC seminars on a separate website for StoryPlotter Corvis.

                Now, I'm going to be doing this in Elea's body. Does this mean that Elea's evil? No. Does this mean Elea's good? No. It means that Jennifer is using Elea's body to go to this strictly OOC seminar.

                Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come - in whatever body they want. There is no need to make a new body to hide your identity as everything said in this seminar will be strictly OOC.

                This seminar and the following ones like it are for the benefit of all. It's to help people role play better and figure out what they want to do with their characters. Figure out what motivates them. No character is 100% good. No character is 100% bad. If statements like this confuse you or make you ask the question "But what do you mean?" - these seminars are for you.

                So, please, come and enjoy the seminar without worry of any IC weirdness. These OOC seminars are for you, the players.

                Elea Clearlight
                Apprentice to Lady Serista
                Sorcery Classes


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                  *WISTFUL SIGH*.....

                  I will have to wait for the next available class... but I am EAGERLY interested as I do believe even old dogs can be taught new tricks!

                  ay ilvrwl
                  This Section is entirely OOC:
                  If you obey all of the rules, you miss all of the fun. ~ Katherine Hepburn
                  "Wise sayings often fall on barren ground; but a kind word is never thrown away." ~ Sir Arthur Helps.
                  "Boredom is the fear of self." ~ Comtesse Diane
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                    Where do we meet? What room and such? I think I can make it and I want to discuss other levels of deviance. In otherwords, not necessarily being a pure villain, but wanting your char to be corrupt or to portray certain villainous characteristics. Sounds Great this workshop, yes. He he he he. *rubs her hands mischeviously*


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                      Carmen - in the Sunset Room on Saturday at 1 bell. You will be telepored into another room for the discussion itself.
                      Never was, and never shall be.


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                        Will, I suppose, I could come to this, I mean, I know I'm an expert already on this topic, but I might choose to grace you all with my asteamed presence.

                        Sure, I'll come, I look forward to it already

                        Brad (Retri)


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                          Um... going against what mainstream thinks is heroic, yeah... but that causes problems. You see, society is wrong. Humans (myself included) are stupid. Some (ie, me) more than others.

                          Keep in touch, PM me with yahoo messneger. My ID is Fizgot. (and tell me who you are in CM so that I can know who Im talking to)


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                            Just to reinforce what Jennifer has said, this is an OOC event, meaning, I dont care who's body you happen to be in.

                            The lenght for this Workshop, is up to 2 hours, as needed.

                            I do not mind people who just want to watch. As there will be a lot of people present, it seems (Dances happily), please keep emotings and side chatter to a bare minimum.

                            Any questions? Post them here.

                            Storyplotter Corvis.


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                              I would like to attend but because of my irl schedual i cant make it.
                              I would also like to attend the one about the heros.:-)

                              Thankyou anyway



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