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  • Boreas

    (I guess I should check my email)


    For the past two weeks or so Iíve been fighting nasty allergies and/or a cold, and for the last two days itís been absolutely miserable, up to and including my eyes constantly tearing to the point where I couldnít see. I think I can even partially pay attention Ė I know there are a number of things pending that were going to get kicked into gear today, so I am hoping I can pull it together, but this is a warning in case I cannot.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. :/


    - - - -
    You all have been properly informed ^_^

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    I sooo feel for you. I know how that feels. I am doing my share of suffering and have to live in Ohio the allergy capital of the world. I am living doped up on Allergy meds and Tylenol. So I can sympathize with you. I hope you feel better soon.
    Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court


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      I have an inner ear infection that I just got antibiotics (and pain pills) for at the ER yesterday, so its no skin off my nose that Boreas couldn't come today. Will see him next week!


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        Lord Boreas out with a cold. My sympathy is mixed with snickering.

        Get well soon, Geist.
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          And here I was complaining about a nasty headache... Damn you Geist for making my suffering seem mundane by comparison!

          And get well!


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            I haft to deal with Priam deliberately shooting down everything I post on these boards...

            Makes me not want to contribute anything to guarantee this place's continued exsistance.



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              Uh, yeah.

              So, Darren wins full points for random irrelevant remarks?

              - Lin
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                Eat some sandwiches with Hot soup.
                And Get well soon!

                I get allergys just as bad. But I just deal which I don't recommend I don't like the allergy pills, icky meds and darn trees..
                Anyway, I hope you get better soon.

                ~Kitra's Player


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                  Any word from Geisty regarding today?


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                    I have no idea. We'll see soon.


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                      I don't seem to be able to log in...

                      Still trying.

                      StoryPlotter Geist


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                        Liar, liar, pants on fire!
                        Story Virage

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                          Umm... no? My client isn't loading and I'm just continually getting a "....waiting for " with whatever body I try to log in with...

                          StoryPlotter Geist


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                            I know, I was kidding. :comfort:
                            Story Virage

                            Watch that potty mouth. You know who you are. - StoryHost Geist
                            StoryHost Geist says, "This isn't Skelly +forcing me I promise. You can do whatever you want forever."


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                              OK, I'm not sure what the deal is. I get the same result trying to log in from my desktop and my laptop, and according to another staffer they saw a disconnect message from me without my having logged in prior to that...

                              I've restarted my desktop and my laptop and my router and my broadband modem, but its still doing the same thing. I'm going to let it sit for a little while and hope its something with the ISP... or something. I'll try again at the top of the hour.

                              (And my wife can't log in to her account at all... so something seems afoul with the Dowd household connection at the moment... Though obviously posting to the forums is working...)

                              StoryPlotter Geist



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