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  • Ghost Ball NOT Canceled

    I do apologize for the cancellation but I am not in the mood to go splitting this up and making it a THEIR GHOST BALL AND THEIR GHOST BALL. The Ghost Ball has always been one of the events that drew the Castle people together in a mixed environment. One of the most unusual of Socials and I love hosting and doing them. But I am not going to run about at the last minute IC or other wise to make sure this gets all split up. When the Bridge is done maybe we can have it then. Meanwhile have fun fixing the dang bridge. I am sorry to all those that worked so hard on this Ghost Ball and who love doing it. Hopefully we can have it later
    Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court

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    I umm hmm, This sucks but I completely agree with Finna it shouldn't be split.

    If the Bridge gets fixed before the end of the Year we could possibly host it then as a Happy Bridge is finally open party lets all get the goodies and the costumes.
    Having a Ghost Ball then, it sounds good. Perhaps turn on candles and walk the bridge in honor of those that passed on the bridge as we continue to the Lounge and enjoy a Ball in their name.


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      Well, that DOES suck, because since you can't handle daring to try something different and put in a smidge extra work, you're ruining it for the everyone. Bravo?

      OR as PRIOR STATED; Ask some more.

      Oh yeah, and MAYBE as also prior stated; Plan ahead. She already encountered this issue with the Rose Ball, also hosted by Finna, so it isn't like it's some huge new thing that has been looming in the horizon.

      ZOMFG!! The horror of sending a scroll! A. Single. Solitary. Scroll.

      Christ people. If you really want a ghost ball, stop whining and have the damn thing. The bridge doors don't freaking stay closed.

      I don't mean to sound bitchy, but this whole whine until you get exactly what you want, how you want is pretty shitty to do.

      I know some people have spent STORYPOINTS to get costumes for this thing and half the people can't even imagine it in another room, while the others want to ABOLISH IT COMPLETELY having a hissy fit.

      It's a social. Have it. Scroll people. Work for something ICly.

      You find fun if you want to find fun. You can STILL have your fun. You can STILL salvage it. Alas, it seems the motivation level of the whole is lacking. If you want something, go freaking do it. It won't kill you to write a sentence or three asking for help from various people. Or will it? Seriously.

      Grrr. What's so hard about thinking outside of the box on this? It's not like those planning the ghost ball are lacking support. Everyone looks forward to it. You'd just have to exert a wee bit more energy than usual.
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        Excuse me but I am not the one ruining it. The Ghost Ball has always been a castle wide event that brought both Bailie isn't fun doing it other wise. All Inner Bailey events are always so formal and so stiff. This isn't the kind of Ball that fits that image. But those that wished to attend would break the barrier down and go to the Ball in the Outer. That is what made it special. Plus the Bowling lounge has always been the most haunted place in the Castle and perfect for this event. There is also a lot of things used with the Ghost Ball that can not be split up. So you see it will take a lot more then a days worth of planning to bring off two events. I didn't say I was not having it at all but maybe when the Bridge thing is fixed we can finally have it. I don't mind having it later in the year.
        Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court


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          You're canceling. Which means there is no ball. Which means everyone who WAS looking forward to it (on one side of the bridge at least) can't even enjoy it. Which means, it's been ruined.

          Yes, they are (frumpy, stiff and formal) but they don't -have- to be. Bring some kind of.. oomph into the IB! (Envision, Lady H dancing on a table if you dare) It could be sorely needed! Could be a different kind of fun all together. I see the point of bringing people together, but just because of an inconvenience doesn't mean it needs ot be canceled -entirely-.

          Some delegation here and there. Nothing always goes as we want. You can either work with what you have or just totally drop it, which always sucks because it means all the work is for nothing.

          How -much- later are you willing to have it? People yacked because it's tradition, and tradition won't happen later in the year. To be honest, who *knows* when the bridge will be totally fixed. They're working on it ICly that I see (through Quilp and decrees), but you might be waiting a LONG time.

          It's -not- as horrible as a thing as everyone keeps making it out to be. It requires maybe a smidge more work, some scrolls here and there, but it wouldn't be detrimental amounts of work.

          Randomly, while I'm thinking about it; use the special courier and jab Boreas. Fubba works for him. Use some favor. <-- Bet the whole thing could be fixed by tomorrow.
          "Once made equal to man, woman becomes his superior."


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            Thank you for your opinion but I am sorry I am not delegating all this at the last minute. I did cancel it for tomorrow but I will not totally leave out having it later. I just said that. It can be done later when this whole bridge thing is done. I am just not going to try at the last minute to pull of two Ghost Balls. I do have reasons for such which I have made clear. So maybe later this year or next when the bridge is done. Or at least open again. So basically instead of canceled lets just say it is on hold.
            Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court


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              Originally posted by Eeva View Post
              Christ people. If you really want a ghost ball, stop whining and have the damn thing. The bridge doors don't freaking stay closed.
              If Sir Petris has decreed that no one can cross the Bridge to attend the Ghost Ball, then it sorta renders the bridge open/close thing moot.

              The Ghost Ball is one of the handfull of balls that encourage Inner Bailey people to come have a little fun in the Outer, and socialize with the Outer Bailey people. Socialization is important, since it is how OB people work up to become IB people. If one OB person gets noticed by an IB person and encouraged to join whatever that IB person is in charge of (Chancery, Faith, Random Household, whatever) then it becomes worth the effort.

              Originally posted by Eeva View Post
              Which means everyone who WAS looking forward to it (on one side of the bridge at least) can't even enjoy it. Which means, it's been ruined.

              Yes, they are (frumpy, stiff and formal) but they don't -have- to be.
              Dividing the Ghost Ball in half lessens the RP for both, as you have admitted. And yes, the IB people HAVE to be frumpy and stuffy; they draw funny looks from Viv, Bertram and Boreas if they don't. It is a RARE occasion when someone from the IB 'cuts loose' and shows a less stuffy side, ESPECIALLY if said IB resident has not been affected by cursed food or drinks.

              I am hoping that the Ghost Ball is merely postponed instead of canceled, so that, as Kitra suggested, when the Bridge IS fixed, then we can have it. Or else twist Petris's arm somehow and let small groups (1 or 2 at a time) come across to attend the Ghost Ball.

              My two cents, from Sirocco's perspective.
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                Well, there are people above Sir Petris who could have ordered that an exception be made for the night. As Eeva's player pointed out, some favour could have been used toward a certain Royal Consort. She's been in his household for a few years now, and seeing she doesn't hold a shitty position like chamberpot made, that means he does have a favourable opinion of her and might be willing to assist her with the right arguments.

                And actually, I bet Bertram would actually LOVE to see some of the women of the IB cut loose. He just probably wouldn't show it if mum was around. As long as people don't make fool of themselves, my experiences with the Royal Family (okay, well, mostly with Viv and Bertie, Boreas isn't someone I interacted a lot with) showed that they aren't that unforgiving.

                Like, for example, that one time Umi broke into an uncontrollable giggling fit during a fashion show in the IB after seeing someone modelling the soul patch (or "the beard sample" as Umi likes to call it). Not something very professional, considering she was on Queen Escorting Duty. It was just as a big no-no as dancing on a table while sober. Yet even if Viv gave her the "funny look", she also earned a "It pleases us to see that you are capable of showing that you are enjoying yourself instead of being a wall flower" kind of comment. The Queen likes to know when her subjects are having fun. She's probably beaming inside at occasions like the Winter Ball where most people almost forget she's there because they're having such a good time.

                Happy subjects, after all, are less likely to all turn on her la French Revolution and demand that she loses her head.

                Yeah, I think I'm derailing. Oh, look, something shiny!
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                  Ok ok The Ghost Ball is not Canceled. I retract me is still on, as planned. Going to try some things ICly and see where we get.
                  Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court


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                    The announcement has been up there for a while, and it's pretty clear. Petris got a scroll from Eeva (who, as far as I know, is in no way involved in organizing the ball) just yesterday about this, and replied that the rules are the rules. Ask anybody who knows Petris about how flexible he is regarding rules. (But as Gabs points out, there are people above him who may look at the situation differently or see a bigger picture.)

                    It's a game of intrigue and favor, after all.

                    That said, I do not see how it could possibly have surprised anyone. The announcement regarding the bridge has been up there for a month - that's plenty of time to contact Petris, and when he tells you no, to contact someone else to make him change his tone.

                    This is a common problem, for some reason, though, so I guess an OOC clarification is necessary: people, that announcement is for real, and Petris will enforce it. If you aren't on the list, or are on the list but want to cross for reasons not related to your work, assume he won't permit it - just like the announcement says.

                    That said, I know there's at least one other way to cross between baileys, and that it was considered before for at least one event.

                    Originally posted by Eeva View Post
                    Nothing always goes as we want.
                    This is the principal rule of creating plots in any roleplaying game, tabletop or MUSH. Learn it. Live it. Prepare for it.


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                      Well it is on as usual....but the reason I didn't see the form till the last minute was because I do not read the forms much, I use to read them regular but when people got on them and began just being pains with them I stopped reading them. Occasionally I will read them but not often, but yea I did know they were closing the Bridge but thought they would at least let people cross for the Ball. And yes there are people above Petris but again I didn't have the ones fault there it just happened. And there has only been those I did scroll and contact around. That said, let's party!
                      Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court



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