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    Once again this proves that you can't have a discussion with varying view points in Castle Marrach. Better yet, if you want to shut down a thread, post some nasty remarks and get it shut down. What in the hell has happened to this place? I am appalled and disappointed in staff. You are all a bunch of freaking nazis.
    I'm sure this will be locked and/or deleted in a moment, because that is completely typical of the reign of some moderators on this forums, and yes, you know who I'm talking to you, yes, you.
    Go back to your inane posts about having to go take a piss and will be back in game at a quarter after five EST and thanks for all the staff created goodies for our latest bake sales. I know why the majority of decent, interesting people left and why you're driving the rest of us away.

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    I think we can surmise that the closure of the last thread proved that racism and favoritism are playing a role in driving away players from this game.



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      As someone of German descent I am deeply offended by this thread.


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        Which staff member are you sleeping with Britta?

        I need to know who to envy.

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          Your mom.......


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            Sigh, you deleted such a lovely and truthful post. Why?

            [OOC Page] from StoryPlotter Pohewa: "I'm kinda trying to think here - it's difficult."


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              Because I may want to play Britta again one day, and no sense expecting people to keep ooc, ooc..


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                I'm glad it's locked. There IS a point where the stances have all been explained and it just goes back and forth endlessly. >.>


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                  We've all worked hard to steer the tone of these forums away from the slash-and-burn mentality that was prevalent a few years ago and turn them into a place where argument is still possible but a reasonably civil tone is maintained.

                  The responses were deliberately confrontational and counter-productive.
                  These are certainly the forums that the player base is encouraged to use. However, these forums are not here for people to flame others in. If you dislike that then you'll need to find some other forum in which to post as we obviously do not allow it.

                  Calling me or anyone else for that matter, a Nazis, isn't going to make it so you can act out and treat others poorly. I guess I'm not sure why you thought this post was a good way to go? Perhaps you thought we'd cave in to negative peer pressure?

                  I'm not sure what else there is to say other than that if you don't like it, post on some other forum. These forums are owned by Skotos and we do our best to enforce the rules that have been set for these forums, the very same rules that ALL of you agreed to. Even you, Jessica.
                  While I may not always agree with you, I will always listen to you. I will always give my best effort to be fair with the individuals involved, no matter what my prior associations with them may have been. I enjoy this duty, and while everyone is not always pleased with the outcome, we must remember that there are two sides to every issue and in as much, fair may not always seem fair to everyone involved. Nevertheless, I will do my best.

                  Thank you,
                  SG Dathan


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                    I think Nazis is the perfect way to describe the forum mods.
                    Why the hell does it offend you? Your German...Heh, whoo, do you think of them better then skotos forum mods?

                    What ever your pleasure I'm your punk.


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                      Silly rabbit, rules don't apply to Jessica.
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                      "So far as he is able, a prince should stick to the path of good but, if the necessity arises, he should know how to follow evil."
                      - Niccolo Machiavelli

                      "Know thy enemy, know thy self. A thousand battles, a thousand victories."
                      - Sun Tzu


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                        Originally posted by HouseAndrew View Post
                        I think we can surmise that the closure of the last thread proved that racism and favoritism are playing a role in driving away players from this game.

                        I wasn't aware you played this game. If you did, you would know that the character which was being accused of being racist, was very far FROM racist.

                        I agree with your post that some of the comments WERE bordering on racism, and I agree that those posts were rightly censored.

                        I don't however agree with the rest of the discussion being locked down. People don't have to agre with eachother all the time, healthy disagreement and discussion should be encouraged, not hampered.

                        Unfortunately, it seems that the mods don't have any choice but to lock a thread down when people can't merely discuss but have to bring the whole level of the discussion down. Personally, I'd rather see the offending posts in an important thread entirely removed, than the whole thread closed.


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                          The entire thread was silly.

                          If there really was a problem with racism in the game, contacting staff either through e-mail or @assist would have been the way to go. Bringing it to the forums was certainly not going to solve the issue.


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                            Well yeah, but as a newer player, he probably didn't realise the effect such a post would have had, or that it would have been better handled discreetly.

                            Or maybe he simply wanted other peoples opinions, which is fair enough.


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                              Edited by Forum Moderator. TOS Violation I missed a thread about CM racism? I hate school.

                              I absolutely agree with Britta, both that it's pathetic we can't have actual discussions because staff over-react and shut them down (seriously, by Internet standards, the worst CM forum flame wars in history aren't even sizzles), and that it's obvious Shadust decided to shut the thread down.

                              Also, to anyone who posts, has ever posted, or may ever post a variation of "I'm not racist/sexist, but..." -- HAHAHAHA! Yeah. Trust me, you are. Everybody freaking is, and that's okay, provided you acknowledge it, and - if applicable - try to become aware of any privilege you may have (such as, say, as a white person in western European countries or the US, or as a man in any existing society).

                              As for Ali-Jahib, yes, that character is ridiculously racist caricature. It's a pretty good equivalent of the blond, mincing Swedish fag come to force anal sex on you that is common in Finland, or the Estonian thief, or the Russian prostitute...

                              The entire game is racist in a typically American way (in a Castle where skin tone does not indicate anything at all, there's one black NPC, just like you can expect to get one black character - usually "the black guy" - in any Hollywood film or TV series). The sad bit? It's still a metric shit-ton better than almost any computer game I have lying around. (The Witcher? Oh, you mean that new RPG harkening back to the good old whore table in the D&D DMG, where female characters only exist as objects to be "conquered" and Edited by Forum Moderator. TOS Violation?)
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