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  • Winter Ball Scheduling

    It's almost that time of year (a bit belated), and I was curious what times would be best for those able to attend the Winter Ball. This includes players of characters who hold the intrinsic rank of HG or higher.

    The -general- aim is Mid January, Early Febuary at the latest.

    Sooo what I need is days and times that are most convenient. This will help me when we go to set a solid date for the Ball.
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    Slightly dependant on the day, but I can do any time at a push from between early morning EST through to 9pm EST at the latest. Although if I farm out my daughter for the night... *eyeshift*


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      No weekends!

      Yeah, yeah... unrealistic. But still, a nice Wednesday night fling now and then would not go unappreciated.

      If it ends up taking place on a weekend night, which I'm sure it will (darn you, majority), then advance notice would likewise not go unappreciated.
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        What Avaria said! I'm free most weekday nights after 10 late or so. Weekends are completely unpredictable.


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          Wednesday night would be good. Sunday night would be good.
          Evening/Nights work best here.
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            Weeknights (Mon-Thur) between 7:30 at the earlier and 11:30 at the latest. Eastern time, of course. Earlier than that, I'll be at work/on my way home, and later I'd be sleeping due to work in the morning.

            Weekends can be anytime, starting Friday night around 7:30. If warned reasonably early, the ball could be held at 5 am and I would be able to attend. Of course, Sunday night would be until 11:30 due to work the next morning.

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              Weekends work best for me since I"m off those days...but weekdays 8pm is fine too... sorry!
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                If you're aiming for a late hour (for me, late means you start it at 5 and it draws on) - then Fridays are ideal for me, thursdays are doable.

                If you're aiming for a noon one, which you wont, because no one will come, I am mostly available every day -but- friday.
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                  Wednesday nights, excellent. Weekends, Saturday if it has to be. Anytime after 9 Castle time. And yes, Chambers can get that up on the calendar right quick if Elly get's a scroll.

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                    I can do most weekends no problems. Weeknights are sketchy so it can go either way.
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                      I can do any night given a little notice -- I'll just take the day off of work the following day. Though Tuesday evenings are rather convenient for me being that I have most Wednesday's off or I get to go in at 1pm instead of 9am. If its the 15th - 21st of Jan, that would really suck because I'll be out of town. Not to say that for this particular event, I won't log in on my vacation, but that would take away time I need to give to my brother so I'm just throwing out a pretty-please. (If it lands on the 19th, then I will not be able to go for certain.)



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                        I can make it on any day except Monday or Friday (unless it's late at night, in which case, any day works).


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                          I can be available usually between 8am and 2pm and after 7pm Monday through Thursday, same for Friday except not always the evening. Weekends are dependent on if there are any parties or if I'm going to visit a friend. I much prefer a weekday to a weekend, and would actually be quite happy for a morning (after 8am) event.

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