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    Originally posted by Stellar View Post
    [Insert reasons your missed.]
    It's all you care bear types that make issues like *insert whatever the original issue was* impossible to solve. We need back characters like *insert Tyler's long forgotten character's name* who wouldn't take *insert obvious vulgarity* like whatever started this all.


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      (Insert general statement about game)(Insert general apology for being gone)(Insert statement about hoping to see old friends)(Insert abstract story about game that happened when no one cared)(Insert statement about hoping to meet new people)(Insert something more funny than this post ever really was)

      Oh and insert this:

      I'm back.
      -Head of Houseold/Valet to Lord Vestio
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        **Insert comment about forms being written in the cool color purple and how everyone should use it** **insert complete moronic reasons this should be** **Insert drama queen words to Karen on how she is glad she is back and how she should not go away again** **insert comments on how she wishes all forms were worded like this and how much more fun they are to read like this ** **Insert final statement about Geist...could be bad and could be good ** **Insert own answer here** **Insert a lecture to Osric's player about leaving for so long then gives big HUGS that he is back. **
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