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  • *waves*

    Hi folks,

    Well, as a lot of you know my account expired tonight and I'll be taking a break from Marrach. It's been exactly two years since Zylle first wandered out of her room and I've so enjoyed playing her and creating a story with all of you. But right now I need to find a less addictive hobby, one where I don't sit down at the computer just to look up and realize five hours have passed. So I'm off, for a while at least. I'll miss all the fun and the friends! Thanks so much to everyone for two years of great entertainment, lots of laughter, and occasional tears. Good times!

    Take care,

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    *BIG HUGS!!!*!!!

    Have fun with that "real life" thing.

    Come back when you're ready. I know breaks are often needed, and have taken a few myself over the years.

    The castle will be here when you get back. (Hopefully.)


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      *cries and weeps* I am going to miss you so much! It has been so wonderful getting to know Zylle and getting to know you! You will be terribly missed and we are all looking forward to when you come back!

      *hugs you tightly*



      Lady Ezraella


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        Cya Zylle/Sara. You will definitely be missed. The Fashion Disasters Luncheon will always be fond memory.



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          *cries and weeps too*

          Missed you from the day I heard . Take really good care of yourself and focus on the most important things in life. Lots of hugs and kisses and I hope to see Zylle whenever and if you return.

          Honored Guest, servant to Her Lady Chorus' Household, Assistant Mistress of Entertainments, acting Lead Instructor & Apprentice Stylist


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            *quivers lower lip* Peanut will miss you, but not as much as me. <3333!
            Iolanthe Ferrian


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              I completely understand the need for a break. Enjoy the real world! It was a pleasure playing with you, and maybe see you around again soon. Take care of yourself!
              I apologise, I don't speak pineapple.
              -- little red dinosaur


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                HUGS I do hope you'll be back!!! But good Luck!!!
                Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court