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  • Ghost ball...Hot!

    I guess I get to the first to say thanks a bunch for that awesome event. It was a load of fun! Alella and Finna's players --> you both rock, many thanks. Additionally those storypeople working behind the scenes as well --> you also rock. Even if were having a little "who list" lull right now, I'm gonna go ahead and venture to say there is still loads of fun to be had, so get to it!

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    I would like to thank all the Story people know I worship you all you did a wonderful job as usual. The mirror was new this year and it was a big hit! I love it. That was Alella's idea on that mirror and the Storygods were awesome to bring it into reality so to speak!! The ghost characters as usual were just simply awesome!! I love that the little girl specially!!! People took interested in her and she so seemed to have a story. It was just simply awesome!!

    The only thing I was a bit upset over though was that some people did take more then they were suppose to with the gourd and the toys it put out. I noticed a few people kind of hored the toys and that was a bit disappointing since some people there seemed to walk away without anything. That does seem to be a problem at the Ghost Ball and other socials like this. Please people heed the form that speak about hording. I even resently went through all my things and got rid of so much from my room. Being one who has played this game though for so long I have a major accumulation of things. I have gotten to the point where I look at things and I really need to hang on to that? What purpose does it serve in Finna's story? Somethings I have accumulate have a deep story behind it them. But others are just junk. Some things I do hang on for Ali visits in order to have things to trade that Ali would be interested in. Which by the way we do need another visit from Ali..that might help with getting people to let go of more things in order to obtain one new just a thought. So those out there that walked away with more then one or two items that were given at the Ball..think about it and maybe you can make a New person to the game's day by giving them a gift from the Ghost Ball.

    Anyways, thanks again for all those attended and for the awesome job from the staff and for the help from Alella, Kobe and Ambra and Temor's players!! You all did an awesome job and thanks to seamstresses and all groups involved in getting the Food and costumes done!!
    Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court


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      Yep, it was great. The event itself and many good RP'ers there. But God, it was hard to keep up with all that happened.

      There will be a chronicle coming up soon.


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        But seriously I had a great time even though I was bouncing afk because of work. I love when Key can be a bit silly with the hole in the glass trick that Key totally fell for and the apple bob thingy that Key never would have done if it wasnt for her partner in crime *cough* Etaine. Of course the food was great as always. Again thanks to every one that put this together.
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          sorry I missed it.

          Kudos to the hard workers!!!
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            I wish I had as much fun as most people .

            Anyway, it was really nice. The food was funny, in fact it was the funniest part for me ^_^. The screen was endless and being the time it was at my end, it made me the more sleepy until I couldn't keep up anymore

            Well it's everyone that made it happen and YAY!

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              The one matter that is a sticking point about the Ghost Ball was the little girl.

              Was she a mystery to be solved? If so, why weren't there more clues?

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