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  • End of year move

    All right well it's the end of the year... HAPPY NEW YEAR.

    But for me it's not just a new year, but a new place to live. For the next three years I'll be living in Okinawa, 13 hours removed from castle time. I fly out on the first, and will be arriving on the second. I don't know how quickly I'll get my internet set up, but I'm not to worried about it happening fast. The people that I've been in communication with over there so far have said that most the people there use the internet to talk with people back home, so they are likely to understand that I'll want to get on the internet quickly and do what they can to help.

    So I'll be on today to have some fun, but after word I'll see you all in few days once I get settled in to my new digs.
    Xewe Golianor

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    Well I'm in Japan now. Fun trip. Had a 13 hour flight from home to here, and I got upgraded to first class. I'm not going to complain about being stuck in first class for 13 hours.
    Xewe Golianor

    ((ooc: The cake is a lie))


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      sounds awesome, can't wait to see you again soon.. next year im going to be your roommate ok?
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        That is a heck of a move! But you know let me know about your experience there and how you like it. I know it will be like a whole new world there, so hang in there and you know do not buy any houses or rent any houses where a murder and all that took place >..> we know what might happen there!
        Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court