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    Re: Excuses

    +1) I was stuck in a mirror of horn and ivory.


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      Originally posted by Eeva View Post
      I think I'm in love.


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        I didn't read every single excuse so I hope I don't copy anyone elses.

        Page Excuses :

        1. I was helping someone more important than you, sorry.
        2. I was helping someone more important than you again.
        3. I was forced to sit through a two-day session of practicing courtesy in every-day situations inside of a locked room I could not escape from.
        4. I had to humor Sir Launfal by laughing at all of his witty remarks.
        5. I have been searching for <Insert Character Name> for the last two hours on an important job.
        6. I was helping someone more important than you, Kobe looks distracted for a moment, Oh look. another more important person has asked for me to come aide them.

        Random Excuses:

        1. I had to convince Sir Howe that Beheading Xanadorian was not a good way to kick off the Winter Festival.
        2. Convincing Sir Howe to hang Xanadorian at a T-party on Thors' day during the Winter Festival and using him as a pinata would be better.
        3. Lady Berthe sleep walked and fell down the stairs and landed on me. Been in hospital for 8 weeks.
        4. Thought it would be amusing to tell the Inquisition that I was part of the rebellion. Beheaded and brought back to life the next day. (Might be a lame one)
        5. Got knocked out by ser Bauh trying to play with me.
        6. Finally made an agreement with Sir Howe that both one and two would happen with a revival in the middle.

        Anyway some are good some are bad.. but I have a sinus headache and im ending it now.
        Ser Kobe
        Junior Equerry to Lord Vestio
        Battler Teacher
        Mummer for the Unity of the Arts

        Linguistics Project Assembly Teacher


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          Options 1 and 2 lack the barbecue factor that would make Umi happy.

          And I was totally serious about the corset one. I actually used it IC once.
          Proud member of: WWMHSBA

          "Why don't you all just go submit some plots where you can get pregnant, give birth to you own alt as an annoying child character, have it grow up to be a drama queen, and then you can use IC/OOC crossover to hide the goods you stole and escape from the dungeon that you're locked in due to a badly run rape plot?!" - Age


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            1. I blame Robert

            2. His Excellency was insistent about me picking the lint balls off his blanket.

            3. Sir Howe made me crawl under his desk to retrieve some papers and the dust bunnies kidnapped me for an bell. Sir Howe had to send for help and finally they were able to defeat the dust bunnies.

            4. Was attacked by a Potato and he was speaking eastern and all and I had to figure out what he was saying because their version of eastern is messed up.

            5. Got mad finally at the Potato and ate him. Was sick for most of the day.
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            Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court


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              1) I was locked in Her Majesty's closet for five bells.
              2) I already sent it. Didn't you receive it? Pale white-pine box.
              3) I don't have access to those files any longer. Please scroll a member of the sentry and/or guard and I'm sure they'd be happy to assist you.
              4) I couldn't find a suitable escort.
              5) So sorry. Was brewing the tea for Her Majesty's audience.


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                1) Last I remember, your office was on the top floor. I wasn't aware you'd moved -all- the way down here to the ground floor!

                2) Raulison gave me this cigar see.. and it was really really relaxing.

                3) Some newly thought he was immune to cold, ran nekkid for hours. Finally resorted to tackling him, however, that cause some minor.. sticking to the pavement. I think he's learned his lesson.

                4) He forgot the key to the shackles in -his- room..

                5) I saw a shiny.


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                  Decathlon Excuses

                  1. I decided against my better judgment to arm wrestle with Ser Bauh. I spent the day in the hospital with the healers and the Necromancer putting my arm back on.

                  2. I went to ser Marcellius' dart competition and then suddenly he said the person who puts the most darts in Page Kobe wins. Been dead ever since.

                  3. Did a chess match tonight and no one came so I grieved all night long.
                  Ser Kobe
                  Junior Equerry to Lord Vestio
                  Battler Teacher
                  Mummer for the Unity of the Arts

                  Linguistics Project Assembly Teacher


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                    -I was waiting in line for dance lessons with the Handome Courier.

                    -The Cook wouldn't let me out of the Kitchen until he explained his special recipe for leg of lamb.

                    -The young page boy tripped me on the stairs and I had to find a Nurse.

                    -I was waiting in the guest hall with my fingers crossed for more men to wake up. What is with all the woman already?! Sheesh!

                    -The well-equipped courier was showing me is *erm* Etchings!!
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