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a Heartfelt Thanks

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  • Dwarf
    Ready to Recieve

    For all the attendants and screen scroll, it came off rather well. I would congratulate you OOCly... But my condolences ICly!

    Poor Faer! Poor Edouard!

    The only good thing to be said was that there was not immediate bloodshed and death all over the bowling alley.

    This may cause a deep fracture within the Duelist's society. Are you speaking to Edouard or Faer? Trying to keep peaceful with both? (Yipes.)

    Maybe there will be a reconcilation. Pete sure hopes so... And has some hopefully happy surprises in store for the couple in case it ever happens.

    Poor Pete!

    His attempts to give his wedding gifts kept getting interrupted. He was almost there at the head of the line when Ximena dropped the bomb. (btw: Kudos! Whatever the argument was over is completely obscure to most of the rest of us. All we know was that it was a virtual stiletto between the ribs. Plot on, oh villainess!)

    Pete saw how Sir Cyril's attendance was most unwelcome... Oops! Better take that name off the list of people he hoped to make him a 'squoire'... Unless he was willing to incur the wrath of the other elder duelists? Who knows. Intriguing. What's the story there? Hmm...

    OOCly thoughts...

    Like other major crowd scenes, I must admit that I felt "frozen" into mostly non-interaction. This was not a plot I had been involved in, and I didn't know what to do. Pete is not the sort to leap into things he doesn't know about anyway, and was torn because he respected both Faer and Edouard. Yeesh!

    What to do? What to do?

    Just sit back, witness, and let the scene play through to it's ugly conclusion.
    And boy, was it ugly.


    pEtE thE dWARf

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  • Dark Xia
    too bad I missed the end.. .oh well... glad to hear it went well. Well I can't wait for that work shop on friday....... *glances at post jsut to check time and date again* *sighs bitterly* oh well... I won't be able to make it after all... hope you're able to create some future villians.

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  • Faer
    I am currently editing that log... so yeah... it will be available.

    however, some of the err... whispers will be removed so that you are left guessing.

    *winks mischieviously*

    Can't have all of the story given just away for free, can we?

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  • Ximena
    Glad you loved my little bomb. I've been sitting on it for a long time. Months, even. Just waiting for the right time to reveal it to your character. It was lots of fun dropping the hornet's nest into the middle of the party.

    Oh, my poor brother. I only thought I was doing the right thing. *snicker* Thanks for the idea! This is going to have many, many, MANY consequences. Probably many unforeseen ones, too. Still, I'm all for such villainous plots.

    Though, I'd admit, I thought there was going to be a bit more of a blow up over Cyril and Miriela showing up. I wanted to get Faer while that was going on. You know, divide and conquer and all that.

    It was lots for fun. I had to refrain from commenting the old saying, "Chaos, panic and mayhem. My job here is done." Then, sweeping out. *heh* Maybe next time.

    (Morte is my role model!)

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  • Twulf
    Originally posted by Faer
    I really hope that no one felt short changed by lack of quick and decisive responses from us.
    The key part here is the feeling of being SHORT changed, right Faer??

    Yeah, it was dull as all get out to sit there and wait for you two to actually show up, and another thing are Duelists ever on time?? I mean, c'mon...I think people were going to fall asleep there and Angron couldn't keep his grubby hands off the food long enough (nothing personal Angron...I just saw you in the food more than anyone else )

    And then the the fuse was lit on the little powder keg that was Faer...and the fireworks commenced. I, as a player, and character enjoyed watching that.

    Have fun storming the Castle!!


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  • uberthorns
    I personally thought that folks would find a reception boring, especially a duelist reception at that.
    Heheheh... I must be under the biggest misleading in the castle because my first thought about this kind of reception was that if it was a DUELIST reception... Wasn't there some sort of guaranteed confrontation? And honestly, the whole thing was pretty boring (i.e. People standing around desperately trying to make chit-chat) until the couple showed up.

    Which... is sad... Because my connection rapidly deteriorated to sh!t shortly after Faer and Edouard showed up and I missed EVERYTHING. ...I came back later on only to be told by Duren's player: "XIMENA AND FAER STARTED A SCENE!" over AIM. *grumble* If anyone has a log of the night, like Kaine said, I'd LOVE to get it. Oh, is the actual wedding log going to be posted anywhere? If so... Heh... I'm interested!

    A committment like this has GOT to take just as much ooc effort as it does ic, so C-O-N-G-R-A-T-S ooc'ly!!

    Looking forward to witnessing all the fun and mischief to come,

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  • Kaine
    any chance of a log for those of us who would of like to been there but couldnt due to geographical reasons or whatever

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  • Faer
    *blushes at Edouard* Thanks

    *giggle* and he is being silver tongued even in the OOC forums!

    Edouard said what I was trying to say in the first post. I really hope that no one felt short changed by lack of quick and decisive responses from us. *hugs to everyone out there that made it a wonderful gaming night*

    *winks at Ximena's player* Could not have done it without'cha Hun! Thanks a bunch! You are simply Marvalous Darling!

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  • EdouardRamos
    I would like to second Faer's sentiments. We have been planning this event and the ensuing drama for a long time, and it was quite exciting to have so many people there to enjoy the scene (at least, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did).

    Personally, I was not at all surprised at the turn out. I think everyone knows that were Faer goes, excitement is sure to happen.

    Of course, it did make it difficult to pay attention to everyone there as much as I would have liked. I know I missed comments and approaches and and offers and I hope no one considers it a slight. It's just an unfortunate side effect of actually trying to RP in the midst of a large crowd.

    Special thanks to those who were in on the hijinks from the start, especially our co-conspirator Ximena; to Margaret, who planned the whole wedding ad party for us and was unable to attend at the last minute; and most especially to Faer, with whom it is an enternal delight to RP.

    Oh yeah: and thanks to Andrew for not being there and further contributing to Edouard's worst night ever.

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  • Garrik
    Man, I'm truly sad I missed this event. but seeing that I didn't even know about it till the day after and the fact that my computer was broke anyhow, oh well...

    Maybe I'll catch the next one, hell, maybe I'll /be/ the next one, who knows.

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  • Faer
    started a topic a Heartfelt Thanks

    a Heartfelt Thanks

    Heya folks....

    First and foremost I want to thank everyone who attended the reception last night, wether or not you were invited. Remember.. rules are made to be broken/bent.

    Secondly... I want to say that I personally was totally floored by the number of folks that were present. I realize that alot of invitations were sent out, but I personally thought that folks would find a reception boring, especially a duelist reception at that.

    Boy was I wrong!

    Next.. because I was soo surprised at the turn out.... I want to say sorry for not being ready for all of you that were there. Not only was Faer stunned, but I the player was as well, thus I was attempting to gather my wits as quickly as I could and respond appropriately.

    If I missed any interaction with folks, please understand that I just do not handle screen scroll very well. Thus why I tend to avoid the courtyard at all costs. Granted I miss things that way, but ... I can not keep up with reading and typing responses that seem to fly off the screen.

    After months of plotting things, everything worked out smoothly, and I am thankful that Zell fixed the problem as quickly as he did. Else I do not know what I would have done.... *smiles sheepishly*

    I also want to extend a thanks to all those who helped get last night to the pinnacle of Roleplaying. It was to say the least one of my most enjoyable moments in Marrach to see the looks on folks faces as events unfolded. I sincerely hope that this Aspiring Conflict Maker was able to make last night enjoyable for those who attended.

    Once again I heart felt thanks to those who made last night work and a grateful thanks to those who attended the reception and made it what it was. It truely was an awesome night for me at least.

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