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  • Been a long time...

    Hi all. Jewel here. For those who remember, that's the player of Vidula and Cuan, among others.

    No, I'm not coming back...yet. Maybe later. I don't have the money right now...I just got my fiances together another to get home phone and internet.

    For any who care, a bit of an update on myself. I left Marrach with a looming surgery on my eyes. My vision is now 3/350 in the right eye and light perception only in the left eye. But I'm okay with it, really. I am adjusting to blindness pretty well, I think.

    I plan to start college again in the fall toward a education degree to become a teacher, and I have been doing a lot of volunteer work here and there. I'm attending a support group for adult survivors of childhood abuse that is already helping me, and am a member of the National Federation of the Blind. I am also planning on going to the Seeing Eye to get a guide dog, and I'm really excited about that.

    If anyone wants to get in touch with me, send me an e-mail. Miss you all...


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    Good luck with the surgery...

    I myself have started using reading glasses, and with Glaucoma running in the family (plus my age) I need to be careful with my eyesight.

    Again, good luck.

    Darren Brimhall


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      It was good to hear from you!! Good Luck with the guide dog and good luck with School. It sounds as if you are really turning your life around. I wish you all best and God Bless.
      Finna Moon, Courtier to Her Majesty's Court


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        Glad to hear from you. Good to know things are well

        Take care

        Honored Guest, servant to Her Lady Chorus' Household, Assistant Mistress of Entertainments, acting Lead Instructor & Apprentice Stylist


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          Hey there! Long time, no see. Glad to hear things are doing well, God bless and good luck.


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            Jewel it's so great to hear from you and to hear that your life is coming together. We'll all be here waiting for Vidula's and Cuan's return!