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  • StoryPoints FAQ!

    Greetings Marrachians!

    This is a quick FAQ for Story Point expenditures.

    1. How much is...?

    I see this a lot, but we have a very handy Twiki page set up for just this.

    If for some reason you can't get it to load or still have questions after reviewing, please don't hesitate to assist!

    2. Can I be a dwarf, giant, elf, minotaur, -insert other mythical creature-?

    Because of the nature of Castle Marrach, Player Characters are human in a world with Fae creatures. Due to this, an individual may have dwarfism or simply be very short, but cannot be called a dwarf in their description. A person may have gigantism or simply be very tall, but they are not an actual giant. All requests for pointed ears have traditionally been declined because of the elven connotations this descriptor has. I believe that a minotaur or other mythical creature is self-explanatory.

    For the sake of clarity, we will say that the Necromancer doesn't have molds bigger than 7 ft or smaller than 4 ft. Whether or not they're proportionate is up to you!

    3. What parts qualify as Simple Character Trait Enhancement?

    Eye Shape
    Eye Color
    Facial Hair Style, Texture & Length (Men Only)
    Hair Color, Style, Texture & Length
    Mouth Shape

    4. What parts qualify as Complex Character Trait Enhancement?


    There are some others, but these are the ones that aren't too off the wall. Expressions and gazes should be RP'd with rather than described. For example, say you acquired a calm gaze, and then your character had a mental breakdown where they became spastic. The gaze would be silly.

    Also, most of these parts have a singular and plural version and a right and left side. You can get a singular one done.

    5. Can I change my eye color from X color catagory to Y?

    Yes. You may change your characters eyes from blue to brown IF they have not left their room yet. Once they have left their room you may not file for massive color changes.

    If your character has left their room, you can still change the color, but the color must be within the color range of the already selected hue. This is for the IC reason that eyes are windows to and linked to the soul. As souls are real items in Marrach, eyes are unchangeable without some seriously soul rending or soul changing event.

    So in short, if you select blue eyes in char gen, come out play the character for awhile you may purchase pale blue eyes later, but not brown.

    This also applies to most skin tones. If you start out alabaster and go out with your character, you can't file for pitch-black later. You can do that before you leave your room though.

    6. Can I have pink, green or purple (etc) skin/hair? Can I have a tail, claws, snake tongue or fangs?

    Not at this time. While the world is a fantasy world alterations of this kind are not in theme with the general PCs. These types of alterations are generally restricted to Non-Player Characters. In the past there have been some unusual hues allowed, but this is not without sufficient backstory for the alteration.

    You may FILE for unusual hues, but there is a very high chance that it will be denied without indepth and sufficient story behind it.

    7. Will my purchase be unique?

    Castle Marrach Staff tries very hard to keep uniqueness in storypoint requests, but with many players coming in and out through the years, leaving and returning, it becomes difficult to keep some things unique. Examples of this are young for build, sapphire and emerald for eyes, ruby for lips, and things like that.

    When a request comes in, we do try to look for it in the queue and see if it's been selected before. if it has been and the player is active, we will notify the person requesting it and suggest an alternative in most cases.

    Fortunately, with items, it is much easier to maintain unique purchases than it is with body alterations.

    8. Can I have a sword?

    Yes. You can purchase weaponry with your StPs, however as with all Story Point item purchases you must have a viable IC source to obtain it. Likewise, if you are generally not allowed to have an item, if you get caught with it, it can be taken away from you In Character and you can lose it. This is a risk you take with this kind of purchase if you don't have the proper IC credentials for it.

    9. How much does a custom tattoo cost?

    This is in the Story Point cost page, but it's a bit of a side note, so I'll put it here.

    Custom tattoos are available ICly free of charge. There are two ways to get this.

    1. Finding a PC tattooist of Master skill-level and higher.

    2. Running into the NPC Master tattooist.

    If your character has a custom tattoo before leaving their room, this tattoo will cost as it is not obtained through RP'd IC means. The price of this would be the same as a Complex Character Trait Enhancement. (100+).

    10. How do I file for a StP request? How do I get StPs?

    To file for an StP change, simply type in:

    @storypoint "<Request Here>"

    The quickest way to get StPs seen to is to be thorough in your request, stick to the general outlines of the StP guide, have alternatives listed, list any IC sources, and be sure to file from the character or list the character that you wish the alteration for.

    Also, sometimes a Staff member will leave you an offline page or page you about your request, asking a question. File an assist to their attention and they will get back to you as soon as they are able! If you don't file, they can't help you appropriately.

    Story Points themselves can be acquired through having a Premium Account, volunteering as Staff, playing a Veteran Character, getting donations from friends or in some cases for extra OOC work as a player.
    StoryPlotter Odjit
    Odjit's observations are - as they pretty much always are - spot on. - Geist
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    Refresher bump.
    StoryPlotter Odjit
    Odjit's observations are - as they pretty much always are - spot on. - Geist
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      Helpful StP Purchasing Tips

      Here are some StP saving tips.

      1. Gaits

      I see many requests for gaits on characters. While a relatively cheap purchase, it may not be common knowledge that our parser permits for an individual to enter or exit a room by utilizing a verb and an adverb that reads out to the rest of those viewing.

      For example, if I typed in: walk through west exit lightfootedly

      It will read to the audience as Odjit walks lightfootedly out the west exit. Or something to that effect.

      This allows for much versatility and saves you StPs.

      2. Magic Sensitivity, Talented Sorcerer, Binding Survival

      We have been receiving a lot of requests for Magic Sensitivity as of late. I am given to understand that some of these characters are NOT wanting to be in the field of magic, but that some of them are considering it.

      If you are considering entering into the field of magic, I would advise holding on this purchase. When a character is bound in Sorcery, Magic Sensitivity is an automatic perk of such and as such a potential waste to purchase if you have the intent to be bound.

      If you are wishing to purchase Talented Sorcerer, Increased Binding Survival or other Sorcery related purchases, it is my advice to wait until right before the binding of your character. This will potentially save you hundreds of points in the event you get bored with the character before the character is bound as we do not refund spent points unless there is exceptionally good reason.

      3. Custom Items

      It is perfectly feasible to acquire a custom item, such as jewelery or garments without the use of Story Points. However, these items require IG Favor in the form of rank. It is asked that your character consult with a jeweler IG, in which case, an assist is filed and the request approved or denied depending on the complexity, and read the Clothiers' Guidelines for information about custom clothing related items.
      StoryPlotter Odjit
      Odjit's observations are - as they pretty much always are - spot on. - Geist
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        Please note that I've updated the sticky in this forum to include this aweseome information.

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          Shuffle, shuffle.

          I know it's in the StP Purchase thing, but maybe it being more prominent will help!

          Additionally, when filing for descriptors, remember we want you to SHOW not tell. Is your character beautiful? Show people through their actions that they're beautiful (mostly, they have to judge for themselves, but you can emote in certain ways to "enhance" your character through RP.)

          Also, keep in mind when filing things akin to emotions. Quiet, tender, vivacious, kind, compassionate, alert, etc.

          Think on this: What happens if they're angry? Are you going to angrily paint your compassionate voice? Or furiously flash your kind eyes? Groggily change your alert expression? What if you say or do something stupid with your intelligent mind?

          This stuff looks silly in text, as you can see.

          So please file with care.
          StoryPlotter Odjit
          Odjit's observations are - as they pretty much always are - spot on. - Geist
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            Helpful bump and sticky
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