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Considering WHAT? GASP! No, not... Free emotes?!

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  • Considering WHAT? GASP! No, not... Free emotes?!

    I was wondering if staff have ever given thought to allowing free emotes? It works very well for Ironclaw, when done correctly, and I would like to hear staff's feelings on it.

    I understand you think it would be abused, but, you can still type 'knock Blank out' , so it can't be abused any more than the parser can.

    Lemme know your thoughts!

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    We have considered freemotes, but ultimately the answers was "no". I think the reason -was- because of abuse. Though, your point about the present parser is exceedingly valid and one of the reasons I figure freemoting can't be much worse. While I would be in favor of a trial run, I simultaneously (and perhaps a bit jadedly) dread the people who think they're ninjas, witches, wizards and superheroes with the ability to freely emote. We've had items that change color freely before and had to discuss the inappropriateness of vomit and neon, so you can see why there might be some hesitance.

    However, the wish to try it out all the same still picks at me on occasion, but you will need to beseech The Big Man for it.
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      Who's the big guy now? Geist still?

      And, I'd say it'd be a good idea. The test run, that is. It might require appointing an extra StoryGuide, who is to exclusively deal with cases regarding the free-emote system.

      My wandering days are over.


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        Why not make free emote something that you have to buy with story points? It would discourage people from abusing the system (because they would have to pay for it upfront) and make it contingent on the fact that it could be taken away by staff if there were signs of abuse. i.e. flinging flaming poo and creating neon sparkles from mid air.

        Anyway, just a thought.


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          I'd really like to see free emoting, I think it could enrich the game's tone and our roleplaying in general.


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            This has been an ages-old debate that was never won over. Some of the original/old-time/veteran players are steadfast and adamant that freemoting would ruin the game, and many even went so far as to say they would quit if it ever came to that.

            There is no doubting that the parser is an amazing tool, and is at the center of what makes Skotos and CM what they are, but there's always been a certain level of player [dis]trust that would tend to bar free emoting.
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              I'm reeeaaaally iffy about free emotes in Marrach. Yeah it can add to the game and there is positive but it seems that it can be so annoyingly and easily abused.
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                I am neutral. The current parser is also quite easy to abuse. Ex: There is nothing that prevents me from emoting "Temor chuckles amusedly" after Victor has given Temmy the nastiest punch right in the nose. And several people RP like that already.

                Freemoting would make that worse. Now it would be possible to hide like a ninja and cast spells without having the coded ability. And currently, we are lacking SGs to smack people for doing that.

                On the other hand, it really would help express genuine creativity. And our parser really can be a bitch which limits us and has us scrambling for the right prepositions.

                So...I don't know.


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                  Unlocking the propositions would be enough imo because I like the way the current parser works, but I find myself having to work around it just because of the pepositions most of the time.
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                    I admit, it's mainly the prepositions that do it for me. If we could use any preposition with any verb, I would be pleased.


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                      Damn you prepositions, damn yooooouu!

                      But yes, after some thought on this and hearing thoughts from both sides, I think that probably the best option and compromise on this would be to have some forgiveness in the prepositions that are used with the verbs. I remember in another thread (recently) that there was a concern with freeing up the prepositions completely and staff saying that it couldn't be done. Would it instead be possible to add a couple of extra prepositions to the verbs for flexibility instead of freeing them up completely?

                      Anyway, just my $0.02.


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                        It would be far easier to implement act and deal with the assists than go through and make prepositions for -every- verb to work just-so.

                        A bit of elaboration, I suppose. Socials in themselves are -easy-. It is easy to make them flexible, but it is time consuming. At present there are 530 Socials in the queue. It takes approximately 1 minute for your average change/addition. (From loading the woe, checking the TAS, to editing, to saving, to discarding.).

                        Now, take 530 socials. This is just changes up for request roght now. I will be doing socials for roughly 8+ hours just to do what is in there already.

                        So, if I were to go through the entirety of the verbs (roughly 2400) and add in stuff (we'll go to about 2-3 minutes if I'm adding more than one or two prepositions), that will be (-roughly-) 80 hours of work. JUST on socials to add in however many prepositions, make sure they work etc.

                        I can do A LOT more for the game in 80 hours of work than Socials. In 80 hours, I can answer the plethora of assists, draw up VP sheets, play VPs to spread story, work on articles and game set up with the other SPs, build rooms for you all to play in and so forth.

                        There is also the fact that you have to take into account that some verbs need special attention. You can't nod head, smile here and so on. You have to nod my head at or smile at etc. This has to be checked per verb. You then need to -also- add in that you cannot do a list of verbs with all the prepositions in one go, you have to split them. So you can smile AT X OVER Y. These have to be input separately or they will clash with each other and not work how they need to.

                        So, in -theory- the compromise and/or adding to all verbs sounds nice. In practice you'd have to pay me some money to spend 80+ hours just on socials.

                        - Odjit
                        StoryPlotter Odjit
                        Odjit's observations are - as they pretty much always are - spot on. - Geist
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                          Having played mud for approximately 21 years both with free emoting and without, I can honestly say that the depth of originality and ambience that can be created with free emotes brings a richness to the game that I feel is somewhat lacking right now in CM.


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                            I predict if free-emoting gets implemented, most of it will be used for TS.

                            This is me, being unhelpful. >_>

                            More seriously, though, if it is implemented, one way to make sure it would be used properly would probably to make it so the emote is filed into a queue. That was staff could review them and have a guide slap the fingers of people who use them irresponsibly, or revoke their free-emote access if the problem persists. Kinda like what happens when you @wound yourself.
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                              Mudsex or TS can occur even without free emotes. Most of us are mature enough though to use it as it is meant to be used. Those that aren't are typically the ones that will find a way to TS anyway with the current parser. We, as players, are responsible for the actions of our characters no matter what system is used.