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    We just wanted to weigh in on the issue of honor, as we understand there is some confusion/consternation around the matter.

    The Great Chain of Being refers to Marrach's official hierarchy but does not refer specifically to honor, though the presumption would be that the higher up on the chain you are, the more honorable you would be. This is actually perception, a perception based on power. For example, let's say Sir Launfal is secretly an axe murderer (and therefore severely lacking in honor); this does not mean that he is outwardly viewed as dishonorable (because of his station). This evil (and dishonorable) Launfal would not flaunt his dishonorable actions because in order to maintain his rank, he must at least present a facade of acceptable behavior (which in Marrach would mean maintaining or even defending his "honor"). Basically, being high up on the chain doesn't mean you're actually honorable, it means that you want to be perceived as being so (hence the intrigue and underhandedness of any courtly situation). Much like in our current political situation: there is much talk of Democracy and decisions made for "the People" when obviously there are some people in our government who could care less about those things. What they do care about is having their constituents think they are so they don't outwardly say, "I took a zillion dollars from Joe so now I do what he says" because they would never be re-elected.

    Honor, almost by definition, is nebulous because on some level it's personal. It's pretty clear that someone like Victor, for instance, doesn't care about the castles conception of honor but he probably has his own code (okay, bad example ). And so it is for each denizen; I'm sure every character here has some sense of their own honor but because it is largely a personal thing, it doesn't always fit into the castles view of honor (which is also nebulous ). This is why duels are dealt with on a personal level and not by the state or castle as the case may be.

    Because of the vague nature of honor it helps, in playing this game, to not be too literal. There is no written code of honor; only a code of how one defends their own sense of honor (or the perception of it). What is honorable to one person might not be to another but, if your desire is to ascend The Chain of Being, you probably want to adhere to the superior's view that is currently in front of you (as they each might perceive it differently). Read: kiss up . If you don't care about ascension, then maintaining your own sense of honor is fine.

    Translation: there is no definitive definition of honor in Marrach just as there isn't in RL. Marrach's hierarchy, like all bureaucracies, has glaring contradictions by its very nature. You can bet that there are high ranking people on the Chain of Being that are less than honorable, but you can just as surely bet that they don't advertise it.

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