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    Due to the Lord Chamberlain’s increasing Inner Bailey duties his office hours are changing once again.

    Beginning Friday, July 13th Launfal will now be holding only one office hour, from 7-8PM (PT). However, in order to offset the loss of the earlier hour, he will be holding these hours seven days a week.

    Please note that this change is in part due to the fact that Launfal will now be run by our volunteer StoryPlotter staff, who are under no obligation to adhere to a strict schedule, and not CE. This means that if they can't cover the hour for any reason then Launfal will not be in his office. I'm sure the SP's will do their very best to communicate any absences in advance but please be understanding if they are unable to do so.

    Also you can expect the Lord Chamberlain to be even more erratic in his behavior than before, at least for the immediate future. But as one of the SP's so aptly put it "The man's a (omitted for in-game reasons but it's plenty long, trust me ) year old civil servant" so maybe we can chalk his inconsistencies of character up to overwork.

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