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  • How to Contact a StoryPlotter

    How to Contact StoryPlotters

    Remember all that you've heard and read about StoryPlotters and running your own plots in Castle Marrach? Well, we, your humble Marrach StoryPlotters, would like to facilitate empowering you to run your own plots by offering our assistance.

    Our assistance comes in many forms:
    - advice
    - plot review, tweaking, and approval
    - simple prop provision
    - redirection to Veteran Players (who also exist to help
    make your plot dreams come true)

    The only way to contact us is via email:
    StoryPlotter Carrol -
    StoryPlotter Corvis -
    StoryPlotter Keegan -

    When you initially have a question or plot, please email all three of us. As we are volunteers and have real lives one of us will get back to you as soon as our time allows. Once a StoryPlotter has contacted you, you will work with that SP on that particular question or plot.

    The StoryPlotters of Castle Marrach serve two major purposes for you, the players. They are 1) to manage the overall Marrach plot for all of our enjoyment, 2) to fanatically dedicate ourselves to help Marrach be the game you make it to be through your stories, and 3) to help you enjoy your StoryTelling experience in the Skotos community of games. Oh, that's three! Three major purposes of StoryPlotters...

    The Three Marrachateers-Inquisition -
    StoryPlotter Carroll, StoryPlotter Corvis,
    StoryPlotter Keegan

    Customer Experience Host

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