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    For the last week or two, behind the scenes we have had two of our staff working to get organized and prepared to take on new roles. Thus I would like to formally introduce:

    The new Lead StoryCoder, Kuang. He will be in charge of our coding team. Organzing the major Marrachian system development and coding. Such wonderful systems as the updated bodies our premium accounts will soon be testing, more implimentation of smart CNPCs (Computer Non-Player Characters) from the system Kalle developed with Elmer, and eventually many future planned systems such as the long awaited Wizardry system. While I imagine he won't be coding them all himself, he will be the person in charge of directing the coding team on the projects.

    The new Lead StoryPlotter Reveur. She will be in charge of our plotting team. I know she is waiting for me to finish this post so she can comment so I won't go into much detail here. Her responsibility will be in working with the plotter team in developing and running the staff run stories of the castle. From the small ones like that mistake the Necromancer let escape to the big ones like what color chemise is Lady Berthe wearing today.

    For those wondering at seeing a new lead storyplotter, this comes from some dicussions at GenCon. Some fairly involved ones which basically came down to the organization of the staff in the form of having one staff member who is leading the overall game with a few leads working with them to direct the actual teams. I'd be remiss if I didn't thank Shannon and Christopher for the confidence they had in me and spending all that time talking to me about various subjects at GenCon. I'd certainly never have considered taking the title of StoryHost Xios, without some of the conversations we had.

    With just the couple weeks, out of the public eye, I've been impressed already at the steps the new leads have taken in organizing their teams. I expect there will still be some time for us all to get accustomed to the new roles, but we should all see a staff which works much better as we go into the new year.
    -StoryHost Xios

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    Howdy folks!!!

    It’s your local day dreamer dropping by to leave a few notes and bits of food for thought, concerning the post you have just read from StoryHost Xios. I honestly have no idea what precisely he wrote, as I wrote this prior to his posting, but I felt I needed to say a few things to the community at large.

    First and foremost is that the changes in staff alignment have been designed to help improve the game experience for everyone involved, and I mean everyone from the new players, to the long term players who have stuck with the game, to our veteran players, to the coders, guides, and of course the plotting staff.

    Approximately 8 or 9 months ago, Xios and I got together and had a little chat about how to help improve things not only for the staff, but also the story of castle Marrach that so many of you have come to love and be a part of. At that time, it was never my intention to take on the role I am currently filling, as I thought I personally was better suited to being a simple plotter making long and short term stories for the community of Marrach. But as of November 5th, here I am, stepping into new shoes along with Lead StoryCoder Kuang, in trying to bring a better gaming experience for all of you.

    With that said, I want everyone to know that Xios has done one heck of a job as a Lead Plotter. However the job was honestly more than what a single person could do to meet the demands of the players and the staff we have acquired over the past two years. I admire that Xios has stuck through it all and has eventually achieved yet another evolution in the game. It’s been a learning curve for all of us, and it’s hoped that this restructuring will provide a better gaming experience for everyone involved.

    Over the next month or so, (hopefully no longer) I will be spending some of my time wrapping up a few trailing threads that need either closure or attention. These things include the Knights Challenge (behind the scenes feedback and fixing), and a few other minor plots I have been running the past few weeks, and/or months since my return from my little vacation.

    I will continue however to play the castle’s consort, and yet my time in a ‘role-playing’ role will not be quite as often as it used to be. With the current household he has, I am fairly certain however that the Consort will still remain a presence that can not be forgotten. To those players, I am pleased to say, 'thanks for your support' and hopefully we can continue to have those ‘interesting’ household meetings. *wicked smile*. Just not as often as every week.

    Additionally over the course of the next month, I will be getting ‘used’ to these new shoes I am now wearing. Due to this change, I humbly request that you allow the plotters some time to get used to the new changes as well *Reveur pulls out her ray gun and toys with it*. I have lots of ‘ideas’ I want to bring to fruitation for the castle and its guests, while also pressing on with the overall story that you all have to find so fascinating. So… Soon we will bring you more of that lovely text entertainment that each of you has become addicted too.

    StoryGuide Marath and StoryHost Xios started something that I am going to carry forward. With this post, I am going to confirm for those who have guessed, or possibly assumed, who it is I have played since I found Skotos and have become hopelessly addicted myself. There are actually three characters I have had some quality ‘face time’ with, to which I will now unveil. Of course, this does not include the role I have played as Boreas, or the various other quick roles I have done since I became a plotter.

    In March of 2001, Storyplotter Deri approached me and asked me if I would be willing to fill in veteran player role. I filled out the application, and sent it in, and waited. Eventually I got my assignment, and although I am uncertain to this day, as to why she was selected for me, I have had the wonderful pleasure of playing Calla Dane. Taking on her role as a martial specialist, and a book worm proved rather challenging as I had to go out and research a lot of poetry, and martial studies. With Calla Dane, I helped established the first set of dueling guidelines, and the Linguistic Project Assembly that is to this day, flourishing under the savvy hands of Samia and the other professors/instructors/teachers. As for the dueling guidelines, well…I will leave that for another discussion for another day.

    The second character I played, who had even less face time, was Ketz. I doubt many of you will even recognize the name, but she did make some impact on the game, especially in the area of the Rememberer’s. She was the initial reason the memory studies were started which are still to this day, being handled by that group. This was of course before I got Calla Dane’s assignment. Her life time actually consisted of perhaps 3 to 4 months total face time.

    And finally, the third persona I played, and still do play occasionally, is *dramatic drum roll* … Faer Ramos. I desperately tried to keep her and my plotter self separated, so that I would have a character to go out and play in, and to watch and evaluate various circumstances or to offer a bit of trouble making that only she seems able to bring upon herself (or to those around her). So if you do happen to see her out and about, I humbly request that you also let me get some ‘play time’ in with her as well. Believe it or not, I actually do get ideas for plotting as I interact with the rest of you. And just so you all know, leaving the duelists, and staying out of their ranks has been perhaps the hardest thing for me as a player to do, and yet it has also been some of the greatest RP I have ever had the pleasure in playing out since her departure from the Society.

    I think this shall about wrap up things. I look forward to gaming with all of you, and to expand the ever changing castle. Cheers to the Marrach team, and to each and every single one of your dreams!

    And now folks, I humbly ask you all to jump into the Castle and get you’re dose of role-playing today!
    Reveur - The Day Dreaming Builder
    "Everything starts as somebody's daydream." - Larry Niven
    "The best way to travel is by means of imagination." - Unknown

    Kalle quotes StoryBuilder Reveur casually, "Oh, right, I slayed them, no wonder they're not hungry. - Guests smile nervously at Rev."


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      sneaking around in the background

      Hi all, thought I'd drop by and pen a happy thank you to Xios for the introduction and for trusting me to get on with the tasks of organising the development that goes on behind the scenes of our wonderful text based world. Also a hearty congratulations to Lead StoryPlotter Reveur, we’ll be working together so that plot requirements are fulfilled and so I look forward to many meetings where I sit around being confused and asking questions like 'you want it to do what?' and 'how big an axe?'.

      So what have I got myself into?

      Currently we're just about to start user testing of some new systems that will affect player bodies as well as enhancing the alteration system that permeates mostly every item within the Castle. Successful testing will lead to the introduction of these new bodies through out the game and pave the way for the wave of new items that will replace and enhance those that we use today.

      Looking briefly into the not too distant future the coding team will be designing and implementing further systems such as heraldry and gardening as well as turning our beady eyes towards alchemy and wizardry. Yes, there's a lot to do, it's taken a little over a year to get this far, but we've got a firm base in place now so we will be progressing as fast as we can.

      As well as all the systems code our other primary role is to support the plotters, other staff and in the end you, by creating unique and unusual items for your bemusement, so you can see we have a busy time of it back here. I hope you’ll gawp in amazement at the new stuff that’ll be arriving soon and would take this opportunity to thank the coding team members who have contributed so much to the game already. for who I play. I didn't know there was a tradition of revealing my characters and so at this point I shall run away and hide them in a small box so that no-one can find them. I'm out and about amongst you all, not as often as I'd like to be admittedly, but I'm quite happy staying behind the scenes playing wise and enjoy RPing with you all whenever I get the chance.

      Right, with all that said I shall get back to the testing area with high hopes of seeing new shiny character bodies all over the place in the New Year.
      LSC Kuang