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    Everybody likes stuff. Aside from the practical uses of such everyday things like clothing and food, objects are important for a number of reasons, most especially in Castle Marrach because they can display the status of your character and/or because they can help you tell your story more effectively.

    Everybody likes stuff, everybody would like to have more stuff, and for the most part we StoryPlotters and StoryCoders want you to have it. However, there are some rules we need to follow in order to keep everyone from going insane.

    First and foremost, remember that when you awaken in the castle for the first time, you own nothing except your linen wraps. Do not ask for objects from your previous life to be provided to you. This leads to the second and even more important rule...

    Everything must be acquired through In-Character interactions.

    The development team has done their utmost to provide ways for player characters to create and distribute objects to people in the castle. Seamstresses and tailors, jewelers, weaponsmiths, carpenters and gardeners can all be found ICly, each distributing their wares by the grace of the Queen (meaning, it doesn't cost your character anything to acquire them). When the crafting system comes online (as opposed to the alteration system currently in use) there will be even more opportunity for players to participate in the creation and distribution of unique items. If you want clothes, jewelry, weapons, furniture or plants, you must seek out the characters in the game who provide them.

    (I'd like to pause here to thank all the PCs and VPs who have taken on the job of supplying customized clothes, swords, jewelry and furniture to the masses. Did you remember to say thank you too?).

    However, the types of items that players are able to create and/or customize are limited. It's not unreasonable to expect that eventually you may want something for your character or for a plot that cannot be acquired through the regular channels. In this case, it is possible that a StoryCoder will be able to create a unique item for your purposes.

    Don't page the StoryCoders.

    Anything that will be in play ICly in the game must be approved by a StoryPlotter first, so we ask that you don't make requests directly of the StoryCoders (besides, we don't want them distracted from their chores).

    When you page, PM, or email (preferred) a StoryPlotter with your item request, please try and give us as much information about the object as possible including:
    • name of the object
    • look and examine descriptions
    • special details
    • special coded effects (magical or otherwise)
    • how you intend to acquire this item ICly

    The more information you can provide about your request at the outset, the quicker we will be able to respond yea or nay, and the sooner you'll be able to get your item.

    Please be aware that we cannot approve ever item requested, but we will do our best to evaluate each request fairly. Objects needed for plots, or objects that can stimulate multi-player plots, will take precedence over objects that are primarily props for an individual character. Requests may be denied because they do not fit in the setting, because they would be to difficult to code, because we have plans to introduce something similar in the near future, or for other various reasons that we will do our best to explain to you when we respond.

    [Originally posted by StaciD and copied here for your convenience.]
    -StoryHost Xios