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Community Reminder - Please read this post.

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  • Community Reminder - Please read this post.

    A reminder for all Castle Marrach community members.

    The role of CE/StoryHosts in Castle Marrach is:
    • * To enforce TOS and community standards and deal with OOC issues.
      * To help forward player and greater Marrach Storylines and plots using IC methods and deal with IC conflicts
      * To support volunteer players in their other roles

    CE is comprised of Skotos employees who love their job and live to do this and our other non Marrach specific CE responsibilities. In particular to Castle Marrach, our responsibilities encompass most everything regarding keeping the castle running and fun.

    The role of volunteer StoryGuides is:
    • * Help to support and handle OOC issues only
      * Do not handle or support any IC issues or plots
      * They do not approve player driven plots

    Volunteer StoryGuides most closely mirror the StoryHost's OOC side of responsibilities.

    The role of StoryPlotters will be:
    • * Develop and handle IC issues and plots
      * Support plots
      * Approve player driven plots
      * Do not handle or support OOC issues

    Volunteer StoryPlotters will most closely mirror the StoryHost's IC side of responsibilities. These will be players who will be largely directing the overarching Castle Marrach Story as well as other plots.

    The Role of Veteran Players will be:
    • * Handle IC issues relating to their plots only
      * Do not approve player driven plots
      * Do not handle OOC issues

    Veteran Players will be players who have been asked to embody certain characters (or guilds) to help tell the overarching story and to help provide more short-term plots for others.

    • * Are an IC group empowered to handle IC troublemakers as appropriate to Queens capitulary/law. They should clarify their course of action OOC, (ie “If you keep this behavior up your character will go to jail for a time”) but always should act and react to IC issues in an IC way.
      * Watchmen were previously empowered to help with OOC issues before the StoryGuides were in place and we are grateful for their help. They should now defer those issues to StoryGuides and StoryHosts. If Watchmen are about after hours and there is an OOC issue they should send an assist or email to CE with the name of character and problem and StoryGuides or CE will deal with it appropriately.

    Difference between IC and OOC Issues:

    An IC issue is something that is a character-to-character problem or a game or in character conflict. A character ICly assaulting another is an IC issue...until the point where it goes beyond. For example, one character attacks another for an IC insult. If one of the players tries to clarify with the other OOC about comfort level or intent with the attack, and they are both comfortable, agreeing and communicating about it they continue and the attack is an IC issue. If neither communicate about it OOCly in an obvious way but seem comfortable with the actions this is an IC conflict.

    An OOC issue is something that is a player-to-player problem or is a real world issue. The above example a player asked for clarification of an attack. If the other responds negatively; ignores them repeatedly, harasses them, hurls OOC (or harsher IC) insults, or continues to treat them poorly even using IC methods then it becomes an OOC issue. This should be referred to a StoryGuide or StoryHost.

    More information and details about the other volunteer positions mentioned here (StoryPlotters, Veteran Players) will be posted when program is ready to be debuted and finalized.

    Though CE is working hard on producing the next parts of our StoryTelling program, and are moving plots and IC things forward on a minor scale, we remain available to deal with OOC issues from 2:00 pm – 11:00 pm PT Tuesday - Saturday. Please do not confuse our currently diminished IC presence as a lack of OOC presence or interest.

    OOC issues always take priority over IC issues or requests. Our job and our goal nine hours a day, five days a week is to be here for players, customers and to support you having a good time.

    This post is not meant to diminish the role or importance of our StoryGuides handling OOC issues. We do also encourage and support members of our community to refer OOC issues to StoryGuides equally.

    Thanks for reading,

    On behalf of CE and Skotos
    Customer Experience Host

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    I want to be one of the first to thank CE, and all the volunteers for continuing to make this a great game. Thank you Sariel for the outline of who does what. Now we just need all these new people to poke to get our plots in business!

    -=- Matt


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      Like Seidl, and although I haven't been playing as long as he has, I would also want to thank CE, for CM just rocks

      Ok, so I'm NOT the first, hehe, oh well...

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        Originally posted by Sariel:
        * To enforce TOS and community standards and deal with OOC issues.
        Thank you for spelling everything out so clearly. One question though (and don't laugh at me everyone if the answer is stunningly obvious) - what is TOS? I have seen this before in other posts, but have no clue what it means. And usually, if I don't know, there is at least one other person who doesn't know either.

        Thanks for CM and the great work everyone at Skotos does.

        --Kas (Charmiam)


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          TOS stands for Terms Of Service, that long thing we all agreed to when we created our accounts. TOS issues are harassment issues, etc...



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            TOS is what other games often call an EULA.
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              EULA? What the heck? Okay Atama, no confusing the rest of us little people who are barely holding on to a small piece of understanding!

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                FYI: The complete Terms of Service for Castle Marrach (and other future Skotos games) are accessible to all at the following URL:


                - Kimberly


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                  EULA: End User License Agreement.

                  Anyone who has played EverQuest to some extent is familiar with the term. It's also part of every piece of software that you ever buy, if you remember the little blurb with "Agree" and "Disagree" in the beginning of the installation that practically noone reads, that's the EULA. Except, in this case it isn't a piece of software being purchased, but a service provided by Skotos (hence the phrase, "Terms Of Service").
                  Lovecraft Country: Albert Zero
                  Castle Marrach: Cody the Blade

                  StoryCoder Azrael tells StoryHermit Death, "I *did* get told "you're amazing" by a girl when I was saucing my hotdog..."


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                    Just bringing this back to the top...
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