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    January is month of changes Skotos-wide, and we here at Marrach have some of our own to announce. Some have been hinted at, but others will be news to you. Some, admittedly, are just general announcements but we thought it best to make or repeat them here as well.

    First, in the past few months we’ve seen Veteran Character castings for Victor Savary, Allenya Ormand, Goeffry the Cook, and Lady Amoret. Shortly, Master Carpenter Taralyn will be out and available (her orientation is occurring now), and we’ve got our eye on a couple of significant castings that should happen within the next few weeks or so. We’re also revising our internal process with regard to how we handle our Veteran Players and Veteran Characters to provide better support, assistance, and clearer goals to them. We’re also going to be holding a firmer line on our expectations for our Veteran Players to make sure that their characters are available in-character and fulfilling their respective roles ICly and OOCly.

    Another change was announced two weeks ago – the new “distraint” option in the Capitulary, which allows an accused criminal to be released, with conditions, instead of sitting continually sitting in the dungeon or prison. We think, once it has all the process kinks worked out of it (and you know there will be some), that this will go a long way to making things more palatable for both the criminal and law enforcer. Part and parcel to this will be some changes in law enforcement and Gaol in the Outer Bailey that you’ll be hearing about shortly that we think will help out as well.

    We’d hoped to have it ready for this announcement, but I’ve not completed it yet nor had Skotos review it, so you’ll see it in a week or two, and is the restructured StoryPoints options and pricing. In general, you’ll see more options, more possibilities, and lower costs. I think again everyone will be pleased at the new possibilities.

    Plot-wise, there’s some big stuff in the air. The ongoing “shadows” plot is one, and it has been an interesting one for us in that though we’re providing significant support for it, it really is primarily support. The major beats of the plot, and the plans and counter-plans are all player/character driven as we’re helping out as we can in appropriate ways, on both sides of the plot. It is also an example of how we’d like more plots to be driven in the future… especially considering some of the small and large plots coming soon. There are some things Marrach players have been watching for years for and I can firmly say that scent is on the wind. Those of you who’ve spoken to me about such things in the past know that I dislike teasing plot that the game/staff isn’t ready to support yet, but I’m confident in saying that Change is finally in the air… (This is why it is going to be even more important that our VPs are out, around, accessible, and fulfilling their roles. The VPs play an important role as a middle-ground between player/characters and staff, as well as in-character support and assistance… or dramatic conflict.)

    We’re making some changes in staff as well. One area is somewhat regrettable, but I believe it is important to Marrach that we build and sustain an active, engaged staff. We are going to be much more strict about our participation requirements for our staff members and will be removing staff privileges from those who are no longer able to provide the active assistance we need. We are very very grateful for all the time and expertise they have gifted to us in the past, but frankly given all that it coming it is time for us to focus organizationally on our active staff members so that we have a clear picture of what our strengths and weaknesses are. Thanks again to them – and to each of them if and when you find that you have the time to assist us actively please let us know. Until then, I thank you deeply and salute you.

    We will be recruiting additional StoryCoders, StoryBuilders, StoryPlotters, and StoryGuides, and you’ll see more about those positions in the coming weeks when we re-post our requirements and expectations. Until then, I am happy to announce two new members of staff – StoryPlotter Trainee Datura and StoryCoder Shango. Datura is a long-term player that we are very happy to have aboard for her insights and different perspective on Marrach. She’ll initially spend some times learning the ropes and then we’ll throw her in with the sharks (that would be all y’all) to work on Guild plots and similar, as well as help out with the craziness to come. Shango comes to us as a seasoned real-world programmer with experiences on other Skotos titles. Shango experience will allow us to direct him toward larger system oriented projects. Initially, he’ll be working with me on the long-promised revisions to the Teach/Learn code.

    Lastly, we’re announcing at change at the very top. Xios has decided to step down as StoryHost after just over two years in the position. He’s going to remain with us and return to the saner, less stressful (hah!) Plot team while continuing to plays his NPC/VPs, and focuses his energies in the game on those elements that truly bring him pleasurable challenges and excitement. As StoryHost he spurred a significant amount of change and development that will positively drive the game for years to come. Because of the planning involved and the time to build the infrastructure necessary to do what we want to do it sometime takes a long time for plans to see fruition, and many of the developments plot-wise and other-wise that you’re going to see coming soon come from his guidance and initiative. I personally am very grateful to him for his friendship and counsel since I became Lead StoryPlotter about two years ago as well. I am very pleased that I was able to assist him in taking Marrach to the point that it is today.

    Who’s the new StoryHost? That would be me – Geist. Until my insanity is proven I’m going to be continuing in my role as Lead StoryPlotter as well (we’ll see how long that lasts.) This posting has already gone on for too long, so I’m going to refrain from pontificating on what I and the rest of the staff have planned for you all – watch and see. It’s a time of change, you know… and anything can happen.


    Tom/StoryHost Geist

    StoryPlotter Geist

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    Originally posted by Geist

    Lastly, we’re announcing at change at the very top. Xios has decided to step down as StoryHost after just over two years in the position. He’s going to remain with us and return to the saner, less stressful (hah!) Plot team while continuing to plays his NPC/VPs, and focuses his energies in the game on those elements that truly bring him pleasurable challenges and excitement.
    Was it only two years? Feels like it has been much longer than that. I do know that I had the longest consistant run of hosting this wonderful game.

    Yet it can be stressful, especially when there are so many areas you want to work on improving yet just not enough time in the day to see to them all. And it is that stress which was a major factor in my decision to step down. I've been playing this game for quite some time and a majority of it has been as staff (either plotter or host).

    For some time I've been feeing burnt out and while I always know I love and enjoy playing and staffing this game, actually answering what I enjoy becomes more difficult. Thus so I don't completely burn out and can return a bit to the roots of my I do enjoy this game so much, I will be stepping down.

    There are some other factors, not the least of which is my complete confidence in Geist's ability to manage the game. As Lead Plotter, he has shown great management ability and I'm confident the game will thrive under his direction.

    The stuffed animal of leadership has official been passed on again.

    Now to start working on some of those tinyplots I never had time as Host to run. And perhaps focus on making the Petals and knights of Marrach better.
    -StoryHost Xios