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  • Staff Roster and Information


    The StoryHost is the overall director of the game. It is his responsibility to set the overall goals for the behind the scenes staff and guide the over-arching story.

    The current StoryHost is StoryHost Geist:


    StoryPlotters (SPs) are responsible for overseeing all the In-Character (IC) aspects of the game. We devise plots, play Non-Player Characters, and assist players in developing their characters. More information about how SPs can help you will follow in this thread. The current StoryPlotter staff is:
    Plotter Trainees

    The individuals listed here (when there is a listing of course) are also people you can approach for submitting plot ideas. Please keep in mind they will have to coordinate these kind of things with the general plotting staff. So if your nervous about approaching one of the plotters, the Trainees might be a viable alternative for you to consider. It is highly recommended to contact them INGAME so they can provide you with their emails.


    StoryCoders (SCs) make things, from simple objects like soap or plates to complicated systems like sorcery and dueling sausages. SCs make things go. The current StoryCoder staff is:
    • StoryCoder Izzy (away from game)
    • StoryCoder Orobas (intern)

    (Please do not contact StoryCoders directly with requests for objects. More information will follow about how to acquire special items.)


    The s excel at writing descriptions and building new areas of the castle or modifying the old. The current list of s is as follows:
    • Story Chimi
    • Story Svava
    • Story Thera
    • Story Orator

    (Please do not contact Storys directly with requests for room alterations or other coding questions. If you must contact a , please contact the Lead Story first.)


    StoryGuides (SGs) are available to help players with technical and other Out-Of-Character issues, freeing other StoryStaff from repetitive questions of "How do I put on clothes?" and "How do I leave my room?" They are also there to help players sort out OOC problems in the game, deal with unruly players (as opposed to unruly characters), and generally man the front lines of customer support. The Lead StoryGuide is currently StoryGuide Dathan and I hope the rest of the team will forgive me for not naming them, but they are many. There are SGs available most hours and you can reach one just by typing "@assist".
    • StoryGuide Samael
    • StoryGuide Samek


    All of the above named people are volunteers, freely giving our time and attention to make Castle Marrach fun for you, the players. Please be courteous when approaching anyone from the StoryStaff: your patience and respect is appreciated.

    Skotos Staff

    Aside from the assorted StoryFolk listed above, you may from time to time see other StoryHosts online. These StoryHosts are Skotos employees who come nosing around from time to time, looking for trouble (just kidding, of course!). StoryHosts (sometimes known as CE or Customer Experience) have very little to do with IC goings-on in the game anymore (though they do help out from time to time), so please do not page them with questions about plots or characters. If you have problems with your account or significant TOS issues, however, you will most likely be required to deal with CE.
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    StoryPlotter Geist

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    Staff Positions Available

    **StoryCoder(s) Wanted**

    Position Name: StoryCoder
    Position Description and Responsibilities:
    • Full members of staff who are responsible for planning, writing, debugging, and maintaining various game scripts and systems. (This ranges from simple item actions/reactions to large-scale game systems like sorcery, MGeneric alteration, dueling, and so on.)
    • Address code-related issues in the Bug queue and resolving them.
    • Assist Storys and StoryPlotters on code issues related to Building or Plotting projects.
    • Review existing game code (scripts and systems) and upgrading, updating, revising, or commenting said code for efficiency, speed, and/or readability.
    • Take direction on task assignments and code design/structure from the Lead StoryCoder.
    • Manage their own To-Do Lists and weekly responsibilities under the direction of the Lead StoryCoder.
    • Are responsible for the long and short-term integrity of their own game code and scripts, with regard to debugging and quality assurance.
    Candidate Requirements:
    • Must have experience with programming and/or scripting languages, such as C/C++/C#/Small C, Java/JavaScript, Visual Basic, Python, Perl, etc.
    • Must be willing to learn “Merry”, the Skotos scripting language. (Merry is a Skotos-created runtime-compiled scripting language that uses C-like syntax and is structurally similar to Java and/or C-languages. It is reasonably documented.)
    • Must be able to work successfully on team projects with fellow StoryCoders, Storys, and StoryPlotters.
    • Must be able to work individually on coding projects.
    • Must be able to fully comment and/or document code for future use, re-use, maintenance, or modification.
    • Must be able to devise and implement a script and/or code system from a design specification that may or may not be “programmer friendly” and may or may not contain pseudo-code, code snippets, and/or coding and/or code structure suggestions.
    • 5+ hours per week working on Castle Marrach coding projects.
    • Must sign a non-disclosure agreement related to Skotos technical assets and Castle Marrach intellectual property.
    • Must be able to adhere to the requirements of staff confidentiality.
    Position Benefits:
    • Full member of staff. (Including a staff body and email account, access to staff chat lines and proprietary Skotos development tools and support information.)
    • Fifty Storypoints per month while active.
    • The unending and unmitigated love and support of your fellow staff members and the joyful community-at-large.
    If you are interested, please send email to StoryHost Geist at, and please include the following –
    • Some information about who you are, your experience with Marrach or other Skotos games (who you play, etc.) what you do, and why you’d make a good addition to the Castle Marrach team.
    • Your qualifications and/or experience with scripting and/or coding languages.
    • Anything else you’d like to tell us that you think would be relevant.

    StoryPlotter Geist


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      Castle Marrach is looking for a few good s to join our Game Staff. There's allot going on behind-the-scenes and we need some good creative people - that would be you - to make it happen. There are currently a handful of Story positions available.



      ~ Creativity
      ~ Strong grasp of English language and excellent grammar usage.
      ~ Must be 18 or older
      ~ Willingness and ability to work as part of a team.
      ~ Ability to take direction and criticism
      ~ Code experience not necessary but a technical sense is a must. Building is more than just writing room descriptions. While it is not about coding, you do need to grasp how rooms work, how exits connect and what the various options mean when setting up a location.
      ~ Willingness to work with TWiki.


      If you are still interested in applying for a building position on Castle Marrach, please fill out the following and email me at the address provided below.

      1) Name
      2) Character Name on Castle Marrach
      3) How much time can you give to building
      4) Past building experience, if any (not required but useful)
      5) Why you want to build for Castle Marrach

      Also, provide the following writing sample.

      Describe the following rooms, including half a dozen details:

      --An abandoned gold mine shaft--
      --An enchanted meadow--
      --A small area of your own design, consisting of one room. Include all details that that room would have.--

      Include glance, look and examine descriptions for the room. Glance is what you see when you first enter the room, look is what you see when you 'look' and examine is what you see when you 'examine' the room.

      For the details include the brief, look and examine descriptions. Brief is the name of the detail when you interact with it, such as by 'point at fireplace', which might emit: You point at the roaring fireplace. Look and examine are same as above.


      Technical Information

      1) This is a non-paid, volunteer position.
      2) Applying does not guarantee acceptance into Game Staff.
      3) If selected as a , all work done will fall under the Participatory Content as defined in the Skotos Terms of Service. Please review this before applying.


      Email this to with the subject 'MARRACH : Application - (Character Name)', IE: Application - Geist

      If you have any questions you may page me as StoryHost Geist on Castle Marrach or email me at the above address. You may also ask additional questions in this thread.

      For those who might not understand the detail aspect of a room, below is a small example.

      --A living room--

      Brief: small living room

      Glance: A small living room, sparsely decorated.

      Look: A small living room with a large bay window, a black ceiling fan and hardwood floors.

      Examine: A small living room with white walls, a high ceiling with a black ceiling fan, a large bay windows with white blinds and a highly polished hardwood floor.


      Details Might be as follows (I will not describe all of them, only the first one):

      --Bay Windows--

      Brief: large bay window

      Look: A large bay window through which you can see the house next door.

      Examine: A series of four windows make up this large bay window through which you can see the house and yard next door. The lawn outside has not been cut in several months.

      Other details (non-described):

      Ceiling fan
      Hardwood floor
      White walls


      I hope this clears up any potential questions one might have about rooms and details.

      One other thing of note to remember: While using large words proves that you might have a huge grasp on the English language, which is required, descriptions should be written for the average person who did not major in English. Write detailed but write using smaller, easier to understand words. If we have to spend time at looking up multiple words to understand the description you wrote it will not be accepted.

      Also, show us, don't tell us. We don't want anything like: "You see an enchanting and mystical lake that sends thrills up your spine as you watch light glint off of the crystalline ripples." This tells a player what he thinks about the lake. What if he doesn't 't think it's enchanting? What if he has a fear of water and really feels like running screaming in terror? Just show us what exists: "You see a lake extending off into the far reaches of this large cavern. Ripples on its surface shimmer in the light." These are all descriptions that just show us what is there, and we make our own judgments on how we feel about it.

      Thanks for your interest!
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      StoryPlotter Geist



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