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New VPs, Staff Members, and a Position Change

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  • New VPs, Staff Members, and a Position Change


    I am happy to announce a bunch of VP casting announcement as well as new recruits, and a position change.

    First, we need to welcome new VP castings of Mark Trevayne and Mistress Ermengarde. Both of them flew out of the gate with Mark getting punched by Allenya in his first hour in-game and Ermengarde beginning to re-structure the Tailor/Seamstresses. With luck, we should have additional VP castings happening within the next few weeks.

    Next, I want to welcome two new staff members - StoryCoder Babylon and StoryBuilder Squinch - to our ranks. Be sure to say hi! to the new folk. Both have experience in their own way and are already throwing themselves into the tasks before them. We should have another Coder and another Builder coming online to assist us within the coming weeks as well.

    As for the position change, I am pleased to announce that I'm formally anointing StoryPlotter Skelly as our new Lead StoryPlotter. Frankly, this is long overdue and Skelly has been devoting more time and energy and creativity to the game than I would ever have the right to ask her for. She makes a measurable impact on the game environment on a daily basis and we, and the game, would be less without her. She and I will stay in constant contact over plot elements, but she should now become your first contact for anything plot or story related.

    For me, I'm going to be focusing on larger, long-term stuff that we've been promising forever and taking equally forever to get done. You know what I'm talking about, so 'nuff said.

    That's it. Enjoy. See you in-game.

    Tom/StoryHost Geist

    StoryPlotter Geist