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    Castle Marrach Villains Program

    Do you play a mild-mannered, do-gooder? A tea-sipping courtesy buff? Tired of the same old curtsies, bows and sweet smiles? Tired of biting your character's tongue? Ever wanted to break out and try new RP venues, but worried to ruin your current character or are unsure if that's the RP path for you?

    Worry no more! Castle Marrach staff would like to introduce the Villains Program. This program is fast and loose like Whitechapel in the 1800s and with the potential for all the deaths! Too soon? We hope not. This program is set up so that players with the time and interest can play a Victim Character that's specifically a Villain at heart, but without all the tedious paperwork of the Veteran Players' program.

    You'll be given a pre-made, criminally-minded character with a light back story and some rough connections to the currently drowsy criminal underworld of Castle Marrach in hopes of shaking it up. The Villains Program will allow you to build a temporary character and potentially serve in staff run plots as helpers or to create your own and stir things up!

    Got your interest? We hope so!

    How do I apply to cause mayhem?

    Below there will be an application form for you to fill out and send to myself or StoryHost Kurzon at the e-mails provided.

    What kinds of characters are there?

    Castle Marrach staff is in the process of creating a handful of characters. These will be both male and female, have vague personality quirks and traits and some basic goals. The characters however will be kept vague in order to permit you, the player, to better define and mold the character to something you're comfortable with playing.

    Are these permanent characters?

    Nope. So try not to get too terribly attached. Our primary goal is for these characters to last 2-3 months before being brought to some form of justice. Actual, vigilante, whichever. They're not meant to be permanent characters. If a character turns out to be played exceptionally well or finds themselves in the thick of it, we might agree to let them go on longer, but the goal isn't for uncatchable criminals. However, you can always get another villain character once this one has "expired". They do need to be played through trial, however. You can't get them caught, then drop them, that's no fun for the other half of this coin.

    Do we get gear and weapons?

    Your character will come equipped with what we feel that character may need. They may also get items from their in game sources or benefactors (usually Veteran Characters).

    Do we get Story Points?

    Yep. Story Points will be given each month to those playing Villain Characters.


    Please be aware that because this is still a staff given character that you will be expected to follow SP direction should it be given. Likewise, as with everyone, the rules still apply and you must play fair. An inability to play fair or keep IC/OOC separate result in the loss of the character and your removal from the Villains Program. You are not expected to maintain a twiki page for this character, but the use of @remember, @kudos and @favor will be good tools for this.


    Please send applications to: or

    Title the E-mail: Villains' Program: YourName

    Preferred E-Mail:
    How long have you played Castle Marrach?
    Who do you play or who have you played in the past?
    What kind of RP do you typically enjoy? Passive, aggressive, interaction, intrigue, brawling, etc?
    If you could play another shady character (PC or VP) who would it be and why?
    What would your ideal villain or thug be like?
    Do you prefer male or female characters?
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    I think this sounds very fascinating, but I am curious: What do you intend to do to stop people from immediately pinpointing villains? After all, they're coming equipped, geared out, with a bit of a story, but no real connections, no new guest quest, etc. Seeing a character like that, my first thought would be: oho, new villy.


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      love the idea - with the right type of roleplay, it won't even be clear who is a "vill" and who is just an alt.

      And really, even J here could be a villain - hey perhaps he is. The key is, you don't know from the way he is RP'd except with certain people.
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        Yup! I would have loved something like this. Just another thing I get to miss out on. *sadface*
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          A very cool idea that circumvents many of the traditional struggles that come from trying to play an antagonist - I really hope this program works out.


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            Hey folk,

            Some emails will be going out regarding this shortly. It's taken a bit of time to get this all up and running due to much of our resources going into the recent plots, but at last this is getting rolling. I'm looking forward to seeing what mischief people cause in-game.
            StoryHost Kurzon
            Castle Marrach Staff


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              This is still an active program, for those with interest.
              StoryHost Kurzon
              Castle Marrach Staff


              The destiny of the world is determined less by the battles that are lost and won than by the stories it loves and believes in.


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                It's been a couple years, is this program still active?
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