(copied and revised from this thread, which was quite out of date)

Current Roster
(last updated: 09 Oct 2018)

StoryHost, Kurzon
Lead StoryPlotter, Odjit
StoryPlotter, Yuuta
StoryBuilder, Tuatha
StoryBuilder, Lumina
StoryBuilder, Harleigh
StoryBuilder, Antheia
StoryGuide, Kuri

We do not presently have any dedicated StoryGuides for Castle Marrach, however some of our other Staff double up in this role, and the StoryHost can always address StoryGuide issues when needed.

Staff Role Descriptions


The StoryHost is the overall director of the game. It is his responsibility to set the overall goals for the behind the scenes staff and guide the over-arching story.


StoryPlotters (SPs) are responsible for overseeing all the In-Character (IC) aspects of the game. They devise plots, play Non-Player Characters, approve game lore related issues and StoryPoint requests. Under the StoryHost they guide the general direction of the game's story.


StoryBuilders are the backbone of room and item creation for Castle Marrach. StoryBuilders create rooms and items for the game world, writing their descriptions, affecting what they can be targetted as, and so forth.


While StoryBuilders make things, StoryCoders (SCs) make things work. From a coding perspective, Coders are the ones who write scripts that cause things to happen - from crafting and skill, to sorcery and magic, to the special effects some items possess. StoryCoders write the stuff you can't see in the game world that makes the things in the game world work.


StoryGuides (SGs) are available to help players with technical and other Out-Of-Character issues, freeing other StoryStaff from repetitive questions of "How do I put on clothes?" and "How do I leave my room?" They are also there to help players sort out OOC problems in the game, deal with unruly players (as opposed to unruly characters), and generally man the front lines of customer support.



All of the above named people are volunteers, and in fact Skotos customers themselves, freely giving their time and attention to make Castle Marrach to make the game as a whole a better place. Please be courteous when approaching anyone from the StoryStaff: your patience and respect is appreciated.

Skotos Staff

Aside from the assorted StoryFolk listed above, you may from time to time see other StoryHosts online. These StoryHosts are Skotos employees who come nosing around from time to time, looking for trouble (just kidding, of course!). CE StoryHosts (sometimes known as CE or Customer Experience) have very little to do with IC goings-on in the game anymore and usually only come online for high level technical difficulties (game server crashes, etc) and generally are only contacted for Skotos level (non-CM-specific) customer issues including payment issues.