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  • The Clock Tower Herald -- Issue X

    Issue X
    24th Day, 1st Moon, 17th Year of these Recent Awakenings


    A collection of articles and information about current castle life and events.
    Proper Dress for Men and Women
    Writ by Mistress Wilena
    For Women:

    Sleeveless gowns must be worn with long-sleeved chemises or camicias, adding segmented sleeves to this ensemble creates a fashionable and artistic look.

    Gowns with split skirts to them a chemise must be worn underneath. Adding a petticoat of a different material than the chemise, and over the chemise, creates an elegant figure and also adds a touch of artistry to the overall look.

    For martial women who are unknighted and without uniforms it is indecent to go around in pants, blouse and some sort of bodice. Instead try a bodice or corseted vest, blouse, divided skirt (which is worn with pantalettes), girdle and slippers or appropriate feminine shoes for everyday. For a martial look for those who are Equerries substitute a girdle for a belt, as a girdle can not hold a sword, and the slippers for boots.

    Those not of link for this particular attire a skirt with a blouse and bodice with slippers is the appropriate everyday attire. Never pants.

    For Men:

    Tunics are worn with undertunics and some sort of pair of pants or hose for a more courtly look, but never with a doublet or a jerkin. Any ensemble that incorporates hose a codpiece is a must else it becomes indecent.

    Long-sleeved shirts are a must with jerkins, doublets, courtepies etc. The voluminous shirt is quite fashionable, and with sleeveless garments adding segemented sleeves creates a more fashionable overall appearance and adds a touch of artistry for men.

    For a less martial look choose a non leather for jerkins and doublets, else choose from courtepies or mandilions or even the more fashionable tunics such as the high-collared one.

    Chausses can be worn with braies, codpeice, undertunic and tunic or even over a pair of pants for a more fashionable appearance.

    As always do be mindful or your link for items. For any and all inquiries into appropriate garments, fabrics and colours do attend open bells or seek out one of the following persons:
    • Mistress Wilena
    • Mistress Ezraella
    • Master Aratan

    Writ by Jeffery Zarafae
    Contributed by Lord Bernier

    Among the many intangible things that people tend to follow, is a trait that while different for every many or woman is just as important as the air they breathe. Honor is not a leisurely lifestyle, nor is it an unlearned thing. Many believe only men or women of steel and sword to be honorable, but there is honor in all things. You need not wield a sword, don a shield, and ride a steed into a battle for Honor. You can be a merchant who does not cheat, a lover who does not stray, or even a stable boy who works without complaint. We often forego any notion of virtues in lieu of 'Honor'. That is not what honor is for, nor is it how it should be used. Honor can not be true and without repute unless you are capable in some form or fashion, to exhibit the virtues together.

    I have seen many men and women come through the Castle, yet I have not seen much honor in the actions of the majority. I have always tried to be mindful of the virtues and my beliefs as a seeker. I understand that balance is a vital part of being an honorable man and though I have not always taken the most dignified approach to any issues or obstacles of my life within Marrach, I have always been sure of my opinion and myself. I accept my wrongs, I attempt to better myself so I do not repeat the same mistakes, and I attempt to balance my thoughts and views with the virtues as best as I am able. It is not about who can best who, or what rank you are...Honor does not rest, nor does it hide. It will always be the easiest thing to lose but the hardest to maintain. One can not be honorable some of the time. One must keep themselves aware of what they are doing, for the make of a man is not when the eyes are upon him -- but how he acts with his life.

    The Wraiths, Part 1
    First of two parts
    Writ by Senior Chronicler Melle Scheralz

    There are few denizens waking within the Castle in recent times that are unaware of the threat posed by the beings that most simply describe as "the wraiths". Though their appearances in the past few months have been rare, their continued machinations have been evident from the activity they have indirectly caused and by the misfortune that they have brought upon those who bear their mark. As one such marked individual, I take it upon myself here to bring some clarity regarding the situation to those who do not already know, that by improving awareness of the wraiths and their dark designs on the Castle we might lessen the risk they pose to our denizenry, as well as to the very magical equilibrium of our realm.

    Some might have heard these wraiths referred to by a different collective name, that of the "Hand of Five." This title predates the wraiths themselves and even the time that we call Recent Awakenings, alluding to the living denizens of the Castle who would one day become the undead beings which now haunt it. Originally, the Hand of Five were sorcerers, apprentices of the one known by the title of the First Sorcerer. And just as their teacher was fated to live in infamy, so his disciples led an ignoble existence which culminated in their demise. Named as enemies of the Crown for practicing dark magics and for harrassing the denizenry as a part of the group known as the Black Rose, the five sorcerers eluded Sir Maugis and his then-assistant Master Odebain for long after their master's death, until by the efforts of the magic-sensitive sera Tyli they were located and killed, a quest which cost the sera her life. To ensure that they would never be resurrected, the bones of the sorcerers were crushed to dust, and for many years they existed only as a memory.

    Some years past, however, the memory of the Hand was brought forth quite suddenly, when in a dark ritual orchestrated by parties yet-unknown the five sorcerers were given new life of a sort in the form of five uncorporeal wraiths, identified by their colours of Red, Green, Blue, Purple and White. These wraiths quickly proved a significant threat to the castle, as they set about marking individual denizens in order to further their plans without regard to the life and health of those that they encountered. At the time they were very much an unknown quantity, and so an effort was made by sera Rikka and the Keepers of the Unveiled to summon a wraith forth and contain it in order to learn more of its purpose and intentions. Though the summoning did not proceed exactly as hoped, it brought forth an unexpected visitor, a grotesque representative of the group known as the Triangle. This entity proved a great deal more cooperative than the wraiths themselves, explaining that the wraiths were indeed phantoms of the five sorcerers known as the Hand, and that what they sought was life and physical form. The gruesome being also claimed that it was by the hand of the First Sorcerer that the wraiths had been brought forth, although their master had not been witnessed in many Moons. Finally the Triangle's representative offered a means to fight back against the wraiths, in the form of a magical scroll that he gave to the Castle's current sorcerers, before departing in a uniquely unpleasant manner.

    Thus began the Castle's protracted struggle against the wraiths of the Hand. Time and again the wraiths made use of their powers to lay physical marks upon individuals of the Castle's denizenry, seemingly as a part of their plans to return to life, and time and again their attempts have been halted by the efforts of the denizenry and other involved entities. After the first series of "markings", when five denizens each found themselves wearing a mark from one of the wraiths on their bodies, the Hand were captured and confined by Master Odebain with the aid of the being known as Nef. After a long period, they were able to break free from this imprisonment, and at that time seemingly chose to do away with the previous marks and select five new victims. They succeeded in marking a few, but prepared by our previous encounters the denizenry were able to defend themselves against their attacks, in several cases even destroying individual wraiths when they made themselves known, with the aid of sorcerous magic or weapons of larch. It was at this time, however, that it was learned that doing away with individual wraiths was of no avail, as so long as at least one of the wraiths continued to exist, it could draw its comrades back from the brink of oblivion. In order for the threat to be ended conclusively, the Five would need to be brought to an end as one. When plans began to be made to bring about such a conclusion, however, the wraiths suddenly fell quiescent once more.
    StoryPlotter Odjit points to her kohl-lined button eyes.
    StoryPlotter Odjit points to you.
    StoryPlotter Odjit draws her finger over her throat slowly.

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    Marigold Mysteries: The Case of the Missing Chime
    Writ by Deputy Siward
    Lady Marigold laid on the cold wooden floor her eyes blank as they stared at the clock’s winching mechanisms. The red viscous pool slowly grew like a halo around her head. Tidus appeared as he climbed the stairs and could only gasp as the first sight he saw of Lady Marigold. He rushed quickly to her side.


    It was a bright and cheerful day when ser Tidus knocked on the Lady’s door. 'Come in,' Lady Marigold called back. The Lady was still working with her goblet as she normally did when Tidus showed up.

    Tidus was curious and finally expressed it to Lady Marigold, 'What exactly is that, Lady? I always see you working on it.'

    'Hmm… oh, this. It is a project of mine, I am trying to replicate the texture and look of blood using common ingredients. It is proving quite tough, as blood has different thickness depending on where it is sourced and the person it belongs to. I think diet is an important part of that. But I have yet to do the calculations or prove it.' Tidus just gazed lostly as Lady Marigold spoke. 'Anyway, what did you need ser Tidus?'

    Tidus finally spoke up, 'Oh, the Inquisitor actually called you to a scene of a crime, he wanted me to stop by and let you know.' Lady Marigold perked at this news. She set the goblet down and picked up her large sage melton bag. She motioned Tidus along as she walked to the door.


    The two climbed the stairs into the belltowers central operation room. In the center was a dead woman of about thirty years of age, a large bronze bell laying over the top of her torso. The Inquisitor Johnson was organizing a group of about ten men to lift the bell off of the woman.

    Inquisitor Johnson noticed the pair, 'Glad to see you both could make it. As you can see...' he said as he indicated the bell, 'We have quite the interesting case on our hands here. I am hoping you might be able to help figure this out.'

    To find out the story's conlcusion, Deputy Siward will be holding a reading in the Outer Bailey Library on the 3rd Day of the 2nd Moon at 8 Late Bells. All are invited to attend.

    Open Positions
    The Herald wishes to provide the castle residents with a list of currently-open positions amongst the available groups and guilds. If you wish to publish an opening within your own guild or group, please send a missive to any currently-active Chronicler with a three-sentence description of the position, a short list of requirements, and whom to contact for more details.
    Aspirant Chronicler, Office of the Chronicler

    The Office is always on the lookout for talented writers who have a critical eye and a nose for stories. A good way to meet many new people, as well as make a name for oneself in a relatively short time. Be a part of one of the castle's oldest institutions.

    • Must be able to write fluently in Common
    • Must not have been tried for High Crimes (such as treason)

    Contact: Court Chronicler Emerick

    Call For Submissions
    If you wish to submit an article for the Herald's next publication, please send a query to Court Chronicler Emerick with a brief description of the article you wish to write. Submissions or full articles must contain the following:
    • A signature on the scroll to identify the author, even if the article is to be published anonymously.
    • A title and a short description of the article.

    The Office of the Chroniclers reserves the right to refuse any article at its own discretion and for any reason. The Clock Tower Herald aims to entertain and enlighten, favouring articles that highlight castle culture, life and habits.

    Special Thanks
    The Clock Tower Herald would like to thank the following individuals for their contributions to this moon's issue: Mistress Wilena, Senior Chronicler Melle, Deputy Siward, Master Jeffery and Lord Bernier. Those that submitted articles that have not yet appeared can expect to see them in future publications.

    For any questions, comments or queries, please directly contact Court Chronicler Emerick.


    So says the Clock Tower bell,
    "May the Queen flourish and Her enemies diminish until my call of bells doth finish."
    StoryPlotter Odjit points to her kohl-lined button eyes.
    StoryPlotter Odjit points to you.
    StoryPlotter Odjit draws her finger over her throat slowly.

    OOC -- Rhomulus says, " you realize... of all the people on here you're one of the few to make me look up a word?! lol"