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Chronicle: A Promotion

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  • Chronicle: A Promotion

    Good Denizens of Marrach;

    In humble hopes to be of assistance to the castle and in accordance to my duties as Chronicler, I herewith scribe the following promotion:

    With the power vested in me by the Lord Chamberlain, it is with great pleasure that I appoint sera Aislinn from the status of Junior Chronicler to Assistant Chronicler.

    I hope that you will join me in the celebration of her new status among the Chroniclers.

    In service of the Lord Chamberlain,

    Chronicler of the Court
    The yoke or the throne?

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    Well done, Aislinn! I'm proud of you, my friend.


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      Aislinn, you are a great friend to me, and i wish to give you all the best wishes with this promotion. Congratulations!

      ~*~Abagail Galanodel~*~
      ~*~ Yeoman of the Royal Guard~*~
      ~*~ Honored Guest~*~


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        Congratulations dear Aislinn.

        - Your Dati
        To conquer without risk, is to succeed without glory


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          Success, though decadent, tastes bittersweet on the heels of Death.

          -- A

          - Chronicler -

          Knowledge is a weapon.
          I intend to be formidably armed.


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            Congratulations dear Aislinn. You're work and dedication the chroniclers is remarkable. I wholeheartedly feel you deserve this.

            ~Alkaizer Zentier~
            Principle comes second to power.


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              Well done Assistant Chronicler, I hope you can make full use of the position you have been given.
              Aspirant Chronicler
              Voltamir Solmabia
              The greatest harm can be caused by the best intentions.


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                Success is also the fruit of your labour, and much labour have you put into this great service.

                Good luck to you in your new position.

                For Her Majesty's Arts,
                <-> V. Mayakovsky <->
                Member of Her Majesty's Court
                Favoured Student, College of Art of the Royal Collegium

                " You ask how many friends I have? Water and stone, bamboo and pine.
                The moon rising over the eastern hill is a joyful comrade.
                Besides these five companions, what other pleasure should I ask?"

                - Yun Son-Do (1587 - 1671)


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                  perhaps you can limit your bedhopping to keep it this time.



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                    Originally posted by britta
                    perhaps you can limit your bedhopping to keep it this time.

                    A bit ironic that this post would have been made after Poet boy. Nevertheless, the post was uncalled for.
                    simply signed:



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                      Isn't jealousy a funny thing. There's always at least one who will try to dampen someone else's success with a cheap shot.

                      Well done Ais, you really deserve it! I wish you all the best, and I'm glad that all your hard work as a Junior Chronicler finally paid off.

                      [signed simply] Elsie.


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                        My deepest and most heartfelt well-wishes and congratulations to thee, Chronicler Aislinn. Well done.

                        Astana de'Lucien

                        Chief Scribe of the Chambers



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