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  • Clock Tower Herald XII

    Issue XII
    19th Day, 7th Moon, 17th Year of these Recent Awakenings

    A collection of articles and information about current castle life and events.

    Winter Watch
    Writ by Dame Galatea
    Denizens of Castle Marrach,

    The Winter Watch of Castle Marrach is looking for active, trustworthy and honorable denizens of the realm to join its ranks.

    The Winter Watch is the Crown's martial law enforcement organization, tasked with upholding the law and protecting the realm from both internal and external threats.

    During times of peace, the Winter Watch is tasked with upholding and enforcing the law of Castle Marrach as per the Queen’s Capitulary. Watchfolk are tasked with patrolling the castle halls and gathering areas to ensure that the castle populace is safe and that Peace and Order are maintained throughout the keep. Watchfolk are tasked to investigate into any instances in which they believe the law has been broken. Following said investigation, in some cases, Watchfolk are then tasked with dispensing justice in accordance with the Capitulary.

    The Winter Watch also maintains a rigorous training schedule to ensure that all Watchfolk meet the standard expectations impressed upon them as soldiers charged with defending the realm. Even in times of peace, the Watch is more than just an agency of law enforcement, but a military organization, expected to protect the interests of the Realm from all external threats. Training in martial combat, military strategy, and the Marrachian legal system is exercised on a regular basis to keep Watch members in fighting shape for times of conflict.

    Parties interested in joining the Winter Watch of Castle Marrach can send an application to the Watch recruiting officer (Armswoman Vessa) or the acting Corporal of the Watch (Dame Galatea).
    Battlers Guild
    Writ by Preceptor Carla
    Join Us:

    The Battle Guild is a chartered Outer Bailey Guild, whose purpose is to train denizens in the art of the sword and in time desire to teach others, to ever increase the puissance and prowess of themselves and Her Majesty's denizens. With this training, it is our hope that they will learn not only how to use a blade, but to respect it and know when not to use a blade.

    Our primary activity is holding classes in swordsmanship. The primary focus of our sessions is training in skills and sparring. We also occasionally conduct lectures and drills surrounding blades, love for the blade, casks racing and much more.

    All denizens are welcome, regardless of level of skill or affiliation, as long as they are courteous and respectful of our rules, our teachers, and their fellow students.

    • Attend Battle Guild practice sessions. Learn sword craft and display respect for martial matters. These will be posted upon the public board.
    • Read the Battle Guild Charter and learn of our organization, and our beliefs and purpose.
    • Learn to cheer thusly: "Huzzah!"
    • Speak to a Battler of your interest and to answer questions you may have. Also, send a missive to the Preceptor and he/she will get back to you.

    The Wraiths, Part 2
    Second of two parts
    Writ by Senior Chronicler Melle Scheralz

    It was not until this year, and the intentional weakening of the Veil by Princess Maeve, that we learned what had happened to quiet the wraiths. In their conflict with us and due to their repeated wearying attempts to mark denizens in spite of aggressive resistance, the wraiths of the Hand had become weak. At a certain stage, when several of the wraiths had been destroyed by the efforts of our sorcerers and larch-wielding denizens, Master Odebain himself had once again been able to take action, binding two of the wraiths to his own body in order to prevent them from acting. The Red and Green wraiths now securely imprisoned, the remaining Blue, Purple and White had retreated into hiding, seemingly fearing the vulnerability that their reduced numbers might bring. Those that had been marked by them, however, continued to bear the evidence of their previous actions.

    Master Odebain advised the Castle that this weakening of the Veil might once more encourage the wraiths into trying to further their plans. And so we of the Castle began to make plans of our own, to bring about the final end of the wraiths and with them any possibility that they might continue to renew themselves. Led by the Royal Collegium and its assembly of magical scholars and practitioners, these plans have chiefly centered on means by which we might bring the wraiths together to one location on our own terms, and there bring them to an end. Over time we learned more, that in order to truly end the threat of the sorcerers wraiths we would also need to assemble and destroy their Foci, items used by sorcerers to channel their magical power. These five Foci were originally given to the five great Magi of the Castle at the time of the Hand's deaths: Sir Maugis, Lady Serista, Master Orson, Doctor Getheaht and Master Odebain. And though not all are where they once were, bringing them together and preventing the wraiths from retrieving the items themselves became a mission of grave importance. The urgency of our mission was truly brought to light later on, however, when from various sources we learned that the efforts of the wraiths did not just threaten the lives of the marked denizens and risk the return of a malign magical force to the Castle; more than that, the magics being used by the wraiths to return themselves to life might permanently corrupt and destabilize the Castle's magical cycle of death and rebirth itself.

    Despite the high stakes of the struggle, however, the conflict with the wraiths has thus far shown promising progress, both in the collecting of their sorcerers Foci and in the preparations for a conclusive battle to bring about the final destruction of the Hand. In these efforts, the contributions of all denizens are welcomed, but it is foremost important to remember that the wraiths themselves, even individually, are highly dangerous beings, and should be treated with caution. Therefore I will try to give as much information here as I can to ensure that no denizen is left at risk out of ignorance.

    The wraiths present themselves in numerous ways that make them quite unique among phantasms. Due to their distinctive colours, they cannot easily be mistaken for other spirits or shadows, and often they choose to engage the living first through conversation or other forms of interaction before attacking. Nonetheless, they are more than willing to inflict harm on those that cause them impedance or even annoyance, and as recent events have shown larch may not be as effective a weapon against the wraiths as it once was. As well as physical harm, and the weakening effects that they may have on individuals through the marks that they leave, the wraiths are capable of influencing the emotions of those around them through magical means. These effects can be just as harmful as their other techniques, and in the past some wraiths have even displayed power enough to cause denizens to violently attack their fellows. For these reasons and more, should any denizen experience any inexplicably heightened emotion, encounter a feeling of preternatural cold, or witness any other evidence of a wraith's appearance, they should seek out the company of others and alert the Watch if possible. The wraiths have recently shown reluctance to deal with larger groups of denizens, and thus if the threat appears it is best to seek safety in numbers.

    The wraiths of the Hand of Five are only the latest in a long series of mystical adversaries faced by the Castle and its denizens. And though we do not underestimate the foe before us, neither do we allow ourselves to believe that we cannot influence the outcome of this struggle. Though we may be ensconced in ice and stone, and at the mercy of sleep and time, we are yet living beings, and in that we wield a power beyond any ghost or lingering undead. It is that warmth and life that the wraiths desire, and for the sake of the Castle, for balance and nature, and for our own lives, we will do all that we might to oppose them.

    Her Masterpieces
    Writ by Josie Brennan

    Her Majesty's hands are calm,
    as she molds us in Her care;
    She crafts each single vessel,
    Her dreams reviving us aware.

    No two vessels look alike,
    We are sculpted individually;
    All unique within Her sight,
    Infused with life and then set free.

    The Royal Potter takes our souls,
    and turns them on Her wheel,
    Until She shapes us each in turn
    To know, to love, to feel.

    We are all a work of art,
    made in the labor of Her grace;
    And She fondly watches over us
    As we learn our purpose and place.

    Yes, the Dreamer's disk is mighty,
    and we may hope it never ceases!
    For as long as it is revolving,
    We are made Her masterpieces.

    The Hunt
    Writ by Vaden Amberthorne, Short Story Winner

    The hunter awakens again, no idea how much time has passed, but finding it to be mid day outside. He knows the can not linger longer lest he succomb to the wound turning on him. He crawls from the pine ignoring the pain in his injured shoulder. He can already feel the fever beginning to set into the shoulder. He hauls himself to his feet and begins his trek home. He knows the game will hold in the ice and snow.

    He spends more time stumbling and falling than he does actually walking and loses consciousness several times on the trek, but eventually he sees the cabin in the distance. He tries pushing himself harder to get there but fails again. He slips on ice and slams his head against a stump, yet again being reduced to unconsciousness. He wakes again, and realizes that several hours have passed. He finds himself disoriented by the scent of stale hay and the strong smell of horse and goat and blood. He strains his eyes in the darkness and makes out the inside of his barn, it is dark inside. He pushes himself to his feet and notices that his shoulder has been wrapped in bandages. He pulls the door open and sees it is dark outside but he makes his way to the cabin easy enough.

    He pushes the door open and steps in, only to find himself standing in a sticky fluid on the floor. He can't make out much because of the darkness, and there is a heavy smell of blood filling his nose. There is no glow from the fireplace, nor is there a lantern lit. Something is very very wrong. He moves further inward and bumps into a table that is overturned. He searches for a lantern and finds one on the mantle of the fireplace. He uses the flint and steel next to it and strikes a flame. As the light floods the room, he sees the grisly scene before him. The furniture is mostly broken, blood is splattered over the walls, and pooled on the floor.

    To find out the complete story, this book will be within the Outer Bailey Library for all to enjoy.
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    Leather, Fur and Animal Skins!
    Writ by Mistress Ezraella
    In this cold, frigid climate it is a blessing that we are provided with plenty of animal skins and furs to help protect us from the elements. When ordering animal skins, leathers or furs there are a few important rules to keep in mind:

    The clothiers, as a rule of thumb, will never dye animal skins or furs any color that is unnatural. When was the last time you saw a blue cow? Or a purple bear? Or a pink ermine?!

    Less is more! Yes, we have many garments that may be trimmed in furs - but that should not mean that your boots, cloak, gloves, doublet, under-things, over-things and every-thing need to be trimmed in furs or skins all for one single outfit (you know who you are). Keep the trimmings simple, refined and courtly.

    Shoes, Boots and footwear! Leathers tend to work best against the wet snow. We treat our leathers when utilized for shoes, but remember that a constant treatment to keep the leather supple and water-resistant is key to maintaining the life and integrity of your shoes. Cloth shoes tend to have a very short life span in these elements; they dirty quicker and the fabric weakens when constantly wet. If you do prefer cloth over leathers, be selective and smart - choose strong fabrics that will withstand the wet snow longer than muslin, silk, satin, batiste or other fine materials.

    The Clothiers are happy to help assist you with your clothing orders of questions during open bells. We look forward to serving you.
    • Lead Apprentice: Ezraella
    • Favored Students: Sir Donovon, Master Aratan and Mistress Brighde
    • Senior Students: Sera Natasha
    • Junior Students: Sera Trinity
    Don't Forget the Buckles! Mind those Buttons!
    Writ by Mistress Lilly

    You have a new order of fabulous clothes delivered into your hands by that one handsome courier, you know who he is?! You see the signature of the clothier and you almost squeal (if you are a girl) or grunt (if you are a man) in delight or satisfaction.

    You open the package, pick out each piece of your new ensemble and wonder to yourself, "How can I make this really stand out?"

    Well! I'll tell you! Buckles! Buttons! Accessories! Don't be that plain old, humdrum denizen walking around in just your clothes! Accent those clothes and wow the crowds with how AMAZING you look! Show off those fancy belt buckles, preen with those shiny buttons!

    There are so many gifted jewelers, so be sure to send your orders in or any general questions you might have. Also, don't forget the guidelines, they are a great help when thinking about what to order.
    Go out there and SPARKLE!

    Tresses, Coifs and Manes!
    Writ by Mistress Ezraella

    A lot can be said about ourselves merely by the way we style our hair. Are you sophisticated or whimsical? Are you dashing or bold?

    For a woman, the language of hair is far more intricate; a coif worn up into a chignon or updo presents a more refined and classical appearance. For a woman who wishes to look more carefree and maidenly - loose tresses and bountiful piles of curls grant that appearance.

    For men, they have it far easier and less thought has to be given to their hair. A tousled look can work either way for a gentleman; whether a rogue style or courtly. A low ponytail, a braid, loose around the shoulders. The more simple the style for the man, the better.

    When considering a hairstyle, think about the garments you are wearing and how you hope you are presenting yourself - a courtly gentleman, a refined gentlewoman, a rogue, a maiden.

    Hairstyle is a language all its own and the Stylists welcome any questions or suggestions. Come to an open bell for your styling or just to have yourself pampered!
    • Lead Stylist: Mistress Ezraella
    • Assistant Lead Stylist: Sera Irene
    • Favored Stylists: Dame Galatea
    • Senior Stylists: Sera Josie


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      Hand-to-Hand Combat
      Writ by Watchman Kruel

      Calling all those who seek to learn the knowledge of Hand-to-Hand Combat.

      I, Kruel of House Malik, will be offering lessons on how to defend yourself without using weapons. I have been practicing this form of defense for all my time here and now I seek to pass my knowledge on to others.My lessons, however do come at a small fee depending on your skill level. I will teach you until you pass and then you will be asked to pay again, please be aware that the price goes up with each lesson you pass. ((Melee Skill))

      If you have any questions or wish to set up a private practice, please feel free to write me.

      Simply Sin Cosmetics
      Writ by Natasha Danaher

      Want to be noticed by that ser across the Ballroom? Looking to highlight the magnificent work of the Royal Necromancer? Her Ladyship Sinvy's Simply Sin Cosmetics are available for purchase to do just that.A variety of face powders, lip rouges, eye compacts, and kohl are available for varying prices determined by rank. Spend enough coin and you can be part of the Loyalty Program, earning you trinkets, discounts, and access to the most luxurious items.

      Meet with a Cosmetic Consultant (sera Natasha) to get your color profile, to discuss prices, or to gather information about the loyalty program. Be on the lookout for opportunities to try out different cosmetics!

      Call For Submissions

      If you wish to submit an article for the Herald's next publication, please send a query to any of the waking Chroniclers with a brief description of the article you wish to write. Submissions or full articles must contain the following:
      • A signature on the scroll to identify the author, even if the article is to be published anonymously.
      • A title and a short description of the article.

      The Office of the Chroniclers reserves the right to refuse any article at it's own discretion and for any reason. The Clock Tower Herald aims to entertain and enlighten, favoring articles that highlight castle culture, life and habits.

      Special Thanks

      The Clock Tower Herald would like to thank the following individuals for their contributions to this moon's issue: Dame Galatea, Mistresses Ezrallea, Lilly and Josie. Preceptor Carla, sera Natasha and sers Melle, Vaden and Kruel. Those that submitted articles that have not yet appeared can expect to see them in future publications.

      For any questions or queries, please directly contact a Chronicler.