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    The Battle Guild

    In the years since the beginning of Recent Awakenings, there have existed many groups in the Outer Bailey who have made it their purpose to give training and education in the ways of the sword. Guilds, Societies, Academies and even military branches have slipped in and out of existence, been made subject to alteration or even fully disbanded. Since the very first year, however, one institution and its members have proven both adaptable enough to accommodate the changing needs of the Castle and its denizenry, and resilient enough to adhere unfailingly to their own core values and ideals. This group of men and women, constantly active in service of the realm, dauntless in the face of threat and peril, loyal to none but Queen Vivienne and guided by Her Majesty's own Royal Champion Lord Sicard, has ever gone by one simple name: The Battle Guild.

    Our Purpose

    In part the enduring success of the Battle Guild is due to the relative simplicity of our aim. To study and practice with the sword is a privilege granted to every guest who wakes within the Castle, and the Battle Guild exists to see that this privilege is freely available to as many new guests as possible. To this end our members and teachers host practices and lessons several times each week, (sometimes more than once a day,) all within the Outer Bailey's Practice Hall and all open to every denizen of our Castle who wishes to participate or simply observe. Unlike the Outer Bailey's other martial groups, teaching the sword and its application is the Battle Guild's sole aim, although this is a broader subject than many realise. A Battle Guild lesson might focus on a specific intricacy of wielding the sword, or it might teach the reverences and traditions of sparring and duelling, philosophy of combat, the strategy of single combat or wide-ranging battles, theory and use of weapons, the practicalities of surviving encounters with the Castle's various non-human threats, and yet more.

    Our Ideals

    Foremost among the Guild's ideals is that of Respect. This encompasses respect for Queen and Castle, respect for the Guild and its Charter, respect for the forms of the duel and of sparring, respect for ones comrades, students and teachers, respect for one's opponent, and perhaps foremost of all, respect for the sword. It is not enough to know how to wield a sword, or defeat your foe. One must understand the significance of drawing a blade before one can truly be entrusted with one, or considered a warrior. Understanding when to do battle and when to refrain is a key aspect of the Guild's teachings.

    A value of similar importance to the Guild is that of Charity. The Battlers open their practices to any denizens of the Castle who wish to partake, and spread their teachings as wide as is permitted by rank and guideline. The reason for this is not simply because it is the Guild's duty, but because it is a deeply-held belief of Her Majesty and those who follow Her values that all individuals are worthy of courteous and just treatment, and deserving of equal opportunity. The Battlers serve to fulfill these ideals in the way we are best suited, by granting all guests of Her Majesty the chance to train, to gain Prowess, and to learn to stand in defence of themselves, their loved ones, and their Castle.

    Finally, though not least of all, the Battle Guild highly values the quality of Valour. For those elevated in the Guild's hierarchy, the role is not simply to teach the members of the Guild how to wield a blade in service of the Castle, but also to act as examples in this regard. People join the Battle Guild for many reasons, but for those such as the Preceptor, the Elders, and those Teachers that aspire to become more, it is expected that they willingly stand in defence of the Castle during times of threat, and do not shy from the vanguard when sword arms are called upon to quest in service of Queen and Realm.

    Our Structure

    The Battle Guild is comprised of four basic ranks, those of Members, Teachers, Elders and the Preceptor.

    Members are the lifeblood of the Guild, and in a sense the Guild exists chiefly for their benefit. These are the men and women of the Outer Bailey who have decided to dedicate themselves to learning the sword, for whatever reason matters most to them. Many who join the Battle Guild do so because they wish to learn to serve the Castle as warriors or guardians. Others are chiefly interested in learning to defend themselves, a worthy concern in a home as occasionally tumultuous as ours. Yet others find fascination in the art and science of the sword, and study it out of interest and curiosity. And then there are those who simply enjoy the practice of training with the sword, sparring and duelling. Regardless of their reasons, the Battlers welcome all into their ranks.

    Those Members who have earned a degree of proficiency and skill, who have proven their decency and their dedication to the Guild, and who wish to advance themselves further, may choose to become Teachers. As well as earning the right to hold lessons and give instruction to their fellow Battlers, Teachers further dedicate themselves in service to the Guild and to the Outer Bailey, and set themselves directly on the path toward greater prowess and achievement as Battlers.

    Teachers who have established themselves as talented swordfighters, valued tutors on the subject of battle, loyal adherents of the Guild and, above all, honourable and upright denizens of the Castle, can swiftly earn themselves a place among the Elders of the Guild. The responsibilities of an Elder are greater, as are their privileges. They are obligated to hold regular weekly practices in the service of the Guild, as well as to assist with administrative duties and the Guild's leadership, either through voting on certain matters or advising the Preceptor. As a reward for their diligence, however, Elders have bestowed upon them the auspicious honour of bearing a Battle Guild longsword, and they are further granted the right to train in the sword to a level far exceeding the average warrior of the Outer Bailey.

    Finally, the Preceptor oversees the Guild. They are given all the same privileges as an Elder Teacher, and naturally it falls to them to make the majority of administrative decisions and guide the Guild on the correct path. The Preceptor works directly with the Sponsor and Patrons, and is able and encouraged to train to a level of sword skill equalling Corporals of the Watch, Senior Duelists, and Inquisitors.

    Our Message

    The aim of the Battle Guild is to benefit as many denizens of the Outer Bailey as we are able, and therefore we are ever seeking new Members and Teachers. In addition, we are presently looking for active Elder Teachers, and promotions for those Teachers willing to prove their diligence, skill and quality of character would be swiftly forthcoming. Finally, the Guild is in need of Patrons who are willing and able to act on our behalf in Outer and Inner Baileys, and who would appreciate the opportunity to work beneath our Sponsor, Lord Sicard.

    If you are a newly-awoken guest of this Castle with an interest in learning the sword, a desire to learn self-defence skills or simply a wish to meet with your fellow denizens in a friendly, welcoming and challenging environment, seek out a Battle Guild practice. Conversely, if you are a long-standing inhabitant of the Outer Bailey and feel the urge to challenge yourself, take up a new path or simply hone your existing skills, do not shy away. There is always something new to be learned.

    In service,

    Melle Scheralz
    Acting Preceptor

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    Our currently waking and active ranking members are as follows:




    Direct any and all questions regarding the Battle Guild to these individuals.

    Melle Scheralz