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The Arrival of Master Ali-Jahib

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  • The Arrival of Master Ali-Jahib

    *The following is comprised of an elegant penmanship, sweeping flourishes flow from one word into the next to form smooth and uninterrupted lines of script across the face of this parchment*

    The Fabulous Master Ali-Jahib has arrived in splendid fashion. A peal of thunder accompanied by a brillant flash of violet lightning hearlded this great trader's entrance into the castle.

    Along with curious personality, he has brought along his great tent of exotic wares which are now open for browsing, but not yet for trade. While we of the castle are free to peruse his wares, we must keep our hands to ourselves (or each other) until the time for trading is nigh. It is said the tent contains magical properties that will stay wayward hands should the owners be incapable of restraining themselves.

    For those of you light on coin, be aware that Master Ali-Jahib is a -trader- not a merchant. Those of quick wit, or creative mind might be able to find suitable items of which to trade with our curious visitor in exchange for goods that have caught their eye.

    Come one and come all down to the outer bailey courtyard and behold all that the famous and fabulous trader Master Ali-Jahib has to offer!

    *A rather over-sized and plain-looking capital Z marks the bottom of the page just above the signature*
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