Downtime Report: Wednesday Night

We had an abrupt and unannounced downtime for all games and services starting sometime after 9pm PT on Wednesday evening. This was due to a massive power outage at our cloud computing facility of the sort that redundant systems are supposed to ensure never happen. After about an hour they were able to diagnose that the power was out. It took a few more hours for them to start restoring service.

At this moment, everything is back up except for Ironclaw and TEC. At the rate they're restoring things, I hope those will be back up in the next 15-30 minutes, but it's entirely in their hands.

As is typically the case with a sudden reboot, TEC and GR have to be rolled back. This is already done with GR. The TEC rollback should be just a few hours due to the more recent backups recently instituted, but I need to get the machine back before I can verify that.

Update: Ironclaw and TEC are now back too. The TEC rollback was 2.5 hours, from 9.30pm PT (when everything crashed) to 7.00 pm PT.
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Trade Opportunities {for the expedient shopper}

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  • Trade Opportunities {for the expedient shopper}

    Black Market Bargains: Barter. Buy. Bore us with your alliteration.


    Hosted by: Nunya and Dunn

    Got a bunch of coin burning a hole in your pouch? Want a sparkly tiara but just don't know where to start? Something fancy to trade with Master Al for something even fancier? Come visit our tent. You won't be disappointed.
    We're flexible in what we'll take. Raw ingredients, clothing and jewellery, real fine art. Maybe something you want to get off your hands. Mostly, though, we like coin.

    If you're interested drop a scroll in a rat hole and we'll arrange a time and place to meet. We'll give you your signed scroll back during the trade for your own peace of mind. If you're too chickenshit to sign your name you can give us a time and place that works for you and we might show up. We also might not.

    If you can't work out where the rat holes are you're too stupid to trade with us.


    1.) We don't care about crafters' guidelines. Trade for sumptuary items, weapons, rare and banned stuff, whatever the hell you want. We got it all.
    2.) Fighting, yelling and cursing is allowed.
    3.) No groups of more than three.
    4.) Pretty girls get discounts.
    5.) We're discreet. Be like us.


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    [Found and reposted]


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      [Dug out and scrawled on]
      We got weapons and we want you to succeed. We believe in you.


      [still unsigned]