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Notice of Positions Available - Office of the Prosecution

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  • Notice of Positions Available - Office of the Prosecution

    The Office of the Prosecution and Chancery seeks denizens for the positions of Legalist Inferior, Junior Chirographer, Scribe, and Adjutant Prosecutors.

    __________________________________________________ ___________________

    Legalist Inferior
    The Legalists are essentially "Adjutants in training", spending their tenure as a Legalist learning what is expected of a member of the Chancery, and more particularlly, what is expected of a Prosecutor.

    Junior Chirographer
    Junior Chirographers are charged with learning the duties and responsibilities of a full Scribe of the Chancery, and for such must attend Chancery proceedings such as Trials both to learn procedure and to practice their transcribing skills.

    - Scribe of the Chancery -
    The Scribes of Chancery are the public face of Chancery in the Outer Bailey. They function as a kind of Justice of the Peace, assisting with legal matters and ratifying minor legal documents.

    - Adjutant Prosecutor -
    The Adjutants are Chancery's primary investigative team. They do most of the actual questioning and hunting for clues, and report to one or more Royal Prosecutor.

    __________________________________________________ ___________________

    Due to the nature of the Chancery's work, the above positions require individuals with a serious interest in the Office, an attention to detail and the ability to keep on schedule. Candidates should also preferably be able to attend Chancery meetings with some regularity, as well as be available at various times throughout the week for Trials and legal proceedings as part of their training, though we appreciate that waking bells vary from person to person.

    __________________________________________________ ___________________

    Those interested in the positions above or in the Office of the Prosecution in general are directed to send a missive to Inquisitor Braedan or Sera Trysha with the following details:

    How long you have been Awake within the Keep;
    Any current affiliations;
    Any relevant skills or experience;
    A brief summary of why you are interested in the Chancery; and
    Any dates available for interview.

    All suitable applicants shall be called for an interview, so candidates should attempt to gather adequate recommendations of their character for presentation at such a time.

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