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  • Master Ali Trade Times and Rules

    Welcome one, welcome all, to the Wondrous Tent of Master Ali!

    Come in and see my fabulous wares, obtain exotic goods from far-off lands. So many great things to be found, there is surely something here for everyone!


    Patrons please be aware of the Master Trader's rules:

    1. No stealing! Master Ali takes the hands of thieves.
    2. One trade for one item per customer, per visit by this magnificent trader. Some items come together as sets, if uncertain please ask!
    3. Only three patrons are permitted in the tent at any time, and only during trade times as listed below. Patrons are let in on a first come first serve basis.
    4. Master Ali's Inner Bailey trade hours are open only to members of the Winter Court. Exception allowance is made for servants of Royal or Noble households only if they attend trading in company of their liege noble or Royal during said liege's own trading visit.
    5. The Room Behind the Curtain is a special trade area. Many individuals arrive wishing to trade for its wares, but few can afford to do so, and thus time is wasted. Patrons wishing to enter the back room must show objects of significant value as proof of entry, to demonstrate they possess the wealth to be making trades of this nature. Only high quality objects or materials are accepted in the back room; fine silks and sumptuary furs, high quality gemstones and metals, weapons, armours and magical artifacts.
    6. In order to trade for a weapon or armour, a weapon or armour piece must be traded in turn. If there is enough disparity between value of item being offered and item being requested, lesser objects can be offered to pad the deal.
    7. Magic objects are the most valuable, while they do not require a magical artifact in turn, a significant sum of wealth must be offered to obtain a magical item without offering one as trade.
    8. Please come in confident of trade, with a few items of desire in mind in case one desired has been purchased already or is beyond your means of wealth. Trade bells tend to last approximately two bells; a long period spent in the Master Trader's tent means less time for others waiting in line for their own purchases.


    Trade bells shall take place at the following times:

    Friday the 24th, 7 late, Inner Bailey
    Saturday the 25th, 3 late, Outer Bailey
    Sunday the 26th, 12 noon, Inner Bailey
    Monday the 27th, 9 late, Outer Bailey
    Tuesday the 28th, 10 early, Inner Bailey
    Wednesday the 29th, 10 early, Outer Bailey

    Inner Bailey bells to take place on the Winter Terrace. Outer Bailey bells to take place in the Gate Courtyard.
    StoryHost Kurzon
    Castle Marrach Staff

    The destiny of the world is determined less by the battles that are lost and won than by the stories it loves and believes in.

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    Bumped by someone who cares.

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        The Master Trader Ali-Jahib has excellent news!

        For those who have not yet been had a chance to trade, the Master Trader will be holding an additional final trading bell this coming Saturn's!

        Saturday the 15th, 2 late bells, Outer Bailey

        The Master Trader eagerly welcomes any who have not yet had a chance to trade with him to visit this final trading bell!
        StoryHost Kurzon
        Castle Marrach Staff

        The destiny of the world is determined less by the battles that are lost and won than by the stories it loves and believes in.