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  • Meeting for Unity Play

    Dear Friends. We will hold a meeting this Thor's day in the Theater. This will be a discussion only about the play. If you are already a member of the cast we really need you to be there. If you are interested in being a part of the play we do need understudies to be ready in case someone is not able to make it. Below is the time and date listed.

    Time: 9 LB - 10 LB
    Where: Theater
    When: Thor' s day 4/13/18
    Reason: To discuss play and parts for each person.

    Please do not request parts be changed . This means the rewriting of each person's play script. But I do have an alternative that I can discuss with each of you. Thank you ahead of time for your patience and hard work.

    ~Elora Winslet~
    Unity Assistant Virtuoso/ Treasurer