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    Whispered Rumors...

    OOC: Rumors are slippery things. Truths, half-truths, or out-right lies: who can tell? Nevertheless, they are good seeds for roleplay, so have fun.

    Want to spread a rumor? Give your plot a kick by spreading a juicy nugget of information (or misinformation) anonymously by simply typing: @rumor "[insert your rumor here]" in your parser.

    Please do not respond to rumors in this thread. Start a new thread if you want to comment on one of the posted rumors or - better yet - do it ICly in the game.
    -StoryPlotter Yuuta

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    I saw ser Anton sitting with that pretty little Sassa on the bridge. He was nearly as doe-eyed as she was. Is romance in the air?

    Victor punched a woman in the face, and now she wants to sleep with him. That's how his charm works.

    One of the Sorcerers have taken a very nosy newlie under their wing.

    Lord Bernier cannot stick to one woman because he doesn't care for them at all. Don't look so surprised. Why do you think he always winds up wooing strong-willed, tall, physically fit women? Because.. they are more man-like.

    The Queen is on a diet. She'll take nothing but icing sugar, ice water, and iced cream!

    Did you see these three girls ganging up on Victor? I swear one of them got him by the skin of her teeth, but the way he was ogling them you'd think he'd never notice.

    Mistress Merrynn is an assassin, and a spy!

    Did you hear? One of the Nurses is claiming that she "accidentally" traded her supplies to Master Ali. Someone else said she actually sold them to that "Monica" woman!

    According to the world of Kaori, if you use a curse word, you have no knowledge of the Virtues.

    One of the servants saw Lieutenant Natasha coming out of the baths, followed soon after by a newly who seemed to be struggling with getting his tunic on properly.

    The Necromancer has sent another fat one into the keep. This one has creepy purple eyes, and acts like he's the bastard son of Master Quilp! Ulvin, that's his name.

    He's been seen with a cloak of owl feathers. The very same one Lady Etaine was trying to coax someone to get for her. Blood magic at that! I thought I had heard something about owls...

    Mistress Lilly has fortified herself in the Chambers' Office with her two Sorcerers. A powerful trio in a very powerful seat, yet no one seems the wiser...

    His Excellency has called for more servants. Who is next in line to disappoint him, and ultimately face a grisly and unforgiving fate?

    I was told that sometimes Her Majesty's Handmaidens dress as common servants in order to move about the Outer Bailey unseen. Are they conducting business of their own, or does the Queen sent them as Her eyes and ears?

    I heard that some members of the Court are getting a bit uncomfortable at the number of Sorcerers. I won't be surprised if they try to cull a few out in the near future.

    Did you see the two giants that escorted the Duke and Princess Maeve to the surface? Two hulking, monstrous women! One dark, one light, both terrifying!

    There are a few individuals who want to defect to the Conclave. You might be surprised who they are, and some of the names are from the Winter Court.

    Ser Vasant, barely woken, has been asking a lot of questions about a lot of controversial people. All for the pursuit of his own quest for knowledge. But you know what they say about curiosity...

    Did you hear Duke Lucus describing the conclave to some new guests on a recent visit up? He said it was a "kingdom". Was this a slip of the tongue or does the Conclave have plans for their Dukedom?

    Someone planted a real spear among the Army's practice weapons, just before a spar with the Captain. A close call... or a missed attempt?

    Two poets have waged a public war, but only one of them will sign their name. Who has been raising cries of insurrection against the Crown?

    Hopefully Ignoia is not robbing the Prince clean while he pretends to Him. Speaking of... The Prince really has been missing a long time...
    -StoryPlotter Yuuta