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Outer Bailey Tourney of Prowess and Finesse

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  • Outer Bailey Tourney of Prowess and Finesse

    Outer Bailey Tourney of Prowess and Finesse

    Master Jeffery and I are proud to announce the we are hosting a tournament! This tournament will take place in the fifth moon on the 20th day. It will commence at the fourth late bell and continue until we have a winner. All who seek to join will need send a scroll to either me, Vasilisa or Master Jeffery, with this scroll you should include TEN coins which will be the entry fee for this tournament.

    The entry fees will go towards the first place prize which also includes a special prize sponsored by Master Jeffery.
    Each participant will also take home something just for joining.

    The fights will be at random, two names and a weapon choice will be drawn from a package to decide who will go against who and with what weapon. All fights excluding the final will be fought with rebated weapons and will be first touch elimination. The final fight will be fought with live blades with the same first touch elimination. If you have any further questions please contact myself or Master Jeffery.


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