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    Whispered Rumors...

    OOC: Rumors are slippery things. Truths, half-truths, or out-right lies: who can tell? Nevertheless, they are good seeds for roleplay, so have fun.

    Want to spread a rumor? Give your plot a kick by spreading a juicy nugget of information (or misinformation) anonymously by simply typing: @rumor "[insert your rumor here]" in your parser.

    Please do not respond to rumors in this thread. Start a new thread if you want to comment on one of the posted rumors or - better yet - do it ICly in the game.
    -StoryPlotter Yuuta

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    Does anyone else wonder who starts these rumors? It's the Court, I tell you. They try to take all the negative focus off themselves and put it on commoners and Conclavers!

    I hear that Natasha and Jeffery were in a lovers quarrel. Lovers--sure didn't take her long after dumping Master Colby!

    That Brynden seems to have an excuse at the ready to get out of -anything-.

    Melle's been seen in the company of Meryl frequently of late, even visiting her in the public dungeon cell so I'm told. It seems it didn't take Melle long to get over Josie, nor to forgive Meryl for the disfavor he received for supporting Meryl based on lies she told him about meeting with Conal.

    A few of the Conclavers were up top with the Princess when the party was announced, and they all looked very wary and on guard. Duke Sol and Duke Lucas exchanged some words in a strange tongue that none of us could understand! I wonder what it was about...

    The gnomes actually attacked someone one in the outer Salon. They were even shot with a needle - a very very small needle.

    Seems the gnomes want to cook some sort of bird.

    I hear that Natasha is really working for the Conclave and for Conal as a spy. She has set herself up in a fine spot, that one.

    The gnomes struck again! Painting the Carpenters Shoppe's with rainbows; and who knows what they did to the planks!

    If stealth is the game of the Gnomes they have failed several times over. They've dropped at least one of their weapons, left purple footprints and a lockpick set, really they are about as subtle as a landslide.

    You see that other note warning about being watched? Who exactly is watching and what do they intend to do about the lack of show of ideals? Truly everyone is watched and judged by their actions, but this seems more somehow.

    Just about the entire Castle came out for what turned out to be a celebration for Princess Maeve, and what a sight it was, everyone of good cheer, and filled with well wishes! I wonder though what will Her Majesty think of this?

    Duke Sol was seen at the celebration for Princess Maeve's birthday. I wonder what he thought of Her Majesty's denizens celebrating the Princess who's future saw them all dead?

    You know, those Royal Army types walk around with quite a bit of swagger considering that all they've succeeded in doing since they turned coat is failed to catch an actual criminal and put two other people on trial as a distraction.

    Ibar and Melle were in the Dining Hall debating what a "victim" of the Shadows truly is. It was a tense back-and-forth between the two, Wendy saw the whole thing!

    Lord Boreas himself made not one, but -two- trips to the Outer this week. I even heard he threatened Meryl's focus!

    Speaking of Prelinah, she's been seen about a lot lately. Her "mischief" has been fairly tame thus far... which scares me.

    A Royal Decree to eat cake!? Now that's a Royal that I can get behind!

    Wilena got married to Juliana and already a week later she was flirting with that giggly gnome!

    I've been holding onto this package to deliver to Lord Bernier for about a week now...anyone seen him!?

    Promoted to Honored Guest, made Registrar, and training to be Lord Mirshan's Valet? The Court had better start watching that Ibar a little more closely.

    You think those fireworks for the Princess will wake more folk from their deep slumbers?

    I like Prelinah better than...Teabag...or whatever her name is. She's mean.
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    -StoryPlotter Yuuta