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    Writ and Posted this Seventeenth of the Fifth Moon in the Eighteenth Year

    ~ on behalf of ~

    Mistress Brook, Handmaiden to Her Majesty

    Mistress Brook is seeking both male and female models to assist in realising a series of paintings over the course of the next few moons.

    Models must be classically beautiful with delicate faces and flushing cheeks. The artist understands that in the men of the Castle these blushing cheeks may be hard sought - prospective sitters are duly warned that this will be enhanced with cosmetic artifice.

    Mistress Brook would like to stress that you are to remain clothed, these are not nude studies.

    Those seeking employ should be able to hold a pose for a chime or longer, be available either afternoons or Satyr's and Sun's during daylight bells, and be able to enter the Inner with suitable arrangements made. Compensation is a silver coin per bell worked.

    Please write directly to the artist, Mistress Brook, if you are interested. If you do not consider yourself a traditional beauty, do not despair. For the purposes of this post a specific aesthetic is desired but further projects will arise as the Muse dictates.

    Carry on being lovely.

    ~ scribed and posted by
    sera Sassa Elvari

    Sassa Elvari,
    Poetess / Wordsmith

    Aspirant Teacher, LPA
    Harlequin, The Unity of the Arts

    Poetry is the art of falling in love with minutiae.
    Debate is the art of wielding one's mind and tongue.
    ~ S.E.

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    *in bold plain text*

    Looks like someone is trying to find a replacement for Kaori

    *unsurprisingly unsigned*
    Sir Vestio frowns, "Are you stinking drunk, boy?"
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      I do not recall the sera resembling the stipulation, but I have certainly seen stranger transformations occur. I shall wait to see if she is interested. Thank you kind author for the suggestion!

      ~ Keeper of the Royal Vault
      ~ Junior Handmaiden to Her Majesty