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  • Fantasy Costume Design Competition

    As a pre-event to the annual Fantasy Ball being hosted in the 8th moon by the Outer Bailey Library, the Clothiers are pleased to present a costume design competition for your enjoyment.

    Interested individuals may submit up to two costume ideas within the theme of Mythical Creatures from today to the 15th of the 7th moon. The costumes will be judged by sera Trinity of the Outer Bailey Seamstresses, Mistress Ezraella, Lead Seamstress, and the Acting Royal Seamstress, Mistress Wilena, during an open clothier bell after the closing date. The top two costume designs will be created and awarded to the winners when finished. All designs should be sent to myself.

    Additional Rules:
    * While you may submit up to two costume ideas, only one of your ideas can win; thus, there will be two individuals receiving costumes through this competition provided people participate.

    * You may use -one- purchasable color or fabric in your costume design, but no more than that.

    * Your costume designs must still follow the clothing guidelines for your link and rank, so do not be a commoner designing a costume in Courtier dyes and fabrics. We will not even consider it.

    * Entries received after the 15th day of the 7th moon will be discarded.

    * You do not need to be present at the judging clothier bell to win. Missives will be sent out to the top two entries with the finished costumes being delivered through courier upon completion.

    On behalf of the Clothiers,

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          We are still taking submissions up through the 15th of this moon.


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                Submissions will continue to be accepted through tomorrow (Saturns the 15th) until midnight. If you have not sent in a costume idea yet, please reconsider. You have nothing to lose, after all, and a potentially unique costume to gain.


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                  Congratulations to the top two costume designers:

                  Sera Ambra who designed a purple nymph costume
                  Sera Elora who designed a frost griffon costume

                  Your costumes will be constructed by the Acting Royal Seamstress and sent to you prior to the Fantasy Ball so that you may wear them when you attend.

                  Thank you to all who participated by placing an entry.



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