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  • Clock Tower Herald XIV

    Issue XIV
    28th Day, 6th Moon, 18th Year of Recent Awakenings

    A collection of articles and information about current castle life and events.

    Battlers Guild
    Writ by Elder Carla
    Join Us:

    The Battle Guild is a chartered Outer Bailey Guild, whose purpose is to train denizens in the art of the sword and in time desire to teach others, to ever increase the puissance and prowess of themselves and Her Majesty's denizens. With this training, it is our hope that they will learn not only how to use a blade, but to respect it and know when not to use a blade.

    Our primary activity is holding classes in swordsmanship. The primary focus of our sessions is training in skills and sparring. We also occasionally conduct lectures and drills surrounding blades, love for the blade, casks racing and much more.

    All denizens are welcome, regardless of level of skill or affiliation, as long as they are courteous and respectful of our rules, our teachers, and their fellow students.

    • Attend Battle Guild practice sessions. Learn sword craft and display respect for martial matters. These will be posted upon the public board.
    • Read the Battle Guild Charter and learn of our organization, and our beliefs and purpose.
    • Learn to cheer thusly: "Huzzah!"
    • Speak to a Battler of your interest and to answer questions you may have. Also, send a missive to the Preceptor and he/she will get back to you.

    Outer Bailey Library
    Writ by The Librarians
    The Outer Bailey Library is more than Shelves of Books!

    Did you know that The Outer Bailey Library is a great place to play chess? And that, every Thor's Day, Head Librarian, Mistress Adeline reads tea-leaves for all who care to know their future or that Senior Librarian, sera Calamity creates new, self-composed stories of mystery and intrigue to read every other week. The Library also hosts a great number of activities, like Poetry over Tea, Scavenger Hunts, Career Day; and we are seeking interested participants for a Book Club, where all will read and discuss a book, weekly or bi-weekly.

    While The Outer Bailey Library is proud to boast a collection of over 200 individual titles in the Outer Bailey Library, with most available to borrow upon request at one of our Library Bells, we are always looking for additions, written by knowledgeable or talented members of the Castle. Accepted submissions will be rewarded in coin from the Treasury. If you have a book you would like to submit, please send it to Head Librarian Adeline for review.

    Regular Hours are as follows:
    • Moon’s Day: 6th Late Bell (Poetry & Tea - Mistress Adeline)
    • Tieu's Day: 10th Late Bell (Cartomancy - sera Calamity)
    • Wooden's Day: 12th Late Bell (Open Bell - Mistress Adeline)
    • Thor's Day: 11th Early Bell (Story Bell - sera Calamity)
    • Thor's Day: 8th Late Bell (Open Bell - sera Calamity)
    • Frey’s Day: 4th Late Bell (Tea-Leaves-Reading - Mistress Adeline)
    • Saturn’s: 6th Late Bell (Open Bell - Mistress Adeline)

    If you have any need of help outside of these hours, please feel free to contact any of our friendly and capable Librarians.

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    How to accessorize with jewelry; Part One
    Writ by Apprentice Jeweler, Mistress Adeline
    Jewelry has been within this keep for years and is still one of the most active crafting guilds because it caters to everyone. No matter the rank or gender you'll find something for you. While jewelry is used for many things, the major reason is to accessorize. Jewelry can make a huge difference with any outfit.

    It can give you that pop you were missing to pull your outfit together as well as aiding to change a look from casual to formal. There's absolutely no reason not to upgrade up your look with jewelry. The best part about jewelry is that you can design it to your own personal style. Have fun with it and make a statement about your style.

    This article will be a five-part series in which I will go over different ways to include jewelry with your outfit and how to correctly do so.

    What Is The Occasion?
    The occasion is the most important part of pairing jewelry with an outfit. It would be utterly tragic if you were to pair fancy chandelier earrings with martial attire.
    • For casual everyday outfits, drop necklaces and drop earrings are suitable. Something that is fine, but not over-the-top.
    • For martial attire dainty pieces of jewelry such as studs and hairpins are perfect.
    • For formal wear, bring out your lavish and brightest pieces. Such as cascading necklaces and hair decorations.

    With that being said, do remember to order within your station. You may ask a jeweler if you are unsure. And always remember that fashion is art, so be sure to express yourself through that art and make each outfit from your own unique style.

    The Art of Grooming: A Guide to Facial Hair
    Writ by Outer Lead Stylist, Mistress Josie
    There's an art to being a well groomed gentleman. Today more than ever facial hair styles play a role in fashion, both within the Court and without. Whatever your signature style, from classic, clean cut to rugged stubble, following the proper grooming regimen will keep you looking your best.

    If you don't want to mess with facial hair, a clean shave is definitely your best bet. To create this classic look a daily shave is a must, but, unlike other styles, there is no trimming or styling required. It's a universal look that can take years off your appearance. Arm yourself with the best razor you can order, and be certain to keep the blade clean to ensure great results. Apply a mild soap in the area that needs cleaning up to aid in an effortless glide while eliminating friction and resulting in a comfortable, ultra smooth shave. Use light, gentle strokes without applying too much pressure which can cause skin irritation. Pull your skin taut to create an even canvas and begin shaving with the grain, allowing the razor to do its job. If necessary, follow up by going against the grain for a deeper, closer shave.

    Designer stubble is a masculine and sexy way to add definition to your face. The darkness of a day's worth of hair adds flattering contours and a bit of mysteriousness to any presence. To keep your stubble looking stylish and not scruffy you need a sharp razor capable of creating straight, seamless lines. The key to this look is keeping the growth trimmed. With your razor in hand, start by outlining the area being sure to distinguish between the stubble and clean shaven area. Next using your blade, trim your face and jaw line making sure to trim in the opposite direction of growth for crisp lines and definition. To maintain this look, daily maintenance is key; be certain to shape and sculpt every morning and whisk away random cheek hairs.

    One of the more popular trends, the goatee is the new go-to look. It features a small patch of hair on the chin paired with a thin mustache. A similar style, known as the soul patch, boasts a dab of hair just under the bottom lip. To create the successful look, it needs to be regularly shaped and trimmed. Let your facial hair grow out. After a few days you'll get a sense of how and where your facial hair grows. Using your razor, clean shave your neck and the sides of your face leaving only the hair around your chin and mouth area. Grab your blade and a pair of scissors to expertly shape the goatee and trim hair to the desired length ensuring it is symmetrical. Comb the goatee downward and carefully trim any uneven hairs, lest it look bushy and unkempt. The outer edges of this style should never extend past your smile lines.

    A full beard isn't an excuse to stop shaving. Rather, it is a strong personality statement that needs attentive grooming. The secret to a stellar beard is meticulous sculpting and regular trimming. Let your hair grow for several weeks so that it has time to become full and even. When you're ready to sculpt your look begin by combing your beard in the direction it grows prior to trimming. Clean shave your neck and upper cheek area to outline and contour the shape of your beard. Utilize scissors and a long comb to cut your beard to the desired length working your way from the top to the bottom until you find the look that best suits you. Symmetry is key; trim the outer edges for smooth lines and contour around your mouth to finish off the grooming session. To keep your style tame and neat, you should shave your neck and upper cheeks regularly to maintain clean lines.

    Styling Millinery
    Writ by Apprentice Seamstress, sera Trinity
    Within the Clothiers, we have many pieces that can be included in an outfit to accessorize. "But why do we need to accessorize?" some may ask. Well, I'll tell you, when you include hats, scarfs, gloves, and more, you take your outfit from normal to extraordinary. Suppose you are with a sera and you happen to both have the same style of gown. Out of the two of you, the woman with the best accessories will stand out more. Leaving the other woman to look dull and uncreative. Therefore, I'll be giving some tips on how to choose the right head accessories to go with your outfits.

    Matching With Your Outfit:
    While you first need to decide what hat you'll wear, you must also know how to wear it. Put a little flair into and tilt that hat so it's worn at an angle. This will make your hat look more interesting than simply just putting it straight on your head.

    Your hairstyle also matters when it comes to hats, they usually work best when your hair is pulled to the back, straight, curled, or tucked behind your ears. The adjustment will change too, depending on the style so be sure to practice in a mirror.

    How To Wear A Hat:
    So we all want to avoid overly matching or using the same color over-and-over. This is how to avoid that. When choosing head accessories, I find that matching them to your cloak, gloves, purse and/or shoes is the best way. These are all pieces to enhance the outfit you're already wearing.

    For example, if you have a blue-grey gown, you could include an ivory headband that matches to your purse, choker, cloak and gloves. Furthermore, embroidery is another way to match with your headband, if done in the same color of the headband. These could be added to the gown and slippers. That is a wonderful way to match and still look fashionable.

    Top Five Feminine Head Accessories:
    • Headbands; are simple head items that work well with nearly any hairstyle. It's easy to wear and even easier to include in an outfit.
    • Ribbons; much like headbands, this is also a simplistic headwear. Ribbons are entirely feminine and for the gentler sera. It can be adjusted in many different ways, around a pony, like a headband, within braids, and much more.
    • Flat Caps; are exclusively for men to add a polish to their outfits. These hats tell us that you care about your appearance and will aid in pulling the outfit together. So yes, even men can accessorize.
    • Pillbox Hat; is my absolute favorite of the list. These hats are the picture of elegance and grace. Pillbox hats are small, decorative and appealing to eyes on any wearer because they work with just about any face shape. This style of hat works best with loose styles as well as pulled back styles.
    • Circlet/veils; are delicate headpieces that are very versatile depending on the person and their rank. You wear these at formal events, mostly, but they can also be incorporated into everyday outfits.

    If these tips aren't enough, feel free to contact a seamstress for further assistance.


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      How to Write a Story
      Writ by Senior Librarian, sera Calamity
      Short stories come in both long, short, simple and complex versions. Before you attempt to write one, you need to have a good understanding of what one looks like, how it flows, and how many words, more or less, are generally contained in one. If you've never read one, you're going to find it exceedingly difficult to write one. It would be no different than trying to describe a food you have never tasted or looked upon. Locate a couple of short stories in the Outer Bailey Library and study one or two closely to help improve your understanding of the form.

      Before you begin writing, attempt to create a one-sentence summary of your story that captures its essence. The basic formula for this is your character along with a descriptor followed by an event followed by a conflict. For example; A large, brutish man is found crazed and wandering the hallways after strangling his best friend. -- This will help you understand what your story is about.

      Once you have done this, the next step is to simply write. Put stylus to parchment without worrying about what comes out. It isn't important, as you only need to get your short story started. You will need to write at least fifty percent more words than you'll end up with in your finalized copy so that you have a multitude of options to select from when cutting out the mediocre.

      After you write your first draft, you need to start cutting, rewriting, and editing. This is the hardest part of the process and can feel quite like wading through a mucky swamp. Ensure you pick out the best words and thoughts from your initial draft and cut the excess while building up more around what's important to the central story. Once you have done a second, third, even fourth draft, make sure you read it aloud several times to find any grammatical errors or poorly written sections and fix accordingly.

      Finally, it's time to send your creativity out into the Castle. Don't overthink it, just do it. Courier your book to Guildmistress Adeline of the OB Library in submission and for approval and let your masterpiece become part of the history of Marrach.

      What is Loyalty
      Writ by Squire Natasha
      Loyalty is the basis of our moral path. It is the ground work for the ideals we hold above all else and for the sacrifices we will make. To be loyal is to walk a path that aligns with your personal values.

      We generally think of loyalty to a person as being the foundation of this virtue. Loyalty to a person requires a tangible relationship and previous and frequent interaction. This is someone we know and admire, not someone we’ve merely heard about. One must be willing to GIVE in the relationship, to set aside personal needs and desires for the benefit of the person in which they are loyal.

      Wnother way in which we exhibit loyalty is to a set of ideals. Ideals are beliefs set forth by society, the people we are loyal to or causes. One could be loyal to the ideal that they will hold doors for a sera, or that they will not indulge in drinking or smoking. These ideals are the map to their decisions and choices within the Castle. They guide each and every step that we take, and we oblige these ideals more than anything else. Loyalty, like all other virtues, can be abused. Specifically through blind loyalty, which is detrimental to abiding this virtue in a balanced way. One must not sacrifice their loyalties to an ideal in order to blindly be loyal to a person. Blind loyalty suggests that we can not think for ourselves, and that we are unable to determine what it is that we hold dear. We must always weigh the value of each loyalty and make choices with much thought and introspection.

      Conflicts in loyalties will often occur. We may find that we are loyal to two people who end up in conflict with one another, or who hold value in a set of ideals that conflict with one another. Loyalties CAN change, and grow, and evolve. As long as we are acting toward one of these loyalties, instead of abandoning them both, we are still abiding this virtue.

      Loyalty should also not be confused with duty. While things like oaths requires us to perform a job in a certain way that does not mean we are inherently loyal to those duties. A job might require someone to not indulge in alcohol, though that might not be a personal ideal that person is loyal to outside of their position and oaths. Above all else loyalty requires self-sacrifice. We are sometimes asked to put our loyalties before our personal gain, or we will be requires to set aside a grudge for the sake of loyalty to an ideal.

      Loyalty, while being the most straight forward ideal, lays the groundwork for the rest of the virtues, and can often guide us into each with a personal flare.

      Upcoming Events
      Be sure to look for these upcoming events.

      Historical Queries
      How familiar are you with the archives of the Chroniclers? Can you find the answer to this Historical Query? The first person to send the correct answer will gain a special prize.

      What was the Royal Players?

      Open Positions
      The Herald wishes to provide the castle residents with a list of currently-open positions amongst the available groups and guilds. If you wish to publish an opening within your own guild or group, please send a missive to any currently-active Chronicler with a three-sentence description of the position, a short list of requirements, and whom to contact for more details.

      Clothier Students, The Clothiers
      The Clothiers are currently open to anyone interested in learning the art and craft of creating garments and outfits.

      • A list of waking times and affiliations
      • A list of crimes they have committed, if any
      • A brief sentence or two explaining their interest

      Contact: Sera Trinity

      Aspirant Chroniclers, Office of the Chronicler
      The Office is always on the lookout for talented writers who have a critical eye and a nose for stories. A good way to meet many new people, as well as make a name for oneself in a relatively short time. Be a part of one of the castle's oldest institutions.

      • Must be able to write fluently in Common
      • Must not have been tried for High Crimes (such as treason)

      Contact: Senior Chronicler Yazmin

      Call For Submissions
      If you wish to submit an article for the Herald's next publication, please send a query to Senior Chronicler Yazmin with a brief description of the article you wish to write. Submissions or full articles must contain the following:
      • A signature on the scroll to identify the author, even if the article is to be published anonymously.
      • A title and a short description of the article.

      The Office of the Chroniclers reserves the right to refuse any article at its own discretion and for any reason. The Clock Tower Herald aims to entertain and enlighten, favouring articles that highlight castle culture, life and habits.

      Special Thanks
      The Clock Tower Herald would like to thank the following individuals for their contributions to this moon's issue: Squire Natasha, Mistresses Adeline and Josie, seras Calamity Carla, and Trinity, and the various guilds. Those that submitted articles that have not yet appeared can expect to see them in future publications.

      For any questions, comments or queries, please directly contact Senior Chronicler Yazmin.


      So says the Clock Tower bell,
      "May the Queen flourish and Her enemies diminish until my call of bells doth finish."


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