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  • YazzyBabz

    What is Loyalty
    Writ by Squire Josie
    Loyalty, by definition, is committing oneself, heart and soul, to a person, cause, or belief. It is the virtue that gives us shape by determining who we are and what is important to us while granting a purpose. It is built upon the pillars of affection, sacrifice, and compassion, and rooted in sincerity, simplicity, and boldness of nature. As an ideal, it should not be a blind following or a routine expression of obedience, but rather a choice or series of choices made consciously and with a regard for the well-being of those involved.

    When we move to make a decision, loyalty requires that we must actively contemplate how it will affect those we are committed to -- how it will reflect on them, make them feel, or even how we would feel were the tables reversed. We then allow this consideration to influence our choices and guide us to the best possible outcome rather than thinking exclusively of ourselves and our own agendas. In this aspect, it is likened to charity in giving at our own expense to benefit another and show our devotion to them. This level of sacrifice can range from the simple allowance of their influence on our decisions to physically putting ourselves in harm's way to ensure their safety or prosperity..

    As a virtue, loyalty does not tell us who or what we must have an attachment to, or how loyal we must feel to them or their ideas; it only tells us what it means to be loyal, and leaves the details of the rest for us to decide; thus, it is our duty to refine our personal sets of values and endeavor to stick by them, even when it isn't convenient to do so. At all times there are choices to be made, some easier than others, and we have to be able to quickly determine for ourselves what we hold most important and dear in those moments where black and white cease to exist.
    Upcoming Events
    Be sure to look for these upcoming events.
    Historical Queries
    How familiar are you with the archives of the Chroniclers? Can you find the answer to this Historical Query? The first person to send the correct answer will gain a special prize.

    What was the beast Her Majesty unknowingly received from Master Ali?
    Open Positions
    The Herald wishes to provide the castle residents with a list of currently-open positions amongst the available groups and guilds. If you wish to publish an opening within your own guild or group, please send a missive to any currently-active Chronicler with a three-sentence description of the position, a short list of requirements, and whom to contact for more details.

    Aspirant Chroniclers, Office of the Chronicler
    The Office is always on the lookout for talented writers who have a critical eye and a nose for stories. A good way to meet many new people, as well as make a name for oneself in a relatively short time. Be a part of one of the castle's oldest institutions.

    • Must be able to write fluently in Common
    • Must not have been tried for High Crimes (such as treason)

    Contact: Senior Chronicler Yazmin
    Call For Submissions
    If you wish to submit an article for the Herald's next publication, please send a query to Senior Chronicler Yazmin with a brief description of the article you wish to write. Submissions or full articles must contain the following:
    • A signature on the scroll to identify the author, even if the article is to be published anonymously.
    • A title and a short description of the article.

    The Office of the Chroniclers reserves the right to refuse any article at its own discretion and for any reason. The Clock Tower Herald aims to entertain and enlighten, favouring articles that highlight castle culture, life and habits.
    Special Thanks
    The Clock Tower Herald would like to thank the following individuals for their contributions to this moon's issue: Mistresses Adeline and Josie, seras Calamity and the various groups and guilds. Those that submitted articles that have not yet appeared can expect to see them in future publications.

    For any questions, comments or queries, please directly contact Senior Chronicler Yazmin.


    So says the Clock Tower bell,
    "May the Queen flourish and Her enemies diminish until my call of bells doth finish."

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  • YazzyBabz
    How to Accessorize with Jewelry; Part Two
    Writ by Apprentice Jeweler, Mistress Adeline
    Jewelry has been within this keep for years and is still one of the most active crafting guilds because it caters to everyone. No matter the rank or gender you'll find something for you. While jewelry is used for many things, the major reason is to accessorize. Jewelry can make a huge difference with any outfit.

    It can give you that pop you were missing to pull your outfit together as well as aiding to change a look from casual to formal. There's absolutely no reason not to upgrade up your look with jewelry. The best part about jewelry is that you can design it to your own personal style. Have fun with it and make a statement about your style.

    This article will be a five-part series in which I will go over different ways to include jewelry with your outfit and how to correctly do so.

    What color is my outfit?

    The color of your outfit is the second most important question when it comes to accessorizing. Many people make the mistake of just being too matchy-matchy. The color of your jewelry does not have to be the exact same color as your outfit or the other jewelry that you are wearing.
    • Should your outfit be in shades of black, white or other neutrals, gems in any color look stylish and coordinated.
    • If your outfit is a little more colorful, make sure your gem colors don't clash.
    • If you're uncertain of what fits best you can either ask a jeweler or play the safe card. The safe card would be using gems and metals that go with everything. For gems, the best choices are crystals, silver-topaz, and diamonds. For metals pale-iron, steel, and silver are easy to work with.

    With that being said, do remember to order within your station. You may ask a jeweler if you are unsure. And always remember that fashion is art, so be sure to express yourself through that art and make each outfit from your own unique style.
    On the Importance of Hats
    Writ by Senior Seamstress, sera Calamity
    There is nothing like a stylish hat to finish off an outfit. It is quite unfortunate that hats are not more popular amongst the Castle denizenry, for it has long been a custom in various cultures that hats be of particular importance.

    Hattery, which is the art of hat crafting, has existed as a trade for as far back as any of us can remember, and was likely practiced even further in the past, though perhaps not with the same level of detail. It is a respectable skill, and one that even a woman can pursue with no issue. Along with learning how to design and make hats, you learn how to work with plumage, and the dyeing and arranging of feathers. Feathers are, of course, prized and very important, since many hats are not considered complete without at least one plume.

    Hats have always been used to protect the head and keep it warm, since much heat is lost through the top of one's head; however, hats have also, for many ages, been status symbols and fashion statements. There is nothing like a hat to draw attention to the face and accent the finer features of it. They can be large, small, plain, or elaborate, and worn by both sexes, unlike many other garments. You can tell almost immediately what a person's occupation is by the hat they wear, whether they are intrinsically honored or not, rich or poor, prone to working or a member of the Court. A man of title or coin might wear a fancy damassin ribbon colored in ice-blue and embroidered in golden thread as a token from a member of the opposite sex or to keep his hair bound away from his face. A commoner female might wear a simple ebony headband of leather to insure stray tresses to do not fall into her face whilst working. Duelists wear cavalier hats with a lone white plume jutting out as a symbol of their Society and an indicator of their membership in it.

    For women primarily hats are and have most often been a fashion accessory. Much effort and expense can go into the procuring of the 'perfect' hat, and it is by far one of the more important accessories an individual can own. There is an old saying that states 'If you want to get noticed or get ahead, then wear a hat, and make it count.' -- Yes, the pun is intended.

    Head coverings are not limited to fashion only and there is real etiquette involved in the wearing of one. A female of any class might be considered improperly dressed if they do not have something covering their head, especially considering the cold weather and snow. In some cultures, such as Eastern where Master Ali hails from, a woman might be in disgrace if she does not cover her head when out and about in public. Only the most poor amongst other cultures, or occasionally the peasants, went without head gear, and even then women often wore basic caps which have the added advantage of keeping ones hair clean and tidy. Due to the fact our garments are provided free for us out of Her Majesty's generosity, there is absolutely no reason nor excuse to not order a hat at your earliest convenience, and it is our greatest hope that after reading this article you shall.

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  • YazzyBabz
    started a topic Clock Tower Herald XV

    Clock Tower Herald XV

    Issue XIV
    31st Day, 8th Moon, 18th Year of Recent Awakenings

    A collection of articles and information about current castle life and events.

    The Royal Library
    Writ by Royal Librarian, Mistress Adeline
    A New Beginning

    I am pleased to announce that the Royal Library is once again open and ready to serve The Royal Family and Her Majesty's Winter Court. Things will be slow the first few moons as we find our footing but we have amazing things coming up and it is our hope that each and every one of you will be apart of it with us.

    We have a little under a dozen members who each play a role in our build to a new and better Royal Library. We are working towards making the Library a fun, educational, and relaxing place for you to enjoy. Below, I'll tell you a little about our members, upcoming socials or contests, and what we hope to bring in the future.

    Meet the Members:
    • Mistress Ezraella: Social Consultant and Honorary Aide
    • Mistress Euphelia: Honorary Aide
    • Mistress Theresa: Bookclub Leader
    • Sera Calamity: Aide and Book Contest Leader
    • Sera Trysha: Junior Aide and Bookclub Leader
    • Master Trisan: Junior Aide
    • Sera Xandie: Aide-in-Training

    Open Bells, Events, and Socials:
    • Open Bell - Sun's Day: Mistress Adeline at Three Late
    • Small Social - Moon's Day: Poetry & Tea at Four Late Late
    • Open Bell - Tieu's Day: Sera Calamity at Eleven Early and Mistress Adeline at Eight Late
    • Open Bell - Frey's Day: Sera Trysha at Eight Late
    • Open Bell - Saturn's Day: Sera Calamity at Four Late
    • Inner Bailey Biographies: The Biographies of the Royal Library are a way to make sure you remain within the past, present, and future of the Castle. At this moment this is only offered to Courtiers and above. Please see the posting for more information.
    • Inner Bailey Book Contest: This is upcoming, please look for announcements made by sera Calamity.
    • Inner Bailey Book Club: This is upcoming, please look for announcements made by Mistress Theresa and sera Trysha.

    The Outer Bailey Library
    Writ by The Librarians
    The Outer Bailey Library is more than Shelves of Books!

    Did you know that The Outer Bailey Library is a great place to play chess? And that, Head Librarian, sera Calamity creates new, self-composed stories of mystery and intrigue to read every other week. The Library also hosts a great number of activities, like Scavenger Hunts, Career Day; and we are seeking interested participants for a Book Club, where all will read and discuss a book, weekly or bi-weekly.

    While The Outer Bailey Library is proud to boast a collection of over 200 individual titles in the Outer Bailey Library, with most available to borrow upon request at one of our Library Bells, we are always looking for additions, written by knowledgeable or talented members of the Castle. Accepted submissions will be rewarded in coin from the Treasury. If you have a book you would like to submit, please send it to Head Librarian Calamity for review.

    Regular Hours are as follows:
    • Tieu's Day: 6th Late Bell (Open Bell - Master Trisan)
    • Tieu's Day: 10th Late Bell (Cartomancy - sera Calamity)
    • Wooden's Day: 2nd Late Bell (Open Bell - Mistress Adeline)
    • Thor's Day: 11th Early Bell (Story Bell - sera Calamity)
    • Thor's Day: 8th Late Bell (Open Bell - sera Calamity)
    • Saturn’s: 6th Late Bell (Open Bell - Mistress Adeline)

    If you have any need of help outside of these hours, please feel free to contact any of our friendly and capable Librarians.