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    Whispered Rumors...

    OOC: Rumors are slippery things. Truths, half-truths, or out-right lies: who can tell? Nevertheless, they are good seeds for roleplay, so have fun.

    Want to spread a rumor? Give your plot a kick by spreading a juicy nugget of information (or misinformation) anonymously by simply typing: @rumor "[insert your rumor here]" in your parser.

    Please do not respond to rumors in this thread. Start a new thread if you want to comment on one of the posted rumors or - better yet - do it ICly in the game.
    -StoryPlotter Yuuta

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    Have you ever noticed that the portrait of His Highness, Prince Bertram, has been missing from the art gallery in the Outer Bailey?

    Watch out for that Mistress Adeline! I hear she has quite the temper, and a very sharp pen.

    I heard that the Battlers were teaching virtues in their lessons now!

    Doctor Dolph has been seen in the Bowlers Lounge a couple times, giving cold stares to the gnome toy machine. It must have worked, because he's gotten pretty good at winning toys; many of which he gifted to Mistress Theresa.

    What's going on between Doctor Dolph and Mistress Theresa anyway? The both adamantly claim they're friends, but in an almost overcompensating way. Who do they think they're fooling? Heulyn cleared the air and said they're just soul mates.

    Some of the members of the treasury were upset when the new Keeper of the Vault was not promoted within, but to a fellow handmaiden - Mistress Brook.

    Mistress Euphelia was seen around for about a week, and then quietly disappeared. Not long after, Sir Howe came forth with permission to reopen the Collegium. Something's fishy, I tell you.

    Mistress Juliana has been researching all sorts of new ways to use her plants, and supplied the Healers with a few new salves as well!

    Prelinah somehow convinced many denizens into building her her own house! Mistress Theresa has put up public notice for interested parties to send tiny "furnishings" to her to help collaborate something new for her.

    With Mistress Adeline groomed for Court in the near future, it looks like she intelligently took matters to further the Outer Library's staff so it would not be without leadership or direction.

    Have you seen how Apprentice Quinlan and Mistress Adeline look at each other? There's definitely something going on there.

    Mistress Heulyn made fun of Sir Howe's beard. He retorted by making fun of hers too!

    Ser Malatrios is a fountain of knowledge. Feel free to ask him about anything. Often. Especially beets.

    You'd think Dame Umichan would be upset; Doctor Dolph, her former suitor, was sitting with Mistress Theresa at the handmaiden's picnic for Her Majesty. But she barely batted an eye, and instead laughed and joked with him. Were they ever really even a thing?

    Speaking of Dame Umichan, where does she fit all that food she eats?

    The Rangers' practice this week was a grand success. Many attended, both in and out of the army, and after a brief warmup and inspection in the Courtyard, they were seen leaving towards the old Watch office. When they returned, they were exhausted, but positive. If Commander Eeva and Sir Alrik keep up this level of regiment, woe betide the enemies of Marrach!

    Whatever happened to Conal? Did someone finally take care of that menace, or is he in hiding? Either way, I haven't heard a thing about Shadows in some time, and everyone looks over their shoulder far less often.

    Quiet above, quiet below. The calm before the storm.
    -StoryPlotter Yuuta